Goku's Help

Krillen looked at the guard. “He’s big.” He remarked.
Yamcha nodded. “But not that strong we can take him.” He remarked.
The two went to step forward when a female voice stopped them. “Stop right there you two. You don’t want her getting hurt do you?” The voice asked.
Yamcha looked over to see Leila walking up to the scene.
Krillen blinked. “Isn’t that-?” he begun.
“Yup, she’s on the baseball team I coach.” Yamcha replied.
Bulma looked at the girl it was defiantly the one who had helped them win the match yesterday. “What do you think you’re doing young lady?!” Bulma scolded.
Leila looked at Bulma who was still in the grasp of the guard. “Now now calm down. I have something for you.” She remarked and she handed Bulma an envelope, Bulma looked at it and Yamcha suddenly clicked on what was in the envelope.
“You promised Leila!” He shouted at her.
Leila turned and looked at him. “Well they’re all going to have to be skinned now Yamcha. Best let her know the truth before she dies.” Leila remarked.
“Dies?” Bulma asked. “Yamcha what have you got us into this time?!” she exploded.
Yamcha blinked and he looked at Bulma even though she was held by a guard she was still intimidating. “But... I... er... it’s nothing we can’t work out okay Bulma.”
Krillen looked round. “Where did Vegeta get too?” He whispered to Yamcha.
Leila chuckled. “Oh you mean that cute muscular friend with the spiky hair?”
“Well I wouldn’t exactly call him our friend.” Krillen replied.
“Oh I let one of my team distract him, I saw his power and I can’t have him interfering while we skin you all alive.” She remarked.
“What makes you think you can huh?” Bulma asked. “Yamcha and Krillen are two of the strongest fighters on the planet and they can kick the ass of anything you throw at them.” Bulma replied.

Leila looked at Bulma... “They can fine then, you two will have to prove it, you lose this aging genuis here will be the next skin I collect.” She remarked and flicked some of her hair over her shoulder and she smirked at the three of them.
Aging?! AGING!!! I AM NOT AGING WHY YOU LITTLE-!!!!!” Bulma exploded.

Krillen and Yamcha cringed, Bulma may not of had their strength but she was defiantly intimidating when she was mad.
“Bulma calm down please. We can handle this, as you said we’re facing only humans this time, not aliens so this should be a sinch.” Krillen remarked.
“Ooooooh I’m going to get you... you little... BRAT!!!!” Bulma screeched.


Vegeta spotted the ki he had sensed it was much lower than his and it was no problem. He saw the figure dash round the corner in a streak that wouldn’t of been noticeable to human eyes, but to a saiyan’s it was as if the figure couldn’t of walked any slower. Vegeta casually walked round the corner. “Oh you want to play hide and seek do you?” He laughed. “Well fine then but you better pray I don’t find you.”
He sensed the ki dash behind him and he spun round and grabbed the figure by the arm and he smirked he hadn’t expected a girl, but there she was looking at him surprised.
“Boo.” he said and he laughed. “A girl, my my I’m insulted, they sent a girl to take care of me, silly humans show me a real warrior.” he remarked and pushed her back.

The girl huffed annoyed at this man’s arrogance. “Warrior like what timeline do you come from?” She asked and she got up and brushed herself down.
“I shouldn’t even bother with you girl.” He remarked. “It’s not worth my time.”
“I’m not any ordinary girl.” She said and she dusted her sleeve off. “I’m an immortal.” she added.
Vegeta looked at her and he laughed. “Immortal that’s a good one.” he said.
“It’s true and I’m not from this world either... Prince Vegeta.” She said.

Vegeta turned and looked at her. “How’d you know my name?” He asked “It doesn’t matter I’m going to finish you off anyway.”
“You can kill me a hundred times over, but I’ll still come back. I’m what you can never get. Immortality is possible you know at least where I come from it comes in a different form though.” She said and she ran a hand through her short red hair.
“Well why don’t you just go back there. I have no time for you.” He remarked.
The corner of the girl’s lips moved in to a sly smile. “I should warn you I’ve been around for a while I’m the first of my kind, plenty have tried to kill me, but they always failed. I am Res. Remember that name prince I’m the one who’s going to eat your friends.” She grinned and then she suddenly vanished.

Vegeta looked round her ki had vanished and he huffed and he walked out of the hallway and he looked round the place was empty not a guard in sight and he walked back to where Yamcha had been held and he stopped there was no one there.
“Pathetic humans they can’t even stay put.” He remarked.
Vegeta then sensed their ki on the other side of the mansion and he walked there casually he was in no rush, he just wanted to find that girl and blast her to oblivion.


