The group of them stood outside as Leila was taken out of the house with her hands cuffed behind her back by the police.
“That was some punch Bulma.” Goku remarked.
Bulma smiled. “Well I usually don’t resort to violence but she deserved it after all the trouble she caused.”
“At least her company is going to be taken over by someone more sensible. And Capsule Corp. is unharmed.” Gohan remarked.
Yamcha slumped down on the steps of the Alexis home. “This is all my fault guys, I’m sorry.” Yamcha remarked.
“So you should be, weakling.” Vegeta remarked, “You wasted my entire afternoon which I could of used for training.” He remarked.
Bulma glared at Vegeta. “Well you didn’t have to tag along!” She snapped and she crouched down in front of Yamcha. “It’s okay Yamcha how were you suppose to know that she was a psycho bitch that was going to go off the do that.”
Tag along?!” Vegeta exclaimed “I do not tag along!” He snapped.
“Well actually-” Krillen began.
“Shutup baldy!” Vegeta snapped. Krillen jumped back and Vegeta took off and flew off back towards Capsule Corp.

Piccalo stepped forward. “I think it’s time we headed back as well.” He said.
“Yeah before Chi-chi knows I’m missing.” Goku added.
“We’ll see you round Bulma.” Gohan said.
“Bye take care you three and train safely.” Bulma remarked
Gohan, Piccalo and Goku all took off and flew back to the mountains.

Bulma looked over at Krillen. “Tell Master Roshi it might be a while till Yamcha comes to train with you.” She said.
Krillen nodded. “Okay-”
“No Bulma. I nearly got myself killed in there. I think I need to do this. I’ll be okay... really.” Yamcha said and he pushed himself up off the ground. “Go on without me Krillen I’ll be there in a few hours.”
“Yeah sure. See you there.” Krillen remarked and he took off flying towards Kami house, Puar just hoovered there and looked at Yamcha as he spoke again.
“I’m no good at this Bulma but I think after this, it might be better that we see other people. I’m too much trouble and I couldn’t risk anything like today happening to you again, I’m sorry. You can send my stuff to the rubbish or to Master Roshi’s it’s up to you. I’ve got to go.” He said and he walked off. Puar followed Yamcha.

Bulma watched Yamcha walk off and she looked down. “Bye Yamcha.” She whispered and she walked back to her car.
Bulma sat behind the wheel of her car and she sighed. “He broke up-with-me...” She whispered.
Bulma looked at the envelope with her name on it sitting on the passenger seat it was the pictures Leila had given her and she sighed. “Did he really... or was she just jealous... I’ll have the pictures scanned when I get home.” She said and started the car up and she drove off.


Bulma had finished scanning the pictures to see if they were true or not and she was relieved to find out that they were false and manufactured at Alexis Electrical. She sighed.
“He didn’t cheat on me, yet he broke up with me. Why Yamcha?” She asked. There was alot of pieces still missing from the puzzle the battle may of been over but this is where Bulma decided to carry on and figure out why. If he had nothing to hide then why did he go in the first place? she thought to herself.
Bulma stretched from behind her computer desk in her room and she got up she was only in her night shirt, she decided she needed a cup of coffee to wake her up and continue.

Bulma wandered down the stairs to the kitchen and she opened the fridge and pulled out a cartoon of milk and she turned the jug on and stretched on her tip toes to reach the coffee jar on the top shelf she sighed as she realised she couldn’t reach. Yamcha used to fly up and put it up high just to tease me Bulma thought sadly.
She looked round and grabbed a chair and dragged it over and stood on the chair and reached up and grabbed the coffee jar and she turned round to see Vegeta leaning in the doorframe watching her he as usual he had his arms crossed across his chest but he was smirking like he was amused.
Bulma almost fell off the seat but regained her balance and shot Vegeta a nasty look as he chuckled and Bulma climbed down and put the chair back and she put the coffee pot down next to the milk and she grabbed the sugar bowl from a lower shelf and she put it next to the coffee and the milk.
“I thought you’d still be training trying to catch up to the time you wasted this afternoon.” Bulma said not turning round to look at him she was sad that Yamcha had gone from the relationship they once had, then Vegeta blaming him like he had didn’t help it had Yamcha more sad, but Bulma wasn’t going to blame Vegeta he was always nasty to everyone and most of the time to her.

Vegeta watched Bulma carefully he liked making her mad, usually all he had to do was be in the way, but something was wrong, she was upset, he could sense it with his saiyan abilities. Vegeta moved quietly up behind her without sensing it.

