Fic Based Art

Okay if you're on this page either you stumbled on it by complete fluke from my Created Art page or I gave you the URL o.0;;;;

If the answer to this is the 1st then I better explain myself....

This are is dedicted to fic created characters on ffn through my fic Ain't Nothing But Magick and other people's fic's where I feature!! yay! People want me in there fics!!!

Yamcha: Just get on with it okay....
J'dee: Pbbbbbbbtttttttt....
Yamcha: -.-;;;;;

Well below is just that characters I have drawn for the nifty fics on that evil ffn place but what choice do we have ffn or *sighs* some choice!!!

Well have a look below only 3 are in color the other's are in pencil sorry about that my felt brush pen ran out so I couldn't do outlines until I buy a new one.... payday TUESDAY!!! Ho Yea!!!

J'dee based pics!!!

~J'dee -drawn for Joesph's nifty little fic I'm his muse!! *feels soooooooo honored*
~J'dee again!! (this time for ANBM where's she's only 17 not my actual evil 20 odd age)

ANBM Authors!!!

~Lady Youko aka in ANBM Lady Icer (man she was sooo tempting to draw!!)
~Ardin', in pencil, in color I know she pulled out of the fic but I drew this when she hadn't.
~BananaGirl, in pencil, in color w/ Quorky (man that monkey rules!)
~Eternity, in pencil, in color (sexy lil' thing!!)
~KumikoVegeta, in pencil, in color
~Morgan, in pencil, in color he's also pulled out due to RL probs.
~Seisetsu, in pencil, in color (aka Blake) My GT House co-author he looks kinda like Gohan here... *CUTE*
~Selene as drawn by me in pencil.
~Tobias, in pencil, in color (man muscular *purrrs*)
~Arctic aka Tobias in pencil.
~Tsunmai aka Raine in color.
~Jeril Dragonsoul in pencil, in color.
~S'rac in pencil.
~Merina another pencil, actually I'll let you know when they're in color...
~The Dragonball Fairy with Tux- in pencil, in color.
~Maria Cline Gosh man now I know why I don't draw Cell often... lol

Okay Here is MABELLE'S ART for the ANBM fic...

~MabelleThis is her on Nimbus, being effect by the evil authors, and a every girl need that little black dress ;)
~Mabelle & Tobias This is very Kawaii!!
~Lady Icer, Mabelle & Tobias This is the battle scene from part 14.2 of ANBM.

VegeChan's Art

~Kakuna aka VegeChan. (This looks sooo cool.)
~Kakuna & Trunks from chappie 20.1


~Selene aka Bura400 by Sas-Chan