Bulma sat behind the cell doors and she looked at Puar. “I hope Krillen and Yamcha are doing okay Puar?” Bulma asked and she looked t the envelope in her hands and curiosity got the better of her and she opened it in to her hand tumbled a note with words written on it. ‘If this what your boyfriend gets up to after matches then I’d hate to see what happens when you’re away on other planets...’
Bulma looked at the photo and she blinked she flipped it over and read the names on the back, Bulma frowned and she looked at the other photos, she sighed. Puar looked over her shoulder. “Oh dear.” Puar remarked.
“Yamcha...” Bulma whispered.

Vegeta turned the corner and he saw the cell and Bulma sitting in it looked sad, Vegeta saw the photos in her hand. He knew by the look that they were the photos that had got Yamcha in to the situation and Vegeta walked up to the cell.
“What are you doing in there woman?” He asked.

Bulma looked up at him angered by him in general. “Oh you know the normal I’m getting a tan!!! What do you think you bulled headed idiot!! I’m being held captive!!!” she snapped.
Vegeta huffed. “I should just leave you locked up in there woman, but I need you.” He said and he held his hand up. “Now stay back.” he demanded and he blasted the lock off. Bulma looked at him as he pulled the cell door open.
He needs me?!?! Bulma thought and she looked at him confused.

Vegeta looked at her. “Well what are you waiting for? Lets go get those friends of yours.” he said and walked off.
Bulma got up and she walked out of the cell with Puar following her.


Yamcha and Krillen stood in the ring ready for a battle when their single opponent stood on the other side of the ring he grinned at them they could sense no ki coming off him but there was defiantly something uneasy about him. Like he was hiding his true power from them.
“My name is Turbio are you two ready to battle for your life and that of your friends?” He asked.
Krillen nodded. “I’m ready.”
“Me too.” Yamcha agreed.

Turbio grinned he saw Res appear in the top balcony of the ring area and he smiled. “It appears my friend wants to have a battle too... where is the prince I wonder, he mustn’t be far away.” He remarked.
Krillen and Yamcha looked at each other in almost realisation that they weren’t up against completely human opponents.

“For your information the prince is right here.” Vegeta’s voice interrupted as he marched in and he looked at Turbio. “Oh wait let me guess another immortal?” he drooled and then crossed his arms across his chest and smirked at Turbio.
“Why of course.” Turbio replied.
“I.I.Immortal?!” Krillen stammered.
“How is that possible?” Yamcha asked.
“Now now that would be telling.” Turbio replied.

Res jumped down from the balcony and landed in the ring and she looked at Vegeta. She smiled. “Three against three... But I get Vegeta.” She remarked.
“What is going on here?! We come to get Yamcha out and we come across immortals?!” Bulma exclaimed.
“Leila brought us here, she’s quite a smart wee girl, she invented this machine that could open vortex to other worlds in other realities... that’s where we’re from, Planet Earth on a different reality. No Dragonballs there, just pure magic... that could turn an everyday person in to an immortal.” Res explained.
“You said three where’s this other immortal?” Krillen asked.
Turbio looked round, “Where is that kid now?”
Vegeta turned round as a young boy walked in from behind Bulma, he walked straight past her. “I’m here... calm down old man.” He remarked and walked straight to the ring and he jumped up and in to the ring.

Res smiled. “Three immortals against three mortals how’s that? I like those odds.”
Adam looked at her. “This better be the last of Leila’s wishes...” He remarked.
Leila stood in the far side of the area and she stepped out in to the light. “One more after this Adam, just relax after you defeat this I want Capsule Corp destroyed.”

Bulma looked at the young boy. He looked at Yamcha and Krillen. “Fine then I get to pick who I want to fight though.” Adam spoke.
“Very well.” Leila.
“I want to fight the one called Krillen.” He said.
Krillen looked at him. “M.M.Me??” Krillen stammered.
“Don’t be a coward baldy. just do as he says.” Vegeta said.
“We pick the location though.” Adam said.
“You’re too demanding Adam. You listen to me-” Leila begun.
“NO! I listen to no one!!! I don’t care I could hang out here and destroy everything and everyone, without a second thought. I want to fight Krillen and I want to do in a vacated area so not to attract attention! And if that’s what I want I get it!!! Got it?!” Adam shouted at her, even startling Res and Turbio.
“Whoa... if that’s what you want. I have no objections.” Krillen remarked.

