Dekiru Dake

* * * 3 * * *

They group of them settled down in the next spot for a quick break. It was a hidden alley way with full visual out in to the street. They had reached the town safely after this they would take to the skies. But they had to have the break Gohan knew they needed it and he looked at Trunks who leant up against the wall looking out in to the street carefully.
“Trunks. Get here and eat something.” Gohan said.
Trunks looked over his shoulder at Gohan and shook his head.
“No I’m okay.” He said.
Gohan arched an eyebrow. “That was an order not an offer.”
Trunks sighed and he moved away from where he was standing and she sat down next to Bra and she looked at him.
“You think we could use that information you downloaded?” She asked.
Trunks shrugged. “Could if we cross it over with our technology with mother’s help we could create a better defence system for Satan City.” He remarked.

Goten leant up against the wall watching the two, he looked at Pan then back to Trunks again. Gohan looked at him and Goten looked back at his older brother.
We’re always fighting for survival this really sucks.’ Goten thought. ‘If dad were still alive everything would be cool.’ he told himself. ‘Mom would be happy, I would be happy, Gohan would be happy and Pan would look up to him instead of Vegeta.’

Once they had all eaten Gohan got them to pack up and they took to the skies flying towards base, it was so much faster than walking they landed outside the gates and Gohan looked at Yamcha and Tien standing outside talking.
“Hey guys.” he said.
Yamcha grinned at them. “Hey how’d it go?” He asked.
“We got what we needed that’s all that matters.” Trunks replied.
Tien nodded. “Piccolo’s inside you guys. Something’s up from the outside world, he hardly ever comes down from Kami’s place. but he came in and he isn’t telling anyone what’s going on. He wanted to wait till we were all there.”
Gohan nodded. “Well lets see what’s up then.” And he walked in.

The rest of them followed and Trunks closed the gate behind them and punched in the security code.
“Checking code...” The male computer voice said.
Trunks sighed and then he stopped and looked over his shoulder the others had headed inside. But Trunks saw the figures in the distance and he blinked twice.
“Code accepted... clocking base now.” The computer voice said.
Trunks watched and he headed inside quickly.

They were meet inside by Piccolo, he stood in the main office looking out the window when they all walked in.
“Piccolo it’s good to see you again.” Gohan said.
“I wish I could say the same Gohan, but we got trouble.” Piccolo replied.
“There’s never any good news anymore is there?” Yamcha asked with a sigh.
Trunks looked at Pan worriedly. She returned his look. Trunks then looked at Piccolo’s back. he didn’t know how but he knew what Piccolo was going to say.
“We have to leave base.” He said.
Piccolo turned round from the window and Piccolo looked at him and nodded.
“Your right.” he said. “The base has been discovered. Another base has been set up for you already.” He added.
“This is just typical. Was it an inside job?” Bulma asked.
Piccolo nodded. “Yes, but it’s none of you guys.”
“Well duh.” Goten said rolling his eyes. “As if you’d call the traitor in here to tell him you know. That’s just dumb.” He added.
“Goten please.” Bulma said.
“Who is he?” Trunks asked.
“Or she.” Pan added.
Trunks looked at her.
“Kushami.” Piccolo replied.

Yamcha raised an eyebrow and looked at Tien. “Ouch...” Yamcha said.
Bulma nodded. “Makes sense she did work for the red ribbon army after all.”
“But what about Lunch?” Tien asked.
“I don’t know.” Piccolo replied.
Yamcha looked round the room at the group of them. he shook his head.
“Well we can’t leave Lunch behind guys but if we take her with us we take Kushami with us. Talk about annoying spilt personalities.” He said.
The room was filled up with silence as they all thought on what they could do.

Trunks looked at each of them he then looked at Piccolo the silence was annoying.
“Well half of us could move to the new base and make it out like we’re out on a mission, while the rest of us stay here.” He said with a shrug. “At least until we can think of what we’re going to do.” He added.
“The brat’s right, there’s nothing else we can do for now.” Vegeta spoke up.
Everyone looked at him.
“But who stays and who goes?” Bulma asked.
Trunks looked at all of them gathered in the office. Splitting up their forces meant splitting up their strengths and he frowned. “Draw straws. Half long half short, the short straws go, the long stay. It’s fair and it’s not taking sides.” Trunks offered.
“No.” Vegeta spoke up. “There will be bound to be double of rank there, and usefulness, we do this like it is every other mission. You brats go, that way if anything happens, it only happens to us and you can carry on.” He said.
“Are sure about that Vegeta? It means you stay too?” Bulma asked.
“I’m sure.” he said.
Trunks looked at Bra and she shook her head. “No dad. You go I’ll stay with mom.
They need you to train them.” She said stubbornly and she crossed her arms across her chest and that made Trunks smirk. She was her father’s daughter.
“Bra honey-.” Bulma began.
“Don’t mom. There is a war going on out there. I’m not as strong as dad and Trunks but if at least stay behind like I do on some missions it won’t give them reason to suspect we are really shifting base, and when it’s safe or we figure a way round it we’ll join them.” Bra interrupted.
“She’s got a point Vegeta and Bra do take turns at who goes out.” Tien spoke up.

