Where's Yamcha???


I feel I need this here... the character Leila plus the meantioned Alexis Electral ltd company and the main plot behind the fic are of my creation only, if anyone wishes to use them for their own fics I’d appreicate it they contacted me and asked first... (but I doubt anyone would), Everything else like the characters, Capsule Corp. and so on are all copyright of the DBZ show, comic, manga movies (etc...) and it’s creator Toriyama.

Part One

Bulma sat in the stands watching the baseball match she had no idea how Yamcha had talked her in to coming this place to watch, sure for once it was an all girls team that he had been asked to coach but she wasn’t watching him play, just watching his ability and influence on these young, sporty, pretty girls...
Bulma sighed, since Goku had come back and made that strange statement, her and Yamcha hadn’t been what they once were... Sure he was still his strong muscular and he liked to have a good time, but he had seemed nervous after Goku’s stated to her about having a healthy baby, she had remembered Yamcha’s words of suggesting marriage then that laugh, it was a nervous laugh. She knew Yamcha too well and she watched as the youngest girl of the team slid in to home and she jumped up and down excitedly she had the ALEXIS on the back of her shirt above her number. Bulma stared at the girl for a long while, she felt like she knew her of that she had seen her somewhere before...


Bulma was back at home falling asleep in her workshop behind her desk when it hit her where she had seen the girl before and she remembered that the girl was the daughter of one of the rival scientists of Capsule Corp. it was Alexis Electrical ltd.
The girl was featured in one of her father’s scientist magazines she was eighteen and finishing off university and then planning on going straight in to the medical sciences... Bulma sat up with a jolt remembering the photo of the smiling girl. She blinked and she rubbed her eyes the light was on and it was dark outside and she heaved a sigh she hadn’t remember turning the light on. She got up and stretched, she picked up her jacket and she put it on, she decided she would look for that article in the morning, for now she needed a good night’s rest in her own bed. She walked to the door and flicked the light off and left shutting and locking the workshop behind her and she turned round and jumped back startled she hit her elbow on the door and she rubbed it and looked at the tall frame blocking her way.
“You jerk!” she remarked angrily to Vegeta who was blocking her way.
He just smirked back at her.
Bulma sighed as much as she liked Vegeta he just loved getting her mad.
“What is it you want? Do you know what time it is anyway?” She asked.
“Sleep is no concern of mine. I demand that you fix that training capsule.”
Bulma looked at him and she scoffed. “You demand? Well then your royal highness lead the way.” She drooled sarcastically.
Vegeta nodded and he walked off... Bulma frowned the sarcasm was obviously lost on the warrior but she followed anyway.


Yamcha was leaning out on the balcony and he watched Bulma and Vegeta, he sighed and watched Vegeta lead her to the training capsule. He couldn’t stand Vegeta but while they were preparing to train for the entrance of the Androids he had no choice but to put up with him at the Brief home. Besides Bulma was his girlfriend, he didn’t have to worry about anything, at least he hoped not. Apart from that dream she had of Vegeta that still nagged him, that she would dream of Vegeta like that. But Vegeta had showed no interest in her only her brains and quick fix-it skills. Yamcha went back inside not looking back at the capsule and he looked at Puar who was fast asleep on the couch.
“So much for getting a snack for Puar.” he remarked to himself and he lay down on the bed and pulled the sheets over him waiting for Bulma to come to bed.


Bulma was lying on the ground under the control panel and looking at the damage and she looked at Vegeta he was leaning up against the wall his arms crossed and he was looking out the window, she went back to the damage and she fixed it the best her sleepy mind could comprehend and she pushed herself up off the ground and she looked at Vegeta he looked over at her.
“Well woman is it fixed?” He asked.
“More or less, but I’m going to have to get my dad in tomorrow to look at it... don’t you dare overwork this machine until then.” She said.
“Whatever.” He grumbled.
“What no thank-you Bulma?” She asked angry.
Vegeta looked at her, she knew that look it was like she had two heads or something.
“You can leave now woman.” He said.
Bulma shot him a nasty look “Yes master!” She shot at him angry and stalked out slamming the door behind her. “Jerk.” she grumbled as she headed inside.

