Dekiru Dake

* * * 1 * * *

Trunks hit the wall with such force he was sure he heard his ribs break, the rope holding him was squeezing the life out of him and he grumbled to himself about getting the dirty work, he was President of Capsule Corp damnit why did he get stuck with dirty work, at least he wasn’t alone. Trunks tugged at the rope and suddenly down the wall Goten came and he stopped next to him.
“I can’t see why we couldn’t just fly in.” Goten muttered.
Marron dropped down on the other side of Trunks. “Flying in they would pick it up on their Ki guards.” She said matter of factly.
“Then we fly low.” Goten grumbled.
“There equipment is to advanced.” Trunks remarked.
After three years of this fighting, Trunks had to eliminate his fear of these secret missions. They needed this advantage, it was the only way. Trunks looked down the cliff face, Marron headed down first being as she had no power level she could take out the systems that detected them.
These were dangerous times...

Pan dropped down in Marron’s place on the other side of Trunks and she looked down. “We should just blast them sky high.” She said.
Trunks shook his head. “We can’t we need to hack in to their computer mainframe, get the info and then get out. That’s it, quick and quiet.”
Pan sighed. “I like my idea.” She muttered.
“How about we blast them afterwards?” Goten asked.
Trunks looked at his best friend and he sighed. “No. No-one’s blasting anything. You’re all starting to sound like my father.”
“Well considering he’s who trains us in the hand to hand combat thing, well ya I think we would.” Goten said.

Marron landed on the ground and she unhooked the rope she slipped up behind the guard quietly, noting his scouter, she grabbed him her hand over his mouth pulling him back and with a quick turn snapped his neck dropping him on the ground she walked up to the computer and looked at it. She put on a pair of black gloves and began hacking in to the computer system till she saw what she wanted.
“Ki guards... off...” The female voice of the computer replied.
Marron waved her hand up at the top of the cliff.

Bra grinned from the top of the cliff and she shook Trunks’ rope, and he looked up at her she gave him the thumbs up sign and he nodded.
“Becareful Trunks.” She said and looked at her friends.
Trunks was the first to descend followed by Goten then Pan.
Bra watched them unhook themselves from the ropes and they moved in to the base.

Trunks lead them in being the son of a genus did come in handy after all he could hack in to any computer in sixty seconds, and that’s all they needed.
“Pan Marron you two know what to do...” Trunks said.
Goten snickered and Pan hit him across the back of the head. “Shutup.”
Marron grabbed Pan by the hand and she pulled her round to the front. They were always the distractions. While Trunks broke in to the mainframe and Goten stayed with Trunks guarding and watching his back.

Once they were out of Bra’s sight she looked over at Ubuu leaning up against the truck and she nodded at him. He walked over to the edge and slowly and quietly began to pull the ropes up, with the ki guard down the four of them could fly up the cliff face. They would take the truck and drive off til they reached the rendezvous spot and blast the truck. While Gohan would take them to their next destination. They were never told the full plan in case of capture.
Ubuu put the ropes in the back of the truck.
Bra watched Marron and Pan using their female charms to distract a whole lot of guards, at the front of the base and she shook her head.
“How degrading I’m surprised Pan hasn’t blasted anyone of them yet.” Bra muttered.

Trunks’ fingers zipped over the keys fastly and quietly Goten stood behind him looking at the screen as Trunks copied it all to his disk then made the transfer of cash they needed to buy equipment.
“How long have I got?” Trunks asked.
“Forty-five seconds... forty...” Goten began the countdown.

Goten peeked down the hallway through the crack in the door. He heard the music. Pan and Marron’s music. Trunks and himself had seen them practice their routine over and over again. Goten knew Trunks, after seeing it for the first time, had began to look a Pan differently.
“Thirty... twenty-five... twenty... fifteen... c’mon Trunks hurry up man...” Goten said.
“You try doing this.” Trunks growled.
“Five... four... three... two...” Goten counted.
“I’m done. Lets move!” Trunks said pulling the disk out and shutting the system down so the alarms wouldn’t go off and the lights would vanish giving them all the chance to need to fly out of there.

The whole system buzzed loudly as Trunks and Goten raced out of the room and down the hallway. Gys always updated the system, but he never updated his guards. They were always men, never a female guard. They reached the outside and took to the sky and the entire base flicked in to darkness.

Pan and Marron saw their cue as the guards ran inside to see what the problem was they took off to the skies landing on the cliff face. The group of them jumped in to the truck and with Ubuu behind the wheel the trunk took off through the desert off road.

Once they met up with Gohan he looked at the group of them and smiled.
“Lets ditch this truck we go by foot from now on so to avoid detection.” Gohan said.
They pushed the truck over the edge of a cliff and Gohan sent a ki blast after it setting the truck alight. The group of them pushed off into the trees, each absorbed in his or her thoughts and feelings on this entire war. Light was fading fast, and the sky took on a luminous violet color. Venus, the evening star, shone through the break in the trees.
They kept on for almost a half hour more plugging ahead although it was now quite dark. Gohan lead them away from the sheltered area of the trees and out in to the outer area of Satan City, they knew instantly they would have to stop for the night. But Gohan lead them on. He usually was so quiet and he insisted everyone else was, due to the high technology a single voice could be traced for miles on end.
At last after an hour more Gohan stopped for the night in a small protected clearing on a ridge. It gave a good clear view, almost 360 degrees, and with a full moon the visibility was excellent. The outer part of Satan City being nothing but land for miles. “No fire. Cold rations tonight.” Gohan announced sitting down on a rock.
“Hey why not we’re on home ground now?” Goten asked.
“Because Goten that’s when surprises happen.” Trunks cut in.
Goten sighed. “Okay, okay. It’s just that this cold food is really beginning to bug me.”
“Tomorrow. Goten we’ll be home then.” Gohan said and he pulled out a capsule and popped the cap and threw it aside making a small fridge appear.

