Mirashia's Fan Art Pages

This is a page with text links to my art pages on this site since Angelfire sometimes doesn't want to show the mini image buttons I put up...

Ardin's Art - aka A-jae's artworks

Dragonball Z pics - this is stuff I did at the start of the year just before going away on holiday and in the first week of my holiday.

Created Character Art - This is a page I just put up dedicated to original created characters. thanks to ssj_bardock_the_great for inspiring me to actually get my A in to G to get this page up and going...

South Park pics - only rough pictures of the main four characters here. Ya know the ones Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

Okay if you want to link me and I mean if you can use my banner up above cause I'm still working on a smaller banner to put up in it's place.