Vegeta sighed in relief.
“Finally I thought she’d never leave.” He said to himself and he walked over to the control panel and punched in the level of Gravity he wanted to train in. The machine started up and Vegeta flipped up in to the air and he began to train intensely his mind not even drifting back to Bulma once. In the training session there was flips, round house kicks, triple punches, hook punches hook kicks, craine leg locks, backfists and after it all he hit the ground and began doing situps and then pressups and then crunches then one handed pressups. He worked hard and he worked long until he saw the sun coming through the window of the training capsule, that had come to be the gravity room, already he was training at double of what Kakarott had trained at and he was pressing himself harder and faster, all he had on his mind was to be stronger to beat these androids and then to fight Kakarott and claim his rightful place as the strongest being in the entire universe.


Bulma rolled over in bed and she looked at Yamcha sleeping next to her his breathing heavy he was still sleeping and she looked over Puar hadn’t moved from the couch the poor cat was tired as well, Bulma wondered if Yamcha had been training Puar as well... she looked at Yamcha, he was definitely cute, but recently she had felt the spark leave the relationship, she was no longer a young and pretty girl, and he saw heaps of them everyday when he coached those girls... then Bulma remembered that Alexis girl... she slipped form the bed had a shower and went straight to her father’s workshop and through his boxes of magazines when she found the one she’d been looking for and she flipped through it and found the article, there was something about this girl that had her curiosity.

Leila Alexis was her name and she black hair with golden yellow streaks through it her hair stopping just below her collar bone and she wore a magenta sleeveless top with pocket, one had a watch hanging from the pocket and the other a giant pink colored diamond. Her pose was one of pure mockingly ditzy. Bulma ripped the page out and put the magazine back in the box and returned it she put the article in her pocket of her of her short orange vest and she walked out to get herself breakfast.

To her surprise she found Vegeta was raiding the fridge. Bulma stopped and waited till the arrogant warrior had stopped. Bulma began to think why her interest had been sparked in this girl, was her woman’s intuition telling her something and she pulled out the piece of paper and she read the article as she heard Vegeta make a sandwich up... it was about all he knew how to make.

Vegeta looked over at the mortal woman she was reading something he watched her expression then he went back to making up his sandwich, there was not a word between them, he then heard steps coming down the stairs and towards the kitchen, Vegeta saw Bulma fold the piece of paper up and put it in her pocket quickly, he smirked, it seemed she was hiding something from the rest of the people in this household yet she thought nothing of him that he might mention it... Vegeta wouldn’t what did he care anyway, this was just where he was staying until he could control the universe. Vegeta knew by the ki level that it was Yamcha coming down the stairs and he assumed Bulma knew too that’s why she hid that piece of paper.

True enough Yamcha walked in and he looked at Vegeta and blinked as Vegeta put the sandwich on a plate and grabbed the bottle of the water and he went to leave. Yamcha walked up to Bulma and he kissed her on the cheek.
“Morning babe.” He said. Vegeta took this chance to leave the emotion filled humans alone.

Bulma looked at Yamcha and she smiled to the best of her ability.
“Morning.” She replied back and she looked to where Vegeta had gone, there was something bugging her on her insides, they hadn’t fought since last night usually he would of thrown some insult at her to make her yell and scream at him back, but nothing this morning.
She didn’t really think on it, he hadn’t been nice though either it’s not as if he complemented you, silly girl she thought.
“Hey I’m crashing over at Master Roshi’s for a while, Krillen and I are getting together for a little sparring match to see how much stronger we’ve got, but I’ve got coaching first, do you wanna drop by and watch?” Yamcha asked.
Bulma looked at him and she smiled. “I’ve got some repairs to do and any bet Vegeta will blow up that capsule today and he’ll demand someone to fix it.” She replied.
“You don’t have to run round after him you know.” Yamcha said.
Bulma looked at him. “You’re not jealous are you?” She asked smiling.
Yamcha looked at her surprised that she had stated that so quickly.
“Well... er... no.” He replied unsure of his own answer.
“Good, besides, Vegeta, is rude, spoiled, disrespectful, arrogant, and to top it off he’s just a plain jerk. Now I better start working.” She replied almost getting angry.

