Take Over

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Authorís Note: First and foremost Iíd be a real bitch if I didnít mention the WTC happenings... itís a real shame that something youíd only see in a movie actually happens... I send my best wishes out to the families of those departed in this incident. I make no accusations or point the finger at any one responsible I only have this to say. ďEver mind the rule of three...Ē They will get theirs be it intended or naturally...
Also I have to say sorry about the lack of chapters itís just Chapters and chapters are getting hard to flip out with lack on inspiration... Though I have to give credit to A-Jae who keeps at least mentioning this fic for me to continue. I also lost contact with Sei just for a little bit. But weíre back in contact again and the ideas have begun again. This chapter is also unexpectedly short due to the fact those who want a Bulma Veggie lemon should at least tell me where they want it to happen and how... I know you want it... who doesnít want Bulma Veggie lemon theyíre the best couple... in my opinion... but then again if I had my way Iíd corrupt it somehow... *hint hint* (I need votes for this).

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Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: Welcome welcome peoples back to THE GT HOUSE!!!!

*screams are heard from outside*

Y.S.B: Hey yeah!!!!! *bops round in a circle* Right now Iíll let you all know that Trunks and Pan have left the house now. The party is over but Cell is in the house and lets see what else happened... oh yeah Trunks got mauled by those famous crowds beyond the fence I told him he shoulda flown home... *smirks* actually I didnít but hey ::G:: I can kinda make it sound like Iím being nice. But Rocky, Blaster and Skateboard are still here with me. My guess just to keep me and Sei entertained.

Y.S.B looks round and sees Blaster sitting on a table blaring out some music while Rock is on a little deck chair outside. But Skateboard is nowhere in sight.

Y.S.B: Skateboard!!! Where are you?

Seisetsu skateboards in on Skateboard and performs a perfect little jump.

Y.S.B: Ack!!! what have you done to Skateboard!!

Sei: *grins and holds the skateboard up showing all the pictures of #18 plastered over him* Iíve renamed him Juhachigo Racer.

Y.S.B: *sweatdrop* riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Sei: Just call him juju for short.

Y.S.B: okay um Juju...

Skateboard rolls it wheels and bounces about.

Y.S.B: ack.... it answers to it.

Blaster: you shouldníta neglected this fic for so long.

Y.S.B: Iím sorry if I can only tune out a chapter every month or whenever I can.


Y.S.B: Shutup!

Sei shrugs and looks at Skateboard.

Sei: Juhachigo Racer! Letís Go!!!

Sei jumps back on skateboard and skateboards out

Y.S.B: *rubs her temples* Lets just catch up with the people of the house shall we.

Goku is at the kitchen table scoffing food down with Goten. Bra and Chi-chi are looking onwards shaking their heads.

Chi-chi: I think weíre going to run out of food shortly.

Bra: I thought we had.

Chi-chi: no they stocked up this morning but you have to remember or at least the writer does that Goku and Goten eat more than the average human.

Y.S.B: Hey I know that! Mmmmmm Yamcha...

Bra: What how did she get Yamcha out of that?

Y.S.B: you said human...

Bra sweatdrops.

Chi-chi sighs.

Y.S.B walks outside to see Cell setting up a large stage in the back yard of the GT house. She scratches her head in confusion.

Y.S.B: Cell what on earth are you doing?

Cell: Iím taking over.

Y.S.B: Un-bloody-likely this is my fic damnit you canít just take over.

Cell: Those who want to oppose me can do so in the tournament.

Y.S.B: What? No way you are not setting up a tournament in the GT house!!!

Cell: Try and stop me.

Y.S.B: Fine then I will!!!

Cell: in the tournament...

Y.S.B: Gah!!!!

Y.S.B stalks in side slamming the door leaving Cell to his stage.

Three hours later...

Cell is dragging a large bag of sugar through the house Vegeta is napping on the couch and he opens one eye watching Cell drag the bag of sugar through the lounge and through to the diary room. The door closes behind Cell and Vegeta sit up.

