Things the DBZ characters will never say or do

Bulma: Ohhhhhh heís so cute.... you just want to hug him and love him and squeeze him to pieces! (Elmyria animainics)

Goten: I donít care if youíre my dadís friend.... Iíll blast you for saying that....

Trunks: *singing* Bob the builder.... can he fix it...

Goten: *singing along* Bob the builder... yes he can...

Vegeta walks up to Gokuís house and pushes the bell.... and takes off giggling...

Goten opens the door and looks round.... Chi-chi sticks her head out...

Chi-chi: Thatís the fifth time today...

Goten: I tell you mom is the evil aliens from the planet Anthraxs...

Bulma puts some food out for Vegeta and Goku to eat after the two have finished sparring.

Vegeta: Bulma can you pass the ketchup?

Goku: Oh wow I LOVE Bulmaís cooking even more than Chi-chiís!!!

Goten: DEATH TO ALL HUMANS!!!!! Mwha-hahahahahahaha!!!! The WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!!

Trunks: Uh Goten youíre half human...


Trunks: Does that include youíre mom?

Goten: Yeah her cooking sucks....

Yamcha: Oh wow... I never knew Tien had such a cute butt...

Tien: What?

Yamcha: Nothing!

Tien: Hey Yamcha

Yamcha: What?

Tien: Do you think I should get an operation to remove this third eye?

Yamcha: Yeah you look like a freak.

Tien: I thought so.

Yamcha is motioning all the hormonal woman to stop mauling him...

Yamcha: Iím sorry ladies but I canít love any of you...

Women: Awwwwwww.....

Yamcha: Truth is Iím in love with Puar...

Krillen: Hey Trunks, I have something to tell you.

Trunks: What?

Krillen: Youíre adopted...

Trunks: Really?

Krillen: Yeah man Iím sorry.

Trunks: No donít be... Hey Vegeta!!!!

Vegeta: What?!

Trunks: *blasts Vegeta to a crisp* Iíve always wanted to do that.

Krillen: Hey nice shot...

Trunks: So Krillen whoís my dad then?

Krillen: Goku.

Goten and Trunks are sparring with each other on the front of Chi-chiís lawn.

Chi-Chi: *runs out* GOTEN!!!!

Goten: What?

Chi-chi: KILL HIM!!!!!

Adult Goten: *throws cellphone away* Well I wonít be needing that anymore.

Adult Trunks: Eh? Why?

Adult Goten: ĎCause Iím in love with you man!!!

Adult Trunks: And I love you too man!!!

Freiza: *looking at his reflection (heís in his final form on Namek)* Now why do I have to look so gay?

Doctor: Are you ready for this injection Goku?

Goku: Sure!! I like needles.

Goku: Chi-chi Iíve decided Iím going to stop saving the world and I want to be an accountant!


Goku: Huh?

Chi-chi: And be sure to keep Gohan away to save the world too... heís doesnít need to study. Education is not at all important.

Krillen: Thunder shock Picka-chu!!!

Gohan: pik-a pik-aaaa!! Chu!!!! *thunder shock attack*

Cell is in his final form ready to fight Mirai Trunks... Trunks gets a hit and knocks Cell in to a wall.

Trunks: Itís over Cell.

Cell: Indeed it is... I guess you won then.

Trunks: What? Just like that?

Cell: Well youíre so much stronger, and faster, and better than I am... I wish I had your body.

Trunks: Well yeah I mean after all you look like some sort of giant bug...

Cell: Say do you want to get together for a coffee and we can talk about the future?

Trunks: Coffeeís good.

Vegeta: You know I canít be bothered with surpassing Kakarott anymore. I admit heís just going to be stronger.

Bulma: Then what will you do?

Vegeta: I was thinking about a tv cook show...

17: Ohh look 18 pretty birds....

18: Pwetty...

16: *blasts the birds*

Mirai Trunks: *upon coming to the past* God what a dump! Whyíd I even bother... my time is much better, there is more freedom there.

Goku: what about the heart virus I suffer?

Mirai Trunks: Bah who needs you my dad is stronger.