Yamcha looked at her and her mood stopped and she smiled at him and she walked out leaving him alone in the kitchen. Yamcha blinked... once... twice... and then he looked to where Bulma had left, she was definitely fiery this morning. He didn’t ponder on this much, but instead began making himself some breakfast.


Bulma was taking a break from the repairs when she looked at the clock it was well after two in the afternoon and Vegeta hadn’t come in to eat yet and she frowned, she knew saiyans liked their food so she went to the monitor and brought it up in the capsule. She instantly saw he had moved up from when she had last checked, Vegeta was now training at four hundred and fifty times gravity.
“Vegeta are you going to come out of that capsule for a break?” She asked.
“I’m training woman can’t you see that now leave me alone!” He snapped not stopping from his training at all, he didn’t even look at the screen he sent a ki blast out and watched it fly round the capsule and honed in on it as it was coming back to hit him and blasted a bigger ki at it and the two exploded.
Bulma sighed. “Aren’t you the least bit hungry?” Bulma asked.

Vegeta stopped now training and he looked at her, now that she mentioned it he was really hungry but he didn’t want her to know that.
“I’ll live.” Was all he said and went back to his training he caught the angry look in the screen and he smirked.
“Vegeta stop that training right now and come in and get something to eat!” She demanded. It was her tone that stopped Vegeta and he looked at her.
“Are you ordering me the prince of all saiyans what to do?” He asked.
“I’m not a saiyan Vegeta so you’re not a prince in my books.” She said.
Vegeta huffed annoyed. “I’ll agree to come in if you do one thing for me.” He said.
Bulma blinked surprised and she smiled. “Sure what?” She asked.
“Leave me alone!” He snapped and blasted the monitor so she wouldn’t annoy him again. He grinned to himself he felt much better getting that out of his system.

Bulma looked at the static on the screen and she growled annoyed.
“Oooh that man!” She fumed and she got up and grabbed her car keys, she didn’t want to see him when and if he came inside, she decided she would go watch Yamcha coach his eighteen plus female baseball team. She frowned suddenly and looked at the car keys in her hand. It hit her like a ton of bricks that he was working with young pretty girls every day and he was going away for a week to train with Krillin but he’d still make time for the baseball team, anything could happen in that week, Bulma rushed out the door straight past Vegeta as he was coming in and jumped in her car and took off at a dangerous speed she wasn’t going to let any younger girls get the jump on her man.

Vegeta watched Bulma race off and out the door and he arched an eyebrow.
“The women species strange creatures.” He remarked and he started to raid the fridge and made himself a large meal just enough to satisfy a saiyan for a “snack meal”. he sat down at the table with his meal and glass cola he preferred it cool taste to coffee anyway... he found coffee foul.

Vegeta’s first reaction had been “What is this? Poison? It’s disgusting!”
Of course he had been assured by Mrs. Briefs that it was a common drink that most humans drank, he had retorted something like “Smells better than it tastes.” For some reason people seemed to think he was a coffee type of guy when in truth the only caffeine he drank was the earth soda drinks.

Vegeta scoffed down the meal faster than he made it and downed the drink and he smiled to himself when he heard voices from the lounge.
“Honey I’m going out shopping we need some more food for dinner.” Mrs Briefs called out.
Vegeta stood up and he peered through the kitchen door at her.
He saw Dr. Briefs appear at the top of the stairs.
“Okay I’m heading out to the workshop. I need to work on some more gadgets for Vegeta’s training, I just can’t seem to fix these ones.” He remarked.
Vegeta smirked. “So he should. I need the best he has to train under.” He said.
Mrs. Briefs then left and Vegeta saw the Doctor go out the back.