Vegeta: What the devil?

Vegeta gets up and he looks out the window to the ring Cell is making outside.

Vegeta: hmph! not again.

Vegeta walks back over to the couch and he flops back on to it closing his eyes and going to sleep.

Sei skateboards though the lounge on Juhachigo Racer.

Sei: *WHOoooooooOSH* Címon lets go Juju!!!


Y.S.B is doing a head count for the voted of the GT house.

Blaster is with her playing out ďDriveĒ by Incubus. Y.S.B stops and looks at 17 and she looks round.

Y.S.B: ummmm whereís 18???

17: I donít know.

Lunch: Cell invited her in to the house.

Y.S.B: Oh no...

Y.S.B goes to run inside but finds the door locked and she blinks.

Blaster: Looks like thereís a new author of this fic.

Y.S.B: Grrrrrrr.... CELLLLLLLL!!!!!!


Sei skateboards through the house and he stops seeing a trail of sugar leading to the diary room he flips skateboard up and in to his hands and he follows the trail of sugar to the diary room.


Everyone is watching the large screen. Y.S.B looks at the screen.

Y.S.B: *shouts* SEI!!!! Donít itís a trap!!!

Krillen thumps the side of his head and looks up at Y.S.B.

Krillen: Think you could yell any louder I can still hear out of this ear.

Marron: Ooooooh this is just like watching those horrors on TV where the unknowing victim goes in to the basement to get slaughtered...

Y.S.B runs up to the door and she begins thumping on it madly.

Y.S.B: SEI!!! SEI!!! DONíT DO IT!!!!

Yamcha looks over to Piccolo who is watching with calmness.

Piccolo: Iíll bet you he does anyway.

Yamcha: Hey Raditz how much we got going on the co author getting trapped?

Raditz looks to his table of bets and then to Yamcha.

Raditz: So far Trunks has beat against him with fifty dollars.

Yamcha looks at M. Trunks.

Yamcha: Wait why?

Trunks: He doesnít like me. Simple.

Y.S.B: Damnit Cell When I get my hands on you!!!!

Cell appears on the large screen and he grins.
Cell: If I may have your attention I have now taken over this fic. In order to who will gain control of it will all be settled in a tournament.

Krillen: Canít this guy be original once in a while.

Yamcha: Yeah itís always with the tournaments.

Cell: *onscreen* SHUT UP!!! DONíT MAKE ME COME OUT THERE!!!

Krillen and Yamcha jump back Y.S.B looks up at the screen glaring at Cellís image.

Y.S.B: You wonít get away with this!

Cell laughs on screen.

Cell: Oh really take a look at this then.

The image onscreen flicks to Sei sitting in the diary room with a large bag of sugar and eighteen is sitting on the couch bored Sei looks to the camera and waves.

Sei: Hey!

Y.S.B sweatdrops.

Skateboard jumps in front of the camera and rollís itís wheels and bounces round in a circle.

Y.S.B: Sei how could let yourself get tricked in to this?

Sei: I got FREE sugar!!!!

Krillenís face falters.

Yamcha: And you got Krillenís wife.

Sei: I think I got a pretty good deal...

Y.S.B sighs.

Piccolo: Let us talk to Cell.

Sei: Okay green man.

The screen flicks to Cellís image again.

Piccolo: How long do we have?

Cell: Till the next chapter to train.

Y.S.B: *blinks* that could take a while...

Cell: JUST DO IT!!!!

Y.S.B: Iíll get this fic back!!!

Cell: Not if I can help it.

Y.S.B: Well Iím not going to be stupid like Sei and fall for the old sugar trail to the diary room routine.

Yamcha looks at Krillen.

Yamcha: Thatís not an old routine.

Krillen: I know donít tell her that..

Cell: until then train hard...

The image on the screen vanishes.

Y.S.B: No way!! He did it! He took over we canít see inside the house anymore!

Krillen: Mondo bad.

Yamcha: Iíll say that co author is locked up with your wife in the diary room alone.

