DBZ Mock Commercials


Lil’ Goten is walking down a street happily for school when he turns and looks at the camera and he smiles.
“Where’d I get my bag?” He asks.
He turns round and shows the charred bag to the camera.
“I blasted Trunks for it!” He grins and walks on.
Camera pans to Show a lil’ Trunks blasted in to a wall.

DB... (usually DB stands for Draught Beer but I warped it)

King Kai, Goku and Vegeta are sitting on a cloud in heaven with a television set in front of them.

On the television Yamcha is sitting in the changing room after a big baseball match.
“Dragonball Yamcha?” Another player asks.
“Yeah.” Yamcha replies
A dragonball is thrown to Yamcha and he catches it and we see he has another dragonball in his sports bag

Goku looks at King Kai. King Kai nods and Goku turns the dial and they flash back to see how Yamcha’s day been.

Yamcha hit a home run and caught several other players out from the other team, and the baseball team went on to win the match.

“Well that Yamcha deserves a D.B” Goku says remarks.

They watch as Yamcha puts the second dragonball in to his bag.

King Kai turns the channel and the next person comes on screen.

Tien walks in to a bar and looks at the bar tender. “A Dragonball thanks.”
The bar tender looks at him it is none other than Jeice from the Ginyu force.
“Sure thing mate.” Jeice remarks “So how’s you’re day been?” He asks.
“Oh you know just the norm.” Tien replies.

King Kai turns the dial and we see a flash back of Tien’s day.

Tien is training in the mountains and as he’s flying home he sees a Forest fire, he holds his hands up in a triangle shape and aims at a nearby mountain.
“TRI BEAM!!!!” He shouts and hits the mountain causing an avalanche to smother the flames. Tien flies on.

King Kai nods. “Well that man deserves a D.B.” He says.

The screen follows on and Tien takes his Dragonball he also has another Dragonball in his pocket. (think earth sized like the little Dragonballs).

It is Vegeta’s turn and he turns the dial to the next person.

It is none other than Trunks walking in to a bar. Vegeta smirks.
“A dragonball thanks.” He says.
“What do you want with it?” bartender asks.
“Oh you know wish my father back from heaven.” He says.
“Okay... So how’s you’re day been?” The bartender asks.
“Oh flat out...” Trunks replies.

Vegeta then turns the dial and switches the television off.

“Hey Vegeta why’d you do that?” Goku asks.
“No reason Kakarott.” Vegeta remarked.
“You know what Trunks has been doing all day don’t you?” Goku asks
“Maybe I do, what’s it to you?” Vegeta snapped.
“Vegeta... we have to see if he’s earned it, and you can’t favour him just cause he’s going to wish you back to life.” Goku said.
“Fine.” Vegeta remarked and turns the television back on.

We see Trunks flashback, of him skipping work jumping out the window to go and hang out with Goten.

“Vegeta you know what to do. He hasn’t earned it.” Goku remarks.
Vegeta smirks. “Indeed I do...” he turns to Goku and king Kai and electricity begins to buzz round him then followed by lightening and he holds his hands out in front of him. “FINAL FLASH!!!!!” he blasts Goku and King Kai away. “I’d rather live than be stuck here with you two freaks judging people for the rest of eternity.”

LYNX EFFECT (heh you Aussies should know these ads too ::G::)

Bra steals some of Trunks’ deodorant since hers has run out and she sprays it and she grabs her bag and rushes out the door...
She walks casually down the street and suddenly heads turn, she arches an eyebrow at all the girls looking at her. She hurries on to the mall to do her shopping yet more female heads turn. She frowns confused.
Bra does some serious shopping, but she’s getting more and more frustrated as more females heads turns and she growls and she walks home shopping bags and all, she dumps the bags on her bed grabs’ Trunks deodorant and a wicked smile crosses her lips. She walks in to Trunks room giggles and she begins switching the scents from inside her perfume bottles she brought that day with his one.

Trunks is walking down the street and he stops suddenly as he notices heads are turning and he frowns at the big bulky bouncer at a night club who winks at him.
Trunks looks to the camera suddenly worried.

Words are transposed on the screen.


