The cameras are rolling as the door open and the first person walks in to the GT house... *crowds begin cheering*

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: We have our first contestant!!! People welcome Chi-chi!!!

The crowds begin cheering and Chi-chi looks round their new quarters.

Y.S.B: Welcome to the GT house Chi-chi.

Chi-Chi: Thank you, say whatís with your name?

Y.S.B: Well it was a dare from my brother to see if anyone had taken this name through Yahoo clubs or Fanfiction net... So I tried it out... and well there arenít too many Yamcha fans out there... I think most of them are Vegeta... Anyways... make yourself at home and do what ever the second contestant will be arriving shortly.

Chi-chi: *nods and she walks in to the room where the group of them will be staying* Ohmi... do we all share the same room?

Y.S.B: Well this is the girlís room, the guys is down the hall...

Chi-chi: Okay.

Back in the main part of the house, the door opens and Pan walks in. She adjusts her straps of her backpack and she looks round.

Y.S.B: Welcome Pan!!!

crowds cheer again and Pan covers her ears and she looks round

Pan: So itís just me and Chi-chi so far huh? *she uncovers her ears*

Y.S.B: Thatís right, so make yourself at home do what you want you just can not leave the house no matter what circumstances, but your friends can come visit... Once the other four have been chosen then I will give you the full extent of the rules but for now there is only one song, when any one of you hear this song...

Song plays out... (AN: Atomic Kitten -- Whole Again)

ĎTime is laying heavy on my heart. Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart. My friends make me smile if only for while. You can make me whole again...í

Song stops...

Y.S.B: ALL the contestant have to run out to the stage set up on the exterior of the boundaries of the house and dance... no matter where you are... you have to get up and dance... *grins*

Pan: Will that happen yet??

Y.S.B: Not in this entrance.... itís up to the readers out there to decide when.... once the other four contestants have been pick then there will be couple songs decided and single themes to which you have to run up to the stage and dance... I have posted the list so far... (AN: see ch 1).

Pan: *nods* so is there a training room??

Y.S.B: Yes this place is bigger than the Brief estate and you can leave the house but stay within the boundaries, if you pass that point you will instantly be mauled to death by screaming fans...

Pan: *sweatdrop* Riiiiiiiiiiiiight...

Y.S.B: You have everything you need in this house right here... So if you wanna look around go for it...

Pan: Okay...

Pan wanders off to look around..

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