Vegeta went back to his meal and he finished it completely and he then heard voices at the front door no one else was around but he sensed it was Yamcha with somebody else and his curiosity got the better of him a nd he went to see who. Vegeta stayed hidden and he saw a young black haired blonde streaked girl standing at the door with Yamcha. Yamcha was shifting nervously.
“Um I appreciate the ride and all Leila, but I didn’t want to come here, you see me and my friends we... um are training to save the world from evil androids.” Yamcha said to the girl and she smiled flirtingly at him running a finger down his chest.
“Weak fool.” Vegeta muttered as Yamcha practically crumbled under the young girl’s touch, Vegeta would never let himself be lowered to such a level, he was wondering if he should make his presence known, but he wanted to see what would happen first.
“You’re so funny.” The girl remarked Vegeta knew instantly she was acting stupid.
“No I’m serious the world is about to be under attack. We have just under two years left to train for this battle.” Yamcha explained.
Vegeta couldn’t believe that this fool was giving up secret information passed to them from the future for their ears only Vegeta wanted to blast him for opening his mouth and he was about to when he saw the girl lean up and kiss Yamcha. Vegeta stopped and his eyebrows shot up and watched as Yamcha didn’t pull back, this was nothing to him but if he had acted this way back on planet Vegeta he would of been executed for showing this much emotion and blurting out secrets like that. The girl would of been hired on the other hand.

Yamcha pulled back from the girl.
“Look no I’m sorry I can’t do this I’ve got to go and uh train.” Yamcha said.
The girl smiled at him. “Don’t you know who I am?” She asked.
Yamcha looked at her. “Sure you’re Leila, the faster runner on the team.” He replied.
“My last name is Alexis... my name Leila Alexis... sound familiar?” She asked.
Yamcha thought for a moment it took him that long to remember Bulma’s father going on about how that company was stealing their customers. “Alexis Electrical limited?!” Yamcha exclaimed. “No way, but you’re like only eighteen. You can’t be that same girl?” He added.
“Yup. My father died and I got everything on my eighteenth birthday.” She replied.
Yamcha felt increasingly bad that this young girl, so pretty and practically flawless was one of the smartest girls of her age, he doubted she could beat Bulma.
“Look Leila I’ve got to go. This battle is really serious so I might not be able to coach you and girls for a while.” Yamcha said.
Leila looked at him. “You know you men are truly pathetic, I batter a few eyelids slip you a kiss and you crumble like anything, but you, you had to stop me. What she’s got that I don’t?” Leila asked seemly angry.
“W.w.w.who?” He managed to stammer.
“Bulma? I’m like her except I’m younger. She’s my idol you know, or at least was, on how she could get a major sports star like yourself to herself.” Leila remarked.
“Okay Leila, first of all you’re too young for me. Second of all I am taken by Bulma and her only-” Yamcha begun.
“Oh really?” Leila interupted.
Yamcha looked at her confused. “Yeah really.”
“But what about Tamsin Ellis? Marina Scott? Eulalia Joan?” Leila asked.
Yamcha looked at her. “They’re just names I don’t know those people.”

Leila pulled out photos and waved them about.
“You’ve been known to have quite a good time when your drunk Yamcha. I’ve got statements and photos from all these girls and what you hold there are only the copies. I have more and I can make Bulma have them too. Unless you help me out with one little thing.” Leila proposed.

Yamcha looked at her, he was shocked, stunned and pissed off too.
“Come with me back to Alexis Electrical right now. And show me how Capsule Corp is a better company. We’re in a war here Yamcha and you honey are in the middle.”
Yamcha looked round he didn’t look up through otherwise he would of seen Vegeta watching the two of them.

Vegeta smirked he liked this girl she was nasty. He wondered what Yamcha would choose, indeed this girl seemed obsessed by the company that Bulma’s father ran, yet she had said this was a war, it wasn’t an obvious war cause Bulma hadn’t mentioned it, though Vegeta noted she had been somewhat distracted by that piece of paper this morning.
Vegeta watched more and heard Yamcha speak softly. “Fine then I’ll go.”
“Good this way follow me. Oh and if anyone finds out what went on here, I’ll send for them and have them skinned alive, got it?” She asked.
Yamcha nodded. “Got it.”