Krillen knew he should be scared of this boy he looked no older than the boy who had come from the future to warn them of the forthcoming androids.
“We go now though.” Adam said.
Krillen nodded. “Okay lead the way.”
Adam leapt up in to the air and he flew out through the ceiling and Krillen looked at Yamcha. “If something goes wrong tell Goku, Gohan, Piccalo and the others okay?”
Yamcha nodded. “Sure thing Krillen.”
Krillen leapt up and he flew off after the young immortal.

Res looked at Vegeta. “I want to fight you here.” She said.
Vegeta grinned and nodded. “It’s your funeral girl.” He replied.
“Don’t be too cocky.” Res said.
“Yamcha looks like that leaves me with you.” Turbio said.
Yamcha took a deep breath. “I guess so.”

Leila threw a small purple ball in to the air it exploded and out of the smoke formed two hoovering platforms. “There’s your battle ground, off you go.” Leila remarked. Vegeta smirked and he leapt up and landed on one of the platforms Res leapt up and landed on the other end of the platform.
Turbio leapt up and landed on the other platform. Yamcha looked at Bulma, she looked at him worriedly and he leapt up and landed on the other end of the platform.


Krillen flew behind Adam when suddenly the boy found a spot and he landed on the ground and Krillen landed down not far from him.
Adam looked round and he looked at Krillen. “I don’t want to fight you.” Adam said.
“Huh? But you said-” Krillen began.
“It was an act... all I want is to go back home to my world I have a girlfriend and I have a sister there... I’m suppose to protect them. I promised them.” Adam said.

Adam heaved a sigh and Krillen looked at him. “So you dragged me out here to tell me that?” He asked.
“Well I couldn’t in front of Turbio and Res, they’re pure evil, they feed off the blood of strong warriors to make them more powerful. They’re immortal alright but they can be killed. But it’s not you or your friends jobs it’s another... her name is Thaisa, she’s daughter of a warrior, when she reaches her eighteenth birthday she will kill Turbio, Res will escape, but that doesn’t matter, her pride will be harmed and she’ll come at the next thing closest to Thaisa... her boyfriend. But that isn’t the point I want you to go back and say you defeated me and while the others fight get Bulma to the main chamber where the machine is, I want you or Bulma to open the vortex and the others need to get Turbio and Res through, then you can take Leila to the authories or do whatever with her. But the machine must be destroyed before it falls in to worse hands than an over jealous eighteen year old girl.” Adam explained.

Krillen nodded. “Uh sure thing Adam.” He replied. Adam smiled, Krillen felt suddenly relieved. “For a second there I thought you were going to kill me or something.” He remarked.
Adam shook his head. “I know. But this world it needs you and your friends.”
Adam pulled out a blue print and he laid it on the ground and Krillen walked over and Adam and Krillen knelt down. “I’ll show you on this how to deactivate it. But I’ll give you the blue print after this as well this is more of Bulma’s field not yours...” Adam began to explain and Krillen listened carefully as the immortal boy spoke.


Bulma stood watching the two warriors fight it out against the immortals. She watched worriedly. Vegeta seemed to be enjoying himself and he looked like he had the upper hand, Bulma watched the female warrior get knocked off the platform and she stopped hoovering in mid air. Bulma saw her turn round and look at her and she smiled, Bulma blinked as she saw the two fangs and the warrior grinned even more then charged back in to the battle with Vegeta.
“Vampires.” Bulma whispered. “They’re vampires!!! Vegeta, Yamcha becareful!!! Don’t let them bite you what ever happens!!!” Bulma shouted up at them.

Yamcha was knocked back but Turbio’s strength when he heard Bulma shout and then he saw for himself the teeth and he jumped out of the way, he saw Turbio’s nails grow in to claws.
“What the hell?!” Yamcha exclaimed and jumped back as Turbio lunged at him, Yamcha was knocked down and Tubio held him down.
“Say yes Yamcha c’mon immortality, you could show Vegeta who’s boss, and they world wouldn’t need Goku or any of those Saiyan creeps just you, image the popularity you could have... and you could have any girl you want.” Turbio grinned.
“No!” Yamcha shouted and pushed Turbio off him. “I don’t want your disease!!! You hurt people! I don’t want to be like that!!” He growled.
“Fine then, prepare to die!” Turbio shouted.