* * * 4 * * *

Trunks checked the equipment at the new base and he looked at Pan as she was scanning the computers with a device his mother had given her, something about detecting Gy’s bugs. She put the device away and gave the all clear with a thumbs up.
None of them were allowed to speak until Gohan gave them the all clear, which meant a bug free area. Trunks began pressing the codes in the whole system beeped in to life. Gohan walked in and he looked round and he nodded.
“Okay it’s clear.” He said.
Trunks began setting up the security system. “This is a crazy secret base Gohan, are you sure this is the best place?” He asked.
Gohan smiled. “What better place to hide than the center of attention?”
“Heh... this place is like a circus on acid.” Goten remarked walking in.
Trunks looked at him. “What makes you say that?” He asked.
“I just watched one of the routines out there and damn! I’m like sooo speechless.
You’ve gotta see this for yourself Trunks man.” Goten replied.
“Can it wait I have systems to upload?” Trunks asked.

Goten grinned and shrugged he looked at Pan who was looking out the window of the control room down to the floor, her mouth open.
“You don’t have to leave here the view is better.” Goten said.
Trunks sighed and he looked up and he blinked looking out to the dance floor at all the people dancing and the costumes on the workers of the place who’d agreed to have them there, were beyond that of a normal ‘brothel’ type.
Pan shook her head and scowled. “Don’t those people have some decency?”
Trunks chuckled. “Never know they might teach you some new routines.” he joked.
Pan glared at him. “Watch it or I’ll blast you Trunks and don’t test me cause you know I will.” She said.

Gohan chuckled and he put a hand on her shoulder.
“Well actually honey, your mother and are under cover as workers here, and so are you and Goten.”
“Me?! Eh?! Why me?!” Goten asked shocked.
Trunks cracked up laughing.
“What about him?!” Goten asked looking at Trunks.
“Trunks is the brains of this base Goten, him, Ubuu, and Vegeta take shifts, and when we’re not working we’ll take them.” Gohan explained.
“So Marron’s doing this too?” Goten asked.
Gohan nodded. “Don’t worry we’re just working we’re not going any further than that. I made that clear.” He said seriously.

Trunks went back to updating the system he couldn’t let himself distracted everything needed to be in order and soon and fast, and before his dad got out of the training room, so Trunks could show him what to do. Their mission that was passed round the old base or mainly to Kushami, was to infiltrate an enemy base, but no mention of where the base was, the infiltration was of a night club not a base.

It was the perfect place, the center of attention, and the last place Gy’s men if entering Satan City would think to look for them. Sure they would look but they wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary a night club crossed with a brothel that was all.

After the systems were uploaded and on the move, Trunks left Ubuu at the control room to keep watch while he checked this place out. He walked out on to the floor and instantly he blinked the place was like a circus, it was so hard to focus on just one thing, so many things were going and it was crazy, he couldn’t even think on how he would describe it to his voice journal. He stood there watched the figures move so rapidly, that if Trunks had ever thought once in life about doing drugs this place would be what he’d see in the hallucinations. How could he describe it. It was so out there, so rebellious, it was so what they were fighting for. Freedom to do as you wish, freedom for the right to live life the way you wanted to live it. Sure it was basically a whore house, but it was so out there it was unbelievable.