Vegeta watched the two get in the car and it took off. Vegeta flew round the back and he landed and looked at the capsule, he should tell someone but who, would they believe him he doubted it so he went back to training, he was careful to start off with after all the first time he’d blown the entire capsule apart he’d spent a week in bed unable to train. He wasn’t going to be as foolish this time. Though the girl Leila’s words ran through his head I’ll send for them and have them skinned alive... Vegeta smirked, he remembered when he was that arrogant and thought he was just as untouchable as that girl thought of herself, Vegeta still thought that way, but he didn’t take it to that girl’s extreme at least not yet he thought.


Bulma came storming back in side and she slammed the door. Mrs Briefs popped her head out of the kitchen and she looked at her fuming daughter.
“Oh you’re home dear, where did you take off too in such a hurry?” She asked.
Bulma looked at the keys in her hand and she dropped them in to the tray.
“I went to see Yamcha, but he wasn’t at the practice field and he hasn’t arrived at Master Roshi’s if that man is trying to avoid me I swear I will kill him with my bare hands.” Bulma exploded.
She had no idea why she was angry, she felt abandoned for some reason, she sighed and she walked outside.
“Puar!!!” Bulma shouted, “Puar!!! where are you?!” She repeated herself.

The cat flew out of Bulma’s bedroom window and Bulma looked up at her hoovering there. “Puar is Yamcha up there?” Bulma asked.
Puar blinked. “Yamcha hasn’t been back yet... he didn’t even come to get his things for staying at Master Roshi’s.” Puar replied.
Bulma blinked her anger suddenly filled with worry.
“He didn’t?” She asked. “Where could he be then? Oh Yamcha you’re all ways getting yourself in over your head.” She sighed and slumped down to the ground. Puar hoovered next to her and patted Bulma on the back with her long cat tail...

Vegeta had head Bulma shouting and it got him more frustrated. He sensed Bulma still outside and she wasn’t moving anytime to shortly, Vegeta decided he would go out there and inform that woman what had happened to her mate, if he was even worth calling that... usually he wouldn’t of bothered, but seeing as Yamcha was suppose to fight the androids as well, Vegeta knew sooner or later the group of them would have to end up looking for him.

Bulma heard the door to the capsule open and Vegeta emerged she looked at him, has he only just now decided to come out get something to eat? She thought to herself. Bulma blinked as he walked up to her and he stood over her arms crossed over his chest. Bulma just stared at him confused, he wasn’t getting anything to eat, he was trying to make an effort to talk to her, she was amazed and then caught in wonder as well.
“Woman you mate has been taken.” Was all he said and he went to walk back to the capsule.
Bulma arched an eyebrow and then got to her feet and she chased Vegeta and grabbed him by the arm.
“What do you mean taken?!” She exclaimed.
“Well he was more blackmailed in to leaving with girl.” Vegeta replied.
“Blackmailed in to leaving with a girl uh-huh I’m sure... That man probably left free will!” Bulma exclaimed her fury growing.

Vegeta looked at her anger rising, her temper was almost worthy of a saiyan but he didn’t say it to her.
“I overheard the whole thing. It’s that girl from the other company you’re at war with.” Vegeta remarked.
Bulma blinked and she thought then she pulled out the piece of paper from her pocket and she opened it up.
“Alexis Electrical limited?” She asked.
Vegeta nodded. “Yeah.”
Bulma turned the piece of paper round and pointed to the picture.
“Is that her the one who took my Yamcha?” Vegeta just nodded. “That bitch, I’ll make her pay.”
Vegeta smirked and watched Bulma fold the piece of paper up and stick it in her pocket and she stalked off.
“Do you really think you’d stand a chance by yourself going to rescue him?” He asked after her.
Bulma stopped and she turned and looked at him.
“Noone takes my Yamcha and gets away with it!” She fumed and began to walk off again.
Vegeta sighed. He knew after what he heard that she wouldn’t have a chance and he walked after her. “You are such a strange species, you do nothing but yell at him and then when someone takes him away you want to go get him back.” He remarked.

