Dragonball Z Mockeries


Director: Okay places everyone sound rolling? Camera Rolling? Mark it! ACTION!!!!

*Cell goes to blast an unconscious Vegeta*

Krillen: *turns to look at Mirai Trunks to say his line* Trunks... uh *Mirai Trunks isnít there* Er... Trunks???

Director: CUT!!!! Has anybody see Trunks?!?!

*elsewhere off set*

Mirai Trunks: *on the phone* Hey say howís about you and me get together, they gave me this wicked sword for this... *slyly* I can show you if you want.

*a flirting giggle is heard on the otherline*

Goku: (talking to the director) Oh címon youíve got to be *beeping* kidding me?! What is with these *beeping* redub scenes? Whatís wrong with my language. *beep* FUNimation... Well *beep* you and *beep* anyone who has a problem with the way I *beeping* talk!!! I can *beeping* swear if I *beeping* want to. *beep* this, *beep* you!!! Iím *beeping* gong home to be with my *beeping* family... (walks off grumbling) *BEEP* this *beeping* crap... *beeping* freaks.

Vegeta: *comes storming out of his trailer* Whoís responsible for this?!

Director: *sighs* What now Vegeta?

Vegeta: Thatís it Iím sick of this. Why does Kakarott get to be always stronger than me? *waves script about angrily*

Goku: *walks up* What seems to be the problem?

Vegeta: YOU!!!!! *blasts Goku*

Director: *sighs* Vegeta!!! Thatís the third time youíve blasted Gokuís this week.

Goku: *groans* donít worry... heíll get over it...

Vegeta: *blasts Goku again* Shutup you!!!

Director: *shouts* Medic!!!

Gohan and Goku are sitting on set at the son home, at the kitchen table.

Gohan: *whispers to Goku* they had to get Bulma to cook this Goku are you sure you want to eat this.

Goku: *whispers back* Why didnít they get Chi-chi to cook it?

Gohan: *whispers* Sheís sick at the moment.

Goku looks suddenly worried.

Director: Okay and Action!!!

Chi-chi come wandering out of the kitchen and places two plates in front of the two...

Chi-chi: *sniffles* A.a.a...ah- CHU!!! Okay you two... eat up...

Goku: Ah... Chi-chi I just realised that Iím not hungry... *runs off*

Gohan: Yeah me too!! *runs off as well*

Chi-chi looks bewildered.


Chi-chi: Itís just a cold...

1st AD: Um sir... Chaoitsu refuses to come in for the shot.

Director: Get the stand it!!

Stand in comes in.

1st AD: Think theyíll notice the difference?

Director: I donít think so.

Mr. Mime: Mime... Mr. Mime... Mime...

Trunks is floating in mid air and he looks round for his big slicing scene of Friezaís cronies he is holding his sword unsheathed.

Director: And action!!!

Freiza: All of you begin your search, and when you find them, show no mercy...

Cronies: *unison* Right!!!

The group of them fly off... there is blackness as suddenly purple streak shot through the shot as Trunks slices the cronies.

Trunks gets to close through the camera and he cuts through the camera and the camera falls off the tripod on the ground and hits the ground. Along with the cronies.

Director: CUT!!! Trunks thatís the fifth camera!!!

Trunks: Heh... oops...

Krillen, 16, Trunks are standing in their places, it is the scene where Cell is nearly finished transforming in to his complete form.

Director: And action!!!

The camera gets a birds eye view of the surrounding area... 18 standing on a rock.

Cameraman: Uh whatís 18 doing there.

Trunks goes to punch through the forcefield and it knocked back straight past 18 she looks down at him.

Trunks: Arrrrrr... 18ís in SHOT!!!!

18: *twisting her blonde hair round her finger* No one told me to get off the set.

Director: CUT!!!!

Director: Sound rolling? Camera rolling? Mark it! And Action!!!

The camera is moving in P.O.V of Cell and the tail lashes and absorbs someone, then the camera moves of quickly and turns round for Cellís P.O.V to see whoís behind him.

The camera gets instead Cell standing there. He blinks smiles sheepishly and waves his tail at the camera.

Director: Cut!!!!!

The scene is set for Vegeta and Yamchaís scene at Capsule Corp. with their disagreement scene.

Director: and action!!!!

Yamcha: Thatís alotta talk for someone who got pounded by Cell donít you think?!

Vegeta: What!!! You insignificant human *blasts Yamcha*

Director: CUT!!! Vegeta!!!!

Vegeta: What?!

Director: *sighs* Medic!!!!

The eternal Dragon has been summoned on Kamiís look out make up is just finishing the dragonís touches. The make up person runs off scene.

Director: Places everyone!!! Quiet on the set. Sound rolling! Camera rolling! Mark it! And Action!!!

Yamcha: *remembers he forgot to learn all his lines the night before* Ohmi gosh you didnít know I was just kidding about that? Hey címon guys you really didnít think I was going to ask the dragon for money did you? Man give me a break.. ha ha ha (nervous laughter) what a bunch of - *stops* uh... LINE!!!

Director: Cut!!!!!

Director: And action!!!

Krillen: Kaaaaaaaaa...... meeeeeeee..... haaaaaaaaa...... meeeeeeee...... HAAAAAA!!!

Pikachu: Pika-pik-a!!!

Krillen: Hey thatís not a Sabiman!

Director: Theyíre on strike, itís a stand in.

Krillen: *sweatdrop*