Bulma pulled a mug down without even looking and she put it own the bench and she scooped a couple of tablespoons in she usually only had one but she wanted something strong tonight, she needed some answers and she wouldn’t sleep until she got them, she then scooped a couple of teaspoons of sugar in to the mug and the jug popped and she poured the hot water in to the mug. She went to put the jug back when she jumped as Vegeta grabbed her wrist and he spun her round and looked at her, he looked her up and down.
“What is wrong with you woman? You usually would of started some argument with me.” He said.
Bulma pulled her wrist free and put the jug down.

Vegeta watched as he eyes flared anger filling up in her that’s more like it he thought and Bulma turned away from him.
“You want an argument fine then. It’s your fault. If you hadn’t of said anything he would be here right now with me!” She said and then she broke down in to tears her anger flushed away.
Vegeta rolled his eyes. “My fault for what woman?!” He demanded.
“Why Yamcha broke up with me that’s why, if you made.. him... He... he left... He left... me.” Bulma began to cry more.
Vegeta frowned he didn’t know how to comfort a crying female. He had never really had seen a woman cry like this anyway.

Bulma slowly with a trembling hand began to pour milk into her coffee and she put the milk down. She picked up the teaspoon and began to stir her coffee tears flowing down her cheek. She felt Vegeta so close behind her it was intimidating, but with out her courage she couldn’t face him for one of his verbal insult matches.
“Excuse me I’m going to my room.” Bulma whispered and she dropped the teaspoon in to the sink and grabbed her coffee and she fled up the stairs hurriedly.

Vegeta stared onward after her and he silently cursed himself and shook his head.
“Damn woman.” He muttered. He looked to the door, he could go out and get more training in, but then he remembered why he’d come inside to get something to eat. He couldn’t train on an empty stomach so Vegeta went straight to making himself something to eat.

Bulma shut her door hurriedly and she went straight to her desk and she took a quick swing of her coffee and she put the mug down on a coaster and she sighed she began looking at the photos and she pushed them aside upset but the thought that anyone could try and blackmail Yamcha like that... and he broke up with her why...
“I couldn’t risk anything like today happening to you again, I’m sorry.”
She sighed his last words showed he still cared for her obviously, did he really break up with her to protect her, doesn’t he know they could still use me as a weakness for him? she thought to herself and she took another sip of her coffee.
She sat there for a while resting both of her elbows on the desk and the coffee mug in her hands taking occasional sips every so often.

Vegeta had just finished his meal when he heard Bulma descend down the steps again and he quickly hid, he didn’t know why, if he was scared of her or if he just wanted to watch her. He saw her come out and look at the mess from his meals...
Bulma sighed. “You are such a pig Vegeta.” she muttered as she began to clean up.
Pig?! Vegeta thought. He’d made her mad at least she was scowling as she was cleaning up and grumbling he knew she was mad, and she done some thinking and had come no better off by it obviously. He watched clean everything up and make herself another cup of coffee and she sighed and rested her elbows on the bench looking out the window to the backyard and the stars.
Vegeta watched her she was truly an enigma on her own, not like all the other earth females, she was the only one who didn’t run away in fear, and she was a definite challenge to try and intimidate, except tonight. She was retreating back, she was almost becoming like all the other women around. Vegeta as much as he hated to admit it wanted the other version. He decided it was time to show himself and he leant up against the wall and cleared his throat.

Bulma jumped and she turned round. She looked at Vegeta.
“So you’re still here huh? come back to make a mess again?” She challenged.
Vegeta smirked. She acted normal enough and she challenged him so he took it up.
“No I never left I stayed.” He said and he walked up to her.
She backed up a bit till she was right up against the bench and Vegeta walked right up to her and she backed up more and her elbow hit the hot jug and she jumped forward ramming in to him. She hit him in the chest.
“You big Ox look what you made me do?!” She exclaimed.