Bulma stopped and she looked at Vegeta.
“Well it’s because I care.” She said.
“Weak emotions like that will be the death of you humans.” He remarked.
Bulma looked at Vegeta.
“Look I’m a big girl I can take care of myself. I don’t need you and I don’t need anybody!” She snapped.
She looked at him as he just smirked.
“What?!” She demanded.
“Strange you don’t need anybody yet you’re willing to risk you’re life to get him back. After what I heard. Pathetic.” He remarked and he laughed and he walked back to the training capsule leaving Bulma behind.
Bulma looked at Puar looking at her.
Bulma sighed her curiosity was getting the best of her, just what had he heard she thought and she looked at Puar.
“Tell the others that Yamcha’s go himself in trouble. I’m sure Gohan on his own could get him back. But just in case can you tell Goku and Piccalo.” She said. Bulma had no idea what had happened to Tienshin and Chaoitzu. But she then went after Vegeta and followed him in to the training capsule.

Vegeta sighed and he turned round and looked at her.
“Woman! I’m about to train here!” He yelled. But looked at her he sighed she wanted to know what he heard.
“What did she say to him to make him go with her?” Bulma asked.
“She showed him a few pictures mentioned a few girls name and that was it.” Vegeta replied he saw the look on Bulma’s face and watched her as she slumped to the ground. He didn’t mention the fact that the girl only wanted Yamcha cause he was considered to be her boyfriend.
“He’s been cheating on me?” She asked.
Vegeta shrugged. “How should I know.” He replied gruffly.
Bulma pushed herself up to her feet. “Well despite that he shouldn’t be held a captive... after all the things we went through together...” She said.
Vegeta rolled his eyes Good now perhaps she’ll leave me alone he thought.
Bulma rushed out of the training capsule and towards the house.
“The woman species!” He exclaimed in frustration he couldn’t get his head round them, he just knew he would never understand them ever so he didn’t bother dwelling on it. He punched in a few codes and the door closed then he punched in some more and he went to train at four hundred and fifty times gravity.


Bulma ran to her car ready to rescue Yamcha when Puar landed on the windscreen.
“Bulma I could only get through to Krillen!” Puar announced.
“What about Goku?” She asked.
“He wasn’t there, neither was Chi-chi, Piccalo or Gohan.” Puar replied.
Bulma wondered where Chi-Chi had got to. Probably out shopping for some food Bulma thought and Goku and Piccalo will be training Gohan for when those Androids attack She added in her head. She slid behind the driver’s side.
“Well Krillen’s strong enough on his own, it’s not as if they’ve got aliens working for them.” She remarked.
“I gave Krillen the address he said he’d meet us outside.” Puar said.
“Good now get in Puar.” Bulma remarked.
Puar jumped in and the doors shut and car hoovered up.
Bulma looked at Puar. “No one takes my Yamcha and gets away with it!” She floored the gas pedal and the car sped off in a cloud of dust.


Yamcha sat in the room on the bed he looked over to the door at the guard standing there, he knew he could take him down pretty much easy after all he was a Z fighter and humans were alot easier to fight than aliens, he looked at the window, how easy it would be to get out of this place he thought to himself. Leila had no idea how powerful he was, but then again, she had him there at least until he took her word for it that she wouldn’t show Bulma those photos. I’ll never go to an after match party again he thought. Bulma wouldn’t let me he added to himself.
It was then Yamcha sensed a ki level heading is way he looked out the window and he smiled someone knew where he was. Leila couldn’t do anything if someone came to rescue him but who? He hadn’t said a word to anyone he hadn’t even had a chance to go inside and speak to Puar who he assumed would either be bathing in the sun sleeping or looking for him at that moment.


Krillen landed on the ground just a block away from the Alexis company home and he looked at the guard standing at the door. He saw how big the guard was, but he also sensed his ki level. Krillen almost grinned from ear to ear.
“This is going to be alot easier than fighting Frieza or the Ginyu Force.” He remarked and he turned round as Bulma’s car parked on the sidewalk a block away and she got out of the car Krillen walked over to meet her.
“Hey Bulma what’s the deal with this place?” He asked.

Bulma shrugged. “All I know is Yamcha’s inside and he’s not leaving cause she’s got some hold over him.” She explained as Puar flew up to join them.
Krillen looked at the house and he nodded. “Second floor the window facing this way, he’s in that room, I could fly up and open the window.” He suggested.
Bulma shook her head. “No I want that girl to know I’ve come. We take the main door. That way we we’re noticed and she can’t take my Yamcha again.”
Krillen nodded. “Okay I guess it couldn’t hurt.”
“Good lets go then.” Bulma said and she walked towards the main door.