Trunks’ eyes dropped down on his father standing off to the side leaning up against the wall he had no readable expression across his face it was normal, to his father this was just another stupid place where he could train to get stronger to take the entire Gy’s arm on by himself. From what Trunks had heard about Goku fighting the red ribbon arm it was no wonder Goku won. Yet the Gy’s army was much more stronger, much more bigger and they had the strongest and best fighters in the universe trained for hundreds of years. Even his father got the beating an inch from life, which meant these guys were all immortal, and earth was just another planet they were trying to take over. But unlike violence they stepped in through the political door then brought violence out as enforcing their political beliefs. Beliefs Trunks felt were wrong, enforcing humans as slaves and killing those who managed to stand up against them.
Trunks wandered the floor a bit the strobe lights flashing and figures appearing stationary yet moving in such a way it was beyond description. The costumes were so much more. So hard to put in to words, they were periodical, from Indian to early Eighteenth century, to much more modern with leather and lace mixing. The only words that he could think of to describe the entire place was...
-mind boggling-

Hey, hey, hey! Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth, oh! Color of cafe au lait, alright. Made the savage beast inside. Roar until he cried, More, more, more...

Trunks shook his head and he left the dance floor and walked backstage and he took a deep breath and he let it out shuddering. “Circus on acid is right.” he muttered.
Trunks then blinked as Pan walked up to him and she looked at him.
“What are you doing back here?” She asked.
“Er checking the place out, if we’re going to be here I thought I should check the place out.” He said. Then he looked at Pan, she was dressed up and Trunks nearly fell over in shock. “Kami Pan! Look at you!” he exclaimed.
“Laugh and I’ll blast you.” She growled.
Trunks shook his head. “No there is no way... you look absolutely stunning.”
Pan looked at him. “You think so?” She asked.
Trunks nodded dumbfounded. The long red dress hugged her feminine figure tightly, and then flowed to the ground elegantly, there was a bow at the back and the ends hung down and her hair was half up half down, with her fringe out with hair that was up on her head was done in elegant curls and the rest of her hair hung down curls.
Round her neck sat an elegant looking sparling diamond set. Trunks swallowed.
“I know so.” He said.

Pan looked at Trunks and she grinned and she spun round showing him. “I quiet like it. Dad passed out though. Mom’s still with him. he suddenly got all over-protective.”
Trunks smiled. “I can see why. You look like a beautiful young woman.”
Pan smiled at him, her heart was fluttering wildly in her chest, for the first time ever, Trunks admitted that he noticed her and he’d said she looked beautiful.
“Why thank-you.” She grinned. “Well I have to make an appearance out there.”
Trunks nodded and Pan brushed him ever so lightly, if he felt as she did then it would of done for him what it did for her.

After Pan had left his eyeshot Trunks let out the breath he’d been holding since she brushed past him. Trunks leant up against the wall and he slid down it slowly.
“Whoa.” He gasped. He sat there int he hallway leaning up against the wall and he stayed sitting there until Goten walked up and looked at him.
“Come to join the freak show?” He asked.
Trunks looked up at Goten and Goten helped him up and he chuckled at Trunks expression. “You saw Pan didn’t you?” He teased.
Trunks blinked and he nodded slowly. “Yeah.” he breathed.
“Well you’ll love this. We have to get you dressed up, you’re suppose to play the part of the investor. So just in case any other guys want to... er... invest in my niece. so c’mon, ‘cause if you don’t Gohan will have a fit.” Goten said and he lead Trunks down the hallway to the dressing room.

Trunks followed his mind still partly blurred, everything was so wild here. When he was pushed in the dressing room. Trunks looked at the women in there and he blinked. He then turned round to walk out thinking Goten had put him in the wrong dressing room and he reached for the door handle only to hear it lock and he then heard the jingle of keys and he turned round and looked at the two women one holding up a suit for him to wear and the other the keys to the door.
Trunks groaned.

Eventually after they had him int he suit was he let out and he walked out grumbling to himself about preferring his old clothes, that were much more comfortable. Trunks cringed a remembering them burning his olive green coat black shirt, brown Khaki pants and scarf. Trunks sighed and he walked out on to the floor again and he looked round for Pan instantly he didn’t know why he did but he did. He found her high above on a swing hanging from the roof and he stepped back and he watched her sitting on the swing.
“Pan, how in Kami’s name did she get up there without flying?” He asked himself.
Trunks was grabbed by the arm and pulled back while a routine began. It was suppose to be her big introduction in to the club. Trunks smirked, he knew how much Pan loved being in the spotlight. ‘This ought to be good.’ he thought to himself and sat at a table and looked up at her and then watched as the owner a man dressed in a red almost lion tamers outfit came bouncing out announcing Pan’s big scene.
The rest of the circus on acid followed suit bouncing out in a scary, obsessive, psychotic yet erotic way that was beyond description. Trunks’ eyes wandered back up to Pan he didn’t even notice the rest of them, it was just him and just her no one else...

* * * End of Chapter * * *