The Third Rambling Corner

Goochie snoochies and welcome back
to part three of my ramble on about my fav DBZ characters...

Right first and formost GOHAN! This guy I think is one of the major honeys of DBZ he grows up right before our eyes from a major whimp to something of another version of superman... except in green... did I tell you green is my favorite color?

Just look at him even as a little kid he's like the most adorable little guy ever!!! Sure I know I know But what about Yamcha and Goten you ask? Well they of course come first to me but Gohan is such a saiyan that he deserves to be mentioned most definately!!

Right first and for most we see Gohan when he's only five and a half in the series and he's never fought in his entire life before and at five and a half he's studying... thanks to Chi-chi, ergh I know the frustration!! I had a tutor at four and a half years old!!! *shudders at the memories* We watch him as he's trained by Piccolo out in the wilderness for about a year in preperation for Vegeta and Nappa then as he goes off in to space at six and a half years old. He must be gone about a year I'm guessing cause when he returns he has to wait half a year or so till his dad comes back which would make him just under eight when Goku returns and then add three on to the androids maks him ten and then he's eleven when he fights Cell by this stage he's gone from the whimp to the most strongest guy in the universe... What an improvement!!

Add seven years on and ya get him as he is at the moment as the americans are seeing him... unfortunatly I can't because I'm stuck in NZ watching repeats!!! Damnit Frieza saga end would you!!! *shakes fist at it* I know and you all know that him and Videl marry they have Pan who (I've been told and there's no wonder why) is the strongest female saiyan (she is afterall got Goku and Gohan's genes in her) and she looks just like another version of a mini Chi-chi. Quite an acheivement for a guy who started out as a little book worm...