DBZ Offset Bloopers & Disagreements

Krillen is standing there ready to finish the last shot of the day with the androids.

Director: and action!

18 walks up to him seductively and she leans kissing Krillen on the check.

Krillen: Whoa!!! Tongue!!

Director: Cut! Krillen!!!

Krillen: *looks at the director* What? I canít help it!!!

Vegeta is standing off set looking at the director.

Vegeta: No way!!! Iím not going to be reduced to be carried by baldy over there!

Krillen glares at Vegeta from where he was standing. The Director remains silent

Krillen: hey they made me shave my hair off for the series!!! It wasnít my idea!!!

Vegeta: Shutup or Iíll blast you!

Krillen: oooooooh Iím so scared... all you do is blast people Vegeta.

Vegeta: Fine then youíre right *blasts Krillen* grow a nose.

Director: Not again... MEDIC!!!!! *looks at Vegeta* Canít you get along with anyone?

Vegeta: Hmph!

17 looks at the director and shakes his head they are discussing the script.

17: So you want us to go and terrorise people so in the end we get sucked up by Cellís ass?

Director: well basically.

17: Okay so FUNimation can redub scenes seen unfit for American Children and they didnít see me and 18 being sucked up Cellís ass as bad...

Director: *sweatdrop* Uh... I guess not.

17: You know I want a bonus for this, this is not a Southpark script you know.

Krillen and Gohan are sitting off set in their actor chairs talking casually.

Gohan: Why didnít you protest?

Krillen: I didnít know until the end of the day in which theyíd already shot half of the episodes. And no one told me... so now Iím stuck basically cause itíd look to weird for them to show me.

Gohan: Youíre probably right... Iíve only ever seen you without your nose.

Yamcha is leading Tien, Chaoitsu, Chi-chi, Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar in a strike out in front of the studio with signs....

Director looks out the window then to his 1st A.D.

1st A.D: Theyíre on strike again...

Director: I can see that... whatís wrong this time?
1st A.D: Lack of scenes apparently.

Director: Well whoís lined up for today?

1st A.D: Um, Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillen and Frieza, for the shots on Namek sir.

Director: Any of them down there?

1st A.D: No.

Director: Well then lets go on with the filming. So long as Piccoloís in the scene weíll still get ratings.

Trunks is sitting on a rock near the damaged time machine.

Trunks: So all I do is give little wood creatures acorns?

Director: Weíve been over this Trunks, yes just give the squirrelís acorns.

Trunks: Then can I use my sword?

Director: Not in this scene.

Trunks: What if a giant dinosaur come out of nowhere then can I?

Director: Trunks this scene is suppose to show you recognising the beauty in this world

Trunks: Oh...

Director: okay now sound rolling? Camera rolling? Mark it! and Action!!!!

Trunks has a handful of acorns he is handing out acorns to the squirrelís one squirrel grabs two and makes a bolt.

Trunks: NO YOU DONíT!!!! BURNING ATTACK!!!! *blasts the squirrel*

Director: CUT!!! TRUNKS!!!!

Trunks: You said I couldnít use my sword

Director: *sighs*

1st A.D: Do you want a medic for the squirrel?

Director: Itís just a squirrel...

Vegeta is standing by for his big scene against Frieza on Namek.

Director: Mark it!! And ACTION!!!

Vegeta goes super saiyan

Vegeta: FINAL FLASH!!!! *blasts Frieza*

Director: CUT!!! Vegeta! You donít go super saiyan yet!!! Thatís next season!!!

Vegeta: But he deserves it!

Director: *looks to the 1st A.D* I donít even know if I should bother anymore...

1st A.D: *shouts* MEDIC!!!!!