Vegeta just laughed. “I made you? I seem to be making people do alot of things lately don’t I?” he asked.
“You bastard!” She snapped. “You... you... make me so MA
Vegeta smirked at her.
Bulma was filled with rage here she was suppose to try and find out why it ended with Yamcha. But Vegeta kept getting in her train of concentration That smirk though, she wanted to scratch it off his face, she wanted him to feel pain, like she had felt... but it was pointless saiyan’s like him didn’t have emotions. She was going to cry this time but she was so mad at him for just being around. She hit him in the chest one more time, Vegeta grabbed her wrists before he could hit him anymore not that her punches were doing anything with that armour there and her hands were sore from hitting the armour. There had been a stage where she had been frightened to death of Vegeta, but now, she felt she could stand up to him just like Goku did.
“Woman get yourself under control he’s just a weakling.” Vegeta remarked.
Bulma looked at him angered. “The name’s BULMA!!! You moron!!! Get it right! BUL-MA!! B-U-L-M-A! BULMA!” She was crying now but they were more tears of rage at him that she couldn’t figure this out due to his distraction.
“Well then Bulma, if I let you go will you promise not to hit me again, becuase if you do I’ll be forced to blast you to oblivion. Understand?” Vegeta asked.
“Okay. But that’s only cause you-” she begun.
“I made you, yes that’s right.” He replied sarcastically and let her go.
Bulma crossed her arms across her chest angrily and the jug popped she turned round and began making herself a coffee, she yawned slightly and stopped for a minute to mentally wake herself up. She put the coffee sugar and milk away. She picked up her coffee after stirring it and took a sip, she blinked and sighed relieved that was the kind of wake up she needed.
“Can I ask you a question Vegeta?” she asked not turning around.
“What?” he asked in a gruff reply.
“Earlier today you said you needed me, what did that mean?” She asked.

Vegeta stepped back suddenly and he thought for a moment. But before he could reply she spoke again.
“Plus you followed us, I know you don’t like Yamcha or Krillen, and Puar’s terrified of you, then when those vampire Immortal things were being sucked back to their own world you stopped me from being sucked through, why is that?” Vegeta looked down, he had done that indeed, he didn’t know why exactly, but he didn’t reply. He kept looking down at her standing in front of him her back to him looking out the window.

Bulma thought Vegeta had gone when there was no reply and she turned round to check and jumped back seeing him still there she spilt coffee over her night shirt and she frowned. She looked at him, he looked up at her and he walked off and upstairs towards his room not saying a word.
“I made him speechless.” she whispered.
Bulma followed him she wanted answers and he wasn’t getting away that easily from her interrogation. But she stopped when he’d vanished in the hallway she checked his room and there was nothing there, she sighed and she walked in to her room she walked up to her desk and she put her coffee down on the coaster and her door closed, she jumped and spun round and looked at Vegeta standing there.
“I don’t know.” Was all he said then the door clicked shut.


They had been standing in silence for what felt like hours after Vegeta had replied, but it was truthfully only about five minutes. Bulma sat on her bed and she looked down at her stained nightshirt and she sighed.

Vegeta watched her, it was true he didn’t know, there was something about her, at first when he’d said he had needed her, he meant to fix the gravity room when ever it got broken, but her father could do that too he realised. He watched her shake her nightshirt and spray drops of the drink she spilled of it flung off she pulled a face, she looked up at him, he just looked at her directly in the eyes. He admitted she could be quite idiotic at times but that made him feel even the more better, he wondered why she even bothered about the human mate she’d spent most her life with, when he’d seen her drool over the pretty boy Zarbon and then Frieza, she’d even told him that he was cute, it had thrown him off definitely he assumed that was the point when he realised she was the only one treating him like a person and not afraid of him like mostly everyone else. He looked down he had to think of a way to get control of the situation, this sort of thing couldn’t leak out that he was getting weak.
He watched her as she stood up and she went through her drawers and she pulled out another nightshirt and she strolled right past him in to the bathroom and shut the door after her.
“The female species what an enigma.” He remarked.
She came out a few moments later wearing the new nightshirt and she walked over to the desk and picked up her coffee and she looked at him.
“Wow for once the great Vegeta is quiet. What an improvement.” She remarked.

Vegeta looked at her she was challenging him again, he knew it, he looked at her he couldn’t think of anything to retort his mind was still overwhelmed that he had showed such obvious signs of weakness this is not on he thought.
She walked up to him and waved a hand in front of his face.
“Hello?? Anyone in there?” She asked and she knocked on his forehead mockingly.
Vegeta growled she was now making fun of him this had to stop. He felt he had to eliminate her and he grabbed her wrist before she could again.
“That’s the Vegeta I know.” She joked. “I got worried for a second there.”
Vegeta growled. “You are so annoying!” He snapped.
“Well you ain’t no picnic yourself buster!” She snapped back.
Vegeta just held her wrist staring at her, she was glaring back at him.
“I don’t know why I even bother with you human.” He remarked.
“Okay. Wait a minute this is my room! Why are you here?” She asked.
Vegeta looked at her again he didn’t know.
She hit him in the armour with her free hand and she shook her hand afterward.
“Ow...” She said. Vegeta grabbed her other wrist. “Look I don’t know why I’m here... I just don’t know what’s going on.. I-.” he said. He stopped he didn’t want to open up to her anymore.
“You what?” She asked.