Krillen sighed. “Okay.” He said and followed along dragging his feet.
They arrived at the door and Bulma looked at the guard, he was exceptionally tall Bulma looked at Krillen and leant down and whispered. “Think this’ll be good for your training Krillen.” Krillen nodded and looked up a bit.
Bulma stood up and she smiled at the guard. “Is this the home of Leila Alexis?” She asked.
The guard looked down at her over the top of his shades.
“It is.” He replied. “But she’s not expecting anyone.”
“Well she should be expecting me after all my boyfriend is in there.” Bulma remarked.
The guard didn’t move and he looked at her.
“Alot of people’s boyfriends are in there.” He replied sternly.
Bulma looked at Krillen then back to the guard. “They are?” Bulma asked.
“No not really I just wanted to say that. I saw Wayne’s World Two the other day, and I decided I liked that line.” The guard replied.

Bulma, Puar and Krillen sweatdropped and they looked at each other. Well there obviously wasn’t much going on in the upside of that guard’s head.
“Okay.” Bulma said. “So are you going to let us in or does my friend Krillen here have to make you?” She asked.
The guard looked down at Krillen. “I’m sorry no one can pass unless they have Leila’s personal permission.” The guard replied.
“Permission, who needs it I’ll just blast in.” a voice scoffed from behind them.
Krillen, Bulma and Puar turned round to see Vegeta standing there.
“Wow I didn’t even sense him coming!” Krillen remarked.
“That’s cause I lowed my ki so you wouldn’t.” Vegeta replied and he walked up to the guard. “Now I want to see how well you’re master is at keeping her word.”
“Uh Vegeta this isn’t you’re fight why are you here?” Krillen asked.
Vegeta turned and looked at him. Krillen jumped back at the look. It wasn’t as nasty as he usually threw him but it was nasty enough to make Krillen afraid.

Vegeta didn’t know why he was, he dispised the human Yamcha, he was a weakling compared to him, but still he wanted to test his strength against these pathetic mortals, he could kill this guy in a blink of an eye.
Before anyone realised Vegeta had a small enough ki blast prepared in his hand and he looked at the guard.
“Now move aside and I won’t be tempted to blast you.” Vegeta remarked.

The guard looked at him and laughed, Vegeta had the ki blast gone from his hand and before the guard knew what it was he was lying on the ground on the inside of the home twitching. Bulma looked at Vegeta.
“Vegeta!! Now why did you go and do that for? Do you always have to make a scene?!?!” She exploded.
“Lets find this weakling mate of yours then shall we?” He asked and walked inside.
Bulma sighed. “At least he’s not trying to take over the planet and he’s kinda helping us...” She remarked to herself.
“But why?” Krillen asked confused and they walked inside.
Vegeta followed his senses straight up to the room where Yamcha was held and he blasted the door open sending the guard in front of the door up against the wall, the guard stuck there for a while before groaning and sliding off the wall.

Yamcha looked at Vegeta surprised, he was sure he had sensed Krillen, but then he saw Bulma, Puar and Krillen come up behind Vegeta.
“Yamcha! You’re okay!” Puar announced and pounced him.
Yamcha caught Puar and he smiled at her. “Yeah I’m fine. But how did you know that I was-” Yamcha begun.
“Vegeta overheard the whole thing. He helped us out.” Bulma replied.
Yamcha looked at Vegeta strangely. “I... uh... guess I should thank-you then.”
Vegeta just crossed his arms across his chest then he spun round and he looked down the hallway obivously sensing someone. “Weakingly human. Come out before I blast you out!” He called and he walked off down the hall looking for what he had sensed.
Bulma looked at Krillen then to Yamcha and Puar. “At least this is over with come on lets get back to my place I’m hungry.” she said.
Bulma walked out of the room first and was suddenly grabbed by two strong hands and pulled off.
“Hey!! Hey what the-?” She remarked started and she looked at the guard from the door. “Put me down you jerk!!!” She yelled.


To Be Continued...