Y.S.B: Bad for Krillen not for Sei.

17: Well itís what he wanted isnít it.

Videl: Ten dollars on eighteen dominating the Diary Room.

A few hours pass by...

Raditz is pushing all kinds of bets about the goings on inside the house.

Y.S.B is sitting on the door step to the House and she looks up at those caught in the in between.

Y.S.B: Hey super saiya man think you could get us inside?

Gohan: Depends am I allowed to break the door down?

Y.S.B: Well your parents and little brother are trapped in that house with Cell so itís up to you... But I think youíd be as worried as I am.

Gohan: So youíre worried about you co author?

Y.S.B: Iím worried my co author will corrupt a married woman...

Krillen: *grumbles* Youíre not the only one.

Gohan: Alright then so whatís the plan once weíre inside?

Y.S.B: We take down Cell straight off.

Yamcha: Donít you mean Gohan take down Cell?

Y.S.B: Yeah that and I get Sei out of the Diary room. Are we up for this?

Krillen: Donít you mean are you two up for this? the rest of us arenít invited inside.

Y.S.B: What are you lot vampires? Geez you either help take Cell out now or you enter in the tournament.

Y.S.B stands up and Gohan rushes at the door and breaks his fist through it and blasts it off itís hinges. Y.S.B blinks and looks at the hole in a brick wall in the door way.

Gohan: Hmmmm looks like he didnít want anybody getting inside.

Y.S.B: Just get me in there.

Gohan: okay...

Gohan holds his hand up and he sends a blast out and blasts through the brick wall.

Y.S.B and Gohan enter through the doorway and in to the center of the house.


Y.S.B walks up to the door of the Diary room and stops before turning the door handle.

Y.S.B: Iím almost afraid of what I might find in there.

Gohan: Iíll look for my mom.

Gohan walks off.

Y.S.B tries the handle to find it locked and she sighs and taps on the door.

Sei: *through the door* whoís there.

Y.S.B: itís me.

Sei: Me who?

Y.S.B: The saiyan stalker.

Sei: Awww I thought it was a knock knock joke...

Y.S.B sweatdrops.

Y.S.B: just hold on weíll get you out.

Sei: NOOOO!! I donít want out!

Y.S.B looks at the door with an arched eyebrow.

17 walks up behind Y.S.B.

17: Stand back let me handle this.

Y.S.B: You donít have a say Sei. *steps away from the door*

17 holds his hand up and blasts the door open only to come face to face with a steal door. 17 looks at Y.S.B.

Y.S.B: youíve got to be kidding me!!!!

Cell appears suddenly in front of them.

Y.S.B jumps back startled and Cell holds his hand up and looks at 17.

Cell: Wait until the tournament! *he blasts 17 back and out the door and new door forming after 17 is blasted out.

Y.S.B: That is it!!! This is my fic and Iím taking the control back!!!

Cell: Somehow I donít think so.

Cell grabs Y.S.B by the arms and drags her down to the basement and throws her down there.

Y.S.B: Hey!

The door shuts locking her inside. Y.S.B growls in annoyance

A light flicks on and Y.S.B looks over to see Goten sitting in the basement.

Y.S.B: Goten How on earth did you end up down here?

Goten: Cell offered me some food.

Y.S.B sweatdrops

Y.S.B: always with the food. youíre just like Goku!

Goten: Iím suppose to be remember Iím his son.

Y.S.B: *sighs* and where is the others?

Goten: Well dad and Vegeta are training for the tournament and mom, Bulma and Bra I think are in the womanís section of the house in the bedroom gossiping.

Y.S.B: And weíre stuck down in this basement alone.

Goten: Pretty much. But look at the bright side we got all the food.

Y.S.B sweatdrops again.

Y.S.B: Uuuuuuh looks like Iím going to be spending Halloween stuck locked in a damp basement with Goten and no way out...

Y.S.B looks to the camera and smiles.

Y.S.B: Not a bad Halloween if I do say so myself. *winks*

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