DBZ Offset, Bloopers, Stand-ins & Disagreements

Bulma: *shouts* NO!!! DONíT LOOK AT ME!!!!

Director: But Bulma-

Bulma: *shouts* NO I SAID DONíT LOOK AT ME!!!!

Director: Bulma-


The 1st A.D comes in and Bulma begins screaming again.

Director: Bulma please-


1st A.D: *hands Bulma her morning cup of coffee* Here we go.

Bulma: *drinks her coffee and looks at the director calmly* you wanted to talk to me?

Director: Er... *sweatdrop*

Director: Um... where did you find this stand in for planet Namek it looks a bit off color... like red instead of green...

1st A.D: Oh he was a reject from one of the old eighties cartoons.

Umbra: Mwha-hahahahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *evil laughter carries on*

Director: And what show was this?

1st A.D: Ummm... Mighty Orbots.

Umbra: Mwha-hahahahahaha..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! THE ORBOTS WILL DIE!!!!!! MWHA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Director: *sweatdrop* riiiiiiiiiiight....

Frieza is sitting in a chair in make up he is in his final form.

Frieza: *gay accent* Do you have any purple mascara I need it to match my lipstick...

Make up person: Yes Frieza but are you sure you want Mascara?

Frieza: I need it to highlight my eyes...

Chaoitsu is walking through the offices of the film studio with Tien.

Chaoitsu: Hey Tien do you think we should steal all their paper from the photocopier and throw it out the window?

Tien: Chaoitsu I donít think thatís a good idea.

Chaoitsu: Hey if all goes wrong we can say Cell sucked it up his ass.

Vegeta is super saiyan floating on set and he has his hands in front of him, electrical sparks are flying off him and Cell is standing there with a smirk on his face.

Vegeta: FINAL FLASH!!!!!

The blast hurtles towards Cell who stands still then his eyes goes wide.

Cell: NO!!!!

Cell jumps out of the way and the blast hits Android 16.

Director: Cut!!!! Cell!!!

Cell is cowering...

Vegeta: Hmph!

Director: Cell your perfect the blast canít kill you!

Cell: If Iím so perfect why do I have to look like a piece of cannabis?!

Director: Oh alright... Make up make him look like a giant bug instead!

Cell: Bugs? Where?! *hides*

Yamcha is in his trailing lying in his bed giggles are heard from under his covers and the door opens and the 1st A.D looks in.

1st A.D: Yamcha youíre wanted on set.

Yamcha: yeah Iíll be there.

1st A.D: Okay. *walks out*

A female head pops out from under the covers.

1st A.Dís wife: think he suspects something?

Director: And Action!!!!

Vegeta fires ki blasts towards the sky at the unseen opponent at this stage.


Suddenly the craine in which the camera is set falls to the ground along with the camerman, sound recorder and boom operator.

Director: Cut!!!!

1st A.D: At least he didnít do it purposely this time...

Vegeta: Why you little-!!! *blasts the first A.D*

Director: you were saying?

1st A.D: *groans from the ground* ooooooooowwwwwww....

Director: MEDIC!!!!!!

Goku is raiding the catering table when Gohan walks up to him.

Gohan: Dad...

Goku: *with mouthful* what is it Gohan?

Gohan: I think Iím in love with Piccolo.

Goku: When did this happen?!

Gohan: Well you know he did train me in this deserted plain for a long time.

Goku: Train you?

Gohan: Yes now I make a hundred and fifty an hour.

Goku: Thatís good... just donít tell your mother... this is our little secret- wait I thought Piccolo was suppose to be A-sexual?

Gohan: So did he.

Piccolo is standing on the set of Nikki town standing off with the 1st form Cell.

Cell is holding a human who is begging for his life...

Human: Help me... Iíll give you money, anything you want just help me.

Piccolo: Look pal no... wait do you have a wife?

Human: Huh? Uh yes, sheís away on business at the moment why?

Piccolo: *smirks* no reason...

Director: Cut!!! Piccolo!! Those arenít your lines!!

Piccolo: Aw címon canít a guy have any fun round here?

Cell: Lets just get on with this!!!

Piccolo: Right... *blasts Cell*

Director: If itís not Vegeta, itís Piccolo... damn this...

1st A.D: MEDIC!!!!!

In Medi bay, the medic is wrapping up Gokuís arm in a cast.

Medic: Who would of thought Iíd get the highest paying job in this industry and I have Vegeta and Piccolo to thank for this...

Goku: Wait you get more than us?

Medic: hold still Goku. *pulls out a needle*

Goku: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *blasts medic away* er... heh... ooops... um... MEDIC NEEDS A MEDIC!!!!