SCRATCH AND WIN (it’s supposedly a quick thrill)

Vegeta is sitting on a subway train in a seat to himself. He notices two girls opposite them on the other side checking him out Vegeta smirks to himself and looks at them one of them looks back at him flirtingly. It is none other then Bulma and she’s sitting with Lunch. Chi-chi is sitting on the train too checking him out with Android 18.

Goku is also on the train he has a scratch ticket on his lap and he is scratching, it he looks at Vegeta.

The train then goes through a tunnel and the train is put in to darkness by shadows are seen hoovering round Vegeta kisses in the dark are exchanged.

The train comes out of the darkness and everyone is where they were before. Vegeta looks round confused, his clothes have been torn and he looks round the train confused. The four girls look just as confused.

Vegeta looks to Goku who is looking at him, he smiles then goes back to his scratch ticket.

Voice Over: “Instant Kiwi... it’s a quick thrill!


Goten and Trunks are sitting in a plane with parachutes attached to their back, their is a can of Fresh up sitting on another chair. (just pretend they can’t fly)
Goten stands up and he looks out the open door. “Ugh, it’s a long way down Trunks.”
Trunks laughs. “What you scared?” He teases.
Goten shakes his head hurriedly. “No.” Goten sits back down.
Marron walks past wearing brown khaki pants and a white tank top and a cap.
“Wow nice to see they have hostess’.” Trunks remarks both him and Goten watch her ass as she walks past.
Marron turns round and looks at the two of them.
“Pilot actually.” She corrects and walks in to the cock pit.

Goten hits Trunks across the back of the head.
Trunks stands up adjusting his parachute. “Ready man?” He asks.
Goten shakes his head. “No.”
“Okay race you for it.” Trunks says and both of them look at the can.
Marron looks back from the cockpit and she grins and she turns the plane hard round, the can rolls off the seat and both jump for it and the can falls out the door. Both guys look at each other and they jump out of the plane after the can.
They plummet towards the earth...

On the ground Goten is first and he grabs the can and holds it up. He then hears another can open he turns and looks at Trunks with another can.
“Hey you tricked me!!!” He protested.
Trunks skulls his can. “Heh...”
Goten smirks. “But guess who got Marron’s number?”
Trunks looks at him.


Chi-chi is in the kitchen cooking pasta. When Gohan comes in from high school and he slings his bag down and he puts a form on the bench.
“Mom I need two hundred dollars for a school trip.” He says.
Subtitled: FINANCIER
Goten comes running in and he jumps up and down.
“Mom!!! Can Trunks stay for dinner?!” He asks.
“So long as he likes pasta.” She says.
“Yes!” Goten grins and he runs off and jumps up and down in front of Trunks and the two go running off.
Subtitled: DIPLOMAT

Goku comes walking in and he kisses her on the cheek. “Hey hon what’s for dinner?” He asks.
“Pasta.” She replies.
“Oh me and Vegeta are going to do some sparring you don’t mind if he stays for dinner too?” He asks.
“So long as he doesn’t promise to kill you.” She replies
Subtitled: GUARDIAN

The group of them are eating like a typical group of saiyans...
“Chi-chi this is great!!” Goku says with his mouthful.
Chi-chi sighs and she looks off in to the distance.
“How did I fall in to this mess?” She asks herself.
Subtitled: DISTRACTED...


There is a deserted plane of what looks like a desert and Master Roshi walks on to the screen... he looks at the Camera. In the background, Goku, lil’ Goten, Gohan, lil’ Trunks and Vegeta with his arms crossed across his chest, are standing there.

Everyday out here in where ever we are there are saiyans, and half saiyans that are starving, just take a look at how little they eat....” Master Roshi says.

Camera shot to Goku, Gohan, Goten and Trunks pigging out. Vegeta is standing offside with his arms crossed across his chest watching them, glaring at Goku.

They work hard every day just so they can survive...

Goku and Goten sleeping lazily under a tree by a stream. Trunks is swimming through the stream giggling happily.

Make your donation to keep these saiyans alive for just a donation of a dollar a day you can help a saiyan and make a difference, call now the number will flash across your screen...

Number flashes across the screen.

heh sorry not very funny, but there aren’t really many funny ads here...