Trunks surveyed the area, popping his capsule he pulled out his sleeping bag and laid it out, he grabbed a small portion of dried beef and he sat cross legged on the sleeping bag. He ate slowly for once while he watched Goten scoff down his food.
“I’ll take the first shift.” Trunks said, looking over the ridge to the west and the rocky spires of the mountains they had been on earlier that day.

The rest of them discussed the shifts out it was decided that Gohan would take the second, Ubuu the third and Goten the last. Pan was about to protest when a look from her father shut her up. She knew he wanted her to be at her full strength, so she stayed quiet as did Bra and Marron.

* * * 2 * * *

The night was uneventful. During the early morning watch, Goten thought he saw movement below and to the right of their position. Peering in to the gloom, he briefly glimpsed, or imagined, two or more figures crouched and moving slowly towards them.
“Stay centred; stay calm,” he repeated to himself, he searched for power levels but they were undetectable.
But nothing happened. The figures, if they existed, never materialised, and Goten was glad he had not woken any of the others. Bra was not one to be woken up like himself. Goten rose at the end of his shift and stretched to ease the cramps in his leg, back and arm muscles. He was hungry and excited and ready to go.
“Hey you guys, time to get up. C’mon lets go.” He sound his voice bouncing.
They all came out of their sleep easy enough and Goten blinked when Gohan didn’t move. “Gohan, c’mon bro time to move.” He said moving over to the bag and he stopped.

There was no one in the bag. It was jumbled up to look like someone was inside.
“I’m here,” came Gohan’s voice from the cover of several trees. In the morning light Goten could hardly distinguish him from the trees.
“I thought I heard noises, so I moved in to the woods to watch. You thought so too didn’t you Goten?” Gohan asked him.
Goten’s admiration for his older brother stepped up another two notches.
“Yeah noises and movement. Just imagination, I guess. Nothing to worry about.”
Bra smiled. “The only thing you admire is food.” She said rolling up her sleeping bag.
“And fighting. But what one of us here doesn’t.” Trunks added stretching his joints.

Breakfast was quick, and by the time they were finished the sun had already begun to dry up the dewy fields below in the clearing.
“Lets get out of here. If we push, we’ll make the next stop by two or three this afternoon.” Gohan said.
“I’m ready.” Pan replied. She lead off, adjusting her pack straps and quickly settling in to a rhythmic and efficient pace that she would keep up all night and day, if need be. Gohan followed her close behind, with Bra and Ubuu in the middle then Goten close behind them with Marron and Trunks brought up the rear, dropping back a bit to think things out.

That’s when he saw it. At first he thought it was just a shiny piece of metal or rock. But when he stopped to examine it, he saw that it was the wrapper off a cigarette pack. The brand was Blue Flame and you only got that on the outside of Satan City.
“So they -were- here last night,” Trunks said out loud, crumpling the wrapper and putting it in his pocket and he looked round. “I wonder where they are now?”
“What’s up?” Goten asked.
“Gys’ men. You did see something last night Goten. We could be walking in to an ambush.” Trunks replied.
Gohan looked round from where he was and he put his hand on Pan’s shoulder to stop her and he looked back at the younger half saiyans.
“Who were here?” Pan asked only managing to catch the last half of the conversation.
“Gys’s men.” Gohan replied and he looked round on the ground and he knelt down and he looked at foot prints ahead of them and he counted them. “Yep. They were. I should of seen this before, how stupid of me. See the footprints? Maybe five, or six of them.” Gohan looked round. “No telling where they are now.” he added.
“Well we’ll have to take our chances dad, we can’t stay here.” Pan countered.
“Right. Lets go, but becareful. For once I wish we would be able to use our powers.”

The trail widened as they headed down in to a valley. For the first hour or so, they moved as quietly as possible, alert for sight or sound of ambush. Goten remained cautious all the way, he wanted to protect his friends, save them from harm. He imagined himself seriously wounded, holding off several men, giving the others time to escape. It made him feel good. But being the younger brother of the super saiya man he knew Gohan would be the one doing that, not him.

The hours wore on but finally they reached the stop and Gohan looked round scanning the area for power levels of any sort. They could of been followed for directions to the base.
“Even though I can’t pick up any power levels, they’re still following us.” He said.
“What do we do then?” Pan asked.
“They’re on foot once we move in past the city’s outer limits we go by air it’s safe to fly there.” Gohan said. “Mission is practically over, we’re nearly home.”
The group of them hurried in to the city, who ever was following wouldn’t risk following them in to the city, but Gohan knew that one day this city wouldn’t be here to protect them and it would be up to them to do it alone.

* * * End of Chapter * * *