Vegeta looked away for a moment and he looked back at her it was like he was seeing Bulma in the light for the first time her hair hanging out loosely down to her collar bone the eyes looking at his expression and he looked down at her taking her in from head to toe, but he caught her eyes in his glance, he liked how they flared with anger when he mocked her and he let her go suddenly turning to leave when she grabbed him by his gloved wrist a look of confusion across her face. He wanted an out.

Bulma was confused now. He was going to say something then he went to leave, she didn’t know why but she needed someone to be there for her, even if it was to just insult her. “You were going to say something Vegeta.” She remarked.
She saw the familiar scowl form across his face.
“It’s none of your business woman.” He growled.
She looked at him. “I told you my name a hundred times already. Do I have to repeat myself with you?!” She said getting angry.

Bulma noticed Vegeta look at her hand on his wrist and she looked down also. Before she knew it he had spun her round and pinned her up against her own door, both his hands holding her wrists she looked at him, she hadn’t figured out how that had happened.
“Fine then Bulma. There happy I said it?” He growled.
Bulma grinned, “That’s better, see it wasn’t so hard, it might even wake up a few of those brain cells up there and wake everything up in that thick head of yours.”

Vegeta scowled she was insulting him again, and he didn’t know what to retort, he usually had a word for everything.
“I have never meet a woman as infuriating as you are, it’s unbelievable!” He said.
She looked at him. “I don’t care. Now finish what you were going to say.”
Vegeta looked at her this was unbelievable he held her and here she was demanding of him, if this was any other human they would be begging for their life at this point in time Vegeta thought but he sighed, another form of weakness.
“Fine then woman, I came here to see if you were okay.” He growled not looking at her.
“You wanted to see if I was alright?” Bulma asked. “Vegeta are you feeling alright? I think you might be growing a heart or something.” She remarked.
“Woman don’t! This is as hard as it is for me!” He snapped.
“Don’t you woman me!” Bulma growled back at him. “What have I just finished-”
She began, and Vegeta had to stop this familiar speech before she started it again.

Vegeta lowered his head to her neck and he kissed her neck and slid his lips up the column of her neck and he heard her gasp suddenly and he paused by her ear.
“Shutup woman.” He whispered, he saw her mutely nod, finally she’s quiet he thought, but he didn’t stop there, his tongue began to toy with her ear, and he felt her rest back against the door, he kept her hands pinned against the door by his.

Bulma wanted to fight him, she really did, her brain was telling her to, and that she hadn’t got over Yamcha yet but her body didn’t agree with her brain and she rested back against the door almost melting away her eyes closing. His hands moved hers to around him and she followed them, his hands then moved up her side, his lips still by her ear as she opened her mouth to speak, his lips cut her off with a kiss. Vegeta slowly moved her away from the door the kiss lingering, his lips firm and demanding moved over hers in sensual possession, as the kiss deepened, so did their sudden need for each other. As his lips moved back all Bulma could say was
“Vegeta-” before his mouth reclaimed hers. His tongue slipped in to mouth and began to slowly caress hers. As they moved away from the door Bulma’s legs trembled and her heart pounded, and the pulse at her temple throbbed, she stopped any thought in her head from stopping her actually trying to make coherent reason of what was going on. She was suddenly driven by need and pressed her body up against his.

Vegeta kept the control of the kiss, he didn’t know why he was doing this, nothing made any sense, to his once quick mind, for the first time he had acted upon inner feeling he had sworn to keep hidden. Her lips were so tender and warm and he couldn’t pull himself away to stop so he continued devouring them in a seductive assault. He felt her hand touch his armour he could almost feel it on his skin as she ran it up and down his armour, he took her hand and brought it up to his mouth and he kissed every finger and every knuckle. She took his hand and slid his glove off it, and ran her hand along his fingers slowly as they continued to kiss, and her other hand removed the glove from the other hand, his hand round along the curves of her body, then slipping his hands in through the front buttons of her nightshirt her continued to trace his hand along the curves on her skin.

Bulma gasped as his hand found her left breast and he cupped in playing havoc with the pointed end of her aroused nipple. The other hand fingering up and down her spine, this was killing all her senses it was like a million things running through her body but they all translated to one thing keep going and she pressed herself against Vegeta harder, she for some crazy reason which her mind couldn’t comprehend wanted him, not Yamcha, him... Vegeta.

Through the fabric of her nightshirt the warmth of his hand teased the buds of both her breasts. Bulma moaned with pleasure and tilted her head back and allowed his lips to trail down the column of her neck, he paused and with his free hand slowly unbuttoned her nightshirt, her arms dropped limply by her side and offered no resistance as he pushed the nightgown off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground.
His mouth travelled down her to the valley between her breasts. His mouth closed around her breast and began to suckle.
“Vegeta.” She whispered again.

Bulma couldn’t control herself she was at the point where even her mind had agreed with her body, she moaned as he hung round her breasts, then his lips travelled further down, stopping at the top of her briefs, she took her hand and ran through his hair as he slowly discared her briefs and she stepped out of them lightly and he began to kiss her on her lips down there his tongue darting in and out, he was on his knees in front of her, a day Bulma thought she would never see the Prince of all saiyans on his knees in front of her. She groaned as his tongue flicked faster round and she felt sudden ecstasy.

Vegeta stood up and her swept her into his arms his lips devoured hers in hunger and her carried her to her bed and he laid her down gently, and discarded his armour boots and clothes, he lowered himself on to the bed hoovering over her, he ran his hand through her hair not saying anything, he looked in her eyes and she reached up and with a trembling finger began to trace the outline of his mouth. She didn’t speak either. He wanted to speak but the restraint he had struggled to maintain was crumbling under the demands of passion. He grabbed her hand and he looked at her.
“God woman I can’t think when you’re doing that.” He said.
“So the Prince of Saiyan’s is having a crisis, what ever will the world do?” She teased. He smirked and looked down at her. “By the way my name is-”
His mouth crushed down on hers stopping her from repeating that same line again, it made him even more frustrated, he was just about to stop when she had said that, his mind had come back for a moment, but when she had touched his lips he had lost his train of thought.

Bulma felt the weight of Vegeta’s warm body pressing against her soft curves as his lips crushed hers, His hands travelling her soft curves always returning to run through her hair. His kisses got more intense and passionate as they travelled her face, her eyes, the tip of her nose and always returning to her mouth. The kiss deepened as their tongues fought a battle against each other, Vegeta’s always winning. He is a great kisser Bulma thought suddenly, her dream had been true after all.

Vegeta suddenly stopped, and Bulma’s hand reached up and touched the side of his face. What am I doing?! he thought suddenly and he looked down deep in her eyes and he lost his train of thought, Just this once, no more if anyone finds out the prince of saiyan’s got weak then they’ll no longer fear me, don’t make this a regular thing what ever you do he told himself. It wasn’t the train of thought he’d just had. He hoovered over her almost trembling, he never trembled, he rarely even felt the cold.

Bulma was hypnotised by his gaze it had lost it’s stone hardness and she traced her finger across his lips and he took her hand and kissed each finger gently, her eyes travelled down his muscular body to his enlarged organ, and felt an instant surge of sudden fear and realisation, then it was gone filled up with pure excitement, she had caused that to happen to the Prince of Saiyans, someone who had up until now had showed no emotions.

Vegeta made no attempt to hurry, he let his mouth and tongue toy with hers before travelling down, back to the original spot he’d kissed her and she gasped again, he took it as a sign to continue, and he slid his mouth down to claim her breasts and he cupped one again his tongue flicking over the peak, he then moved to the other and repeated, he then gently cupped the two breasts together and hungrily claimed both peaks. He saw her body arch in need and he smiled, it was time...

When he entered her, Bulma felt the sudden initial pain, despite her desire, she hadn’t actually been with Yamcha in a long while it had been once when he was wished back alive then after that it had been a long while, two and a half years. Vegeta cupped her buttocks in his hand, pressing her upward as he gently rotated her to his rhythm, Bulma arched her back in need, it was an over powering sensation, pain and ecstasy built her up towards her climax. Until the pain vanished and ecstasy remained. She encased him and tighten her legs round him. He groaned with pleasure, the first sign that she had brought over him since she had touched his lips.

Vegeta felt her cling to him and he could no longer control himself and he spilled in to her, and she screamed his name out, and they became one body, one heart and for an exquisite, shared moment - one soul.


The next morning when Bulma awoke her heart almost broke. Vegeta was gone until for some reason she knew where he’d gone and she sat up wrapping her bed sheet round her she looked out the window seeing him training in the back yard while her father was tinkering with the training capsule, she saw Vegeta stop and he looked up at her there was no words no need, he just blinked and for a second she thought she could almost read his mind. And it had said to her Keep quiet!

Bulma smiled and she nodded and she walked away from the window and she wandered in to her bathroom to have a shower, she was still hot and sweaty from what had happened, and she knew she smelled of Vegeta, to her it was a nice smell for once, but she couldn’t go down smelling of him, if she was too keep quiet about what had happened, then she would, and it hit her, the entire time, her mind hadn’t even thought back to Yamcha and their break up, and she didn’t think on it more, she didn’t want that to ruin her good mood.


Vegeta sparred with no one his gloved hands slicing through the air, his legs then pumping as he went through his kicks he couldn’t do his ki blasts that was just uncalled for unless he wanted Kakarott rushing over to stop him from destroying this place he had now called home. Not out a loud mind you...

Vegeta looked over at the old man and stopped sparring, he sensed her suddenly moving, she came wandering outside.
“Morning dad.” She chirped happily.
“Hi there sweetie... can you pass me the wrench?” he asked.

Bulma wandered over to her father’s tool box and she pulled out the wrench and handed it to him, Vegeta watched her carefully and he looked away before he felt that weakness that happened.
That’s all it is a weakness he thought as he stood there, he was struck he couldn’t think he clenched his fist in anger.
Bulma’s mother came wandering out. “Oh hey there sweetie.” She said to Bulma.
“Hi mom.” Bulma said.
“Did you sleep well last night?” Her mother asked.
Vegeta saw a quick flash of panic cross Bulma’s face and she looked over he looked back at her. Don’t look at me you’re the one who screamed he thought.
Bulma smiled and she looked down. “Yeah I did mom.” She replied.
“That’s good dear.” Bulma’s mother then turned to the father. “Honey we have a problem it appears the bots are malfunctioning, it’s a disaster.”
“I’ll be there shortly.” he replied.
“I think it needs to be attending to now, they’ve moved out of the lab and towards the garage.” She remarked.
“Oh dear!” Her father said and he sat up banging his head on the way up he touched the side of it. “Oh.” he groaned.
“C’mon now... I’m sure Bulma can finish up the capsule by herself.” She remarked and lead her husband inside.


Bulma looked at Vegeta and he looked at her. They both looked away and Bulma shuffled her feet almost nervous.
“Well-” Bulma began.
“Well?” Vegeta inquired.
Bulma looked at him. “What now?” She asked.
“I say you fix that capsule and you better hurry I don’t have all day wom- Bulma.” He said correcting himself.
Bulma smiled at him. “Yes my Prince.” she said and made a mock bow and walked over to the machine and she slid under and began to start where her father had left off, twisting the wrench round and tightening the bolt.

Vegeta watched her and he crossed his arms across his chest and waited, but he watched her work and he looked round, then he walked over and looked down at her while she worked. Bulma looked out from under the machine.
“We still can argue right?” She asked.
Vegeta smirked. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He remarked and he sat down next to her while she worked.
“Good cause you know I thought for a second there you were going to be nice to me.” She remarked.
“I’d rather watch Kakarott eat than be nice to you.” he said.
“That’s the Vegeta I know.” Bulma teased and she slid out from under the capsule.
“All done, now you can go back to your training to help save the world.”
Vegeta looked at her. “I’m only doing this cause I want to finish mine and Kakarott’s battle.” He said.
Bulma nodded. “Yeah I figured as much.” she leaned up against the capsule.

Bulma wasn’t sure on what to say anymore and she looked in Vegeta’s eyes. “Keep quiet right?” She asked.
He nodded. “You tell a soul especially Kakarott and I’ll blast you to oblivion.”
“As if I’m going to tell Goku.” Bulma said and she pushed herself up off the ground. Vegeta stood up. Bulma looked at him. “Well enjoy your training and don’t forget to come in to eat or I’ll physically come out here grab you by the ear and drag you inside.” Bulma remarked and she headed in to get herself cleaned up before breakfast.

Vegeta watched her walk inside and turned round and walked in to the capsule he began his training at where he’d left off at four hundred and fifty times gravity and his fists began slicing through the air faster than they had been earlier and he spun round working on his kicks, then he flipped up in to the air and began powering his ki up and in to the top of the capsule it flew round once and began coming back towards him he created another ki blast and it hit the first just before impact and Vegeta flipped back she he wouldn’t feel the heat of it as they exploded. He took in a deep breath and he looked round and for a brief but short moment his mind flicked back to the night before and he almost... almost actually smiled.