Bulma was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled out and she spun round and looked at Krillen and he waved a blue print in front of her face.
“Lets end this now Bulma.” Krillen said.
Bulma looked at Krillen there wasn’t even a scratch on him.
“Krillen you’re okay!”
Adam walked up and he looked at Bulma. “Yeah I’m fine, Adam’s on our side, he’s just an ordinary guy who wants to go home to his family, if we help him and he’ll take those other two with him.” Krillen explained.
“You do your bit Krillen. I’ve got to vanish to make it work.” Adam said.
Krillen nodded and Adam vanished.

Vegeta thought this was too easy so far every punch, every kick had hit target and the girl hadn’t fought back, right now she was hoovering over the edge of the platform. “C’mon girl I know you can do something apart from look pretty.” Vegeta mocked.
Res smiled at him. “Of course I can. I know how you want immortality what if I told you I could give it to you for a price?” She asked.
Vegeta looked at her, she knew he wanted immortality. “I’m listening.” He said.
“I take your mortal life and in return I give you immortal life, you become faster, stronger, powerful, and this world and everyworld could be yours, you’d be invincible and that fool Goku wouldn’t stand a chance against you.” Res said.

Krillen ran in to the room. “I bet him!!” Krillen shouted to distract the immortals.
Vegeta looked over at him. “I thought you said immortality woman, if baldy there can beat one of your kind, that’s not the immortality I’m after.” Vegeta remarked.
“Did you kill him?!” Yamcha called from his platform.
“Well...” Krillen began. But stopped as Res was thrown off the platform again.

Res was getting rather annoyed. She almost had him, this prince was defiantly a prince was suppose to be, at least through the centuries she’d lived through, he was every bit arrogant. There had to be a weakness, there was always one weakness, a woman? Family? Any friends? She scanned his mind there was nothing there that she could use and she sighed and flicked her fringe out of her face and looked at him, Looks like I’ll have to actually grab him to see she thought.
Res charged and vanished.

Vegeta looked round she had a habit of vanishing and he looked for her ki but it was nowhere then suddenly he was hit in the middle of the back with her foot and he fell forward and he spun round and looked at her.
“You’ll pay for that girl.”
Res just grinned at him. “So what do you want an alien cheque?” She mocked.
Vegeta growled and he charged at her and she caught his fist even before he had managed to throw it, she squeezed his hand. Vegeta looked at her and he went to punch her with his other hand and she caught that then she brought her knee up and it caught him in the bottom of his jaw.
“C’mon Vegeta immortality, all you have to do is let me take your life. I know it’ll hurt your pride losing to a girl such as myself, but think of the upside.” She offered.
Vegeta growled. “I never lose...”

Res laughed. “Oh really what do you call your match with Goku then?”
Vegeta felt his anger spark and her powered his ki up but she still didn’t let go of him and she leapt up in to the air pulling him with her and she flung him across the arena and he went through two walls and fell to the ground.

Bulma was wandering through the halls looking for this machine of Leila’s when she spotted Vegeta lying on the ground she ran up to him.
“Vegeta!” Bulma cried and she was by his side and she scooped him up in her arms. Vegeta opened his eyes and he looked at Bulma, his head rung with the impact he hadn’t been thrown like that before and he looked round, Bulma last he’d seen was watching them but there was no way she could of got to him unless she had been snooping round the house.
“Woman what are you doing in this part of the house?” He asked.
“I’m looking for the machine that brought them through, all I need is to draw them to the machine and get them through and destroy it.” Bulma said.
Vegeta pushed himself up to his feet and he was a bit shaky, he almost collapsed when Bulma caught him again. Vegeta saw Adam leaning up against the wall looking at him. “You. I thought you were-” He begun.
Adam shook his head. “No I just want to go home. But I need you to get Res to where the machine is just as I need Krillen to get the message to Yamcha. But in the state you’re in, I don’t know.” Adam said.

Vegeta glared at him. “I’m fine. I can do it, just so long as I get to rip her limb from limb.” He scowled. Adam walked up to Vegeta and he walked up to him.
“Hold still.” He said and he placed his hand on Vegeta’s head. “I have something simular to Dende’s powers. This will only take a moment.” He explained.
Vegeta did as he was told and felt the energy flow back in to him.
Adam stepped back and Vegeta stood upright and he looked at Adam.
“Vegeta how do you feel?” Bulma asked. Vegeta smirked.
“I feel much stronger now.” He said and he burst through the wall and rammed Res back, she hit the wall with a thud. Vegeta looked back and he watched as Adam pulled Bulma away from the hole and down the hallways. As much as Vegeta wanted to kill this woman he knew it was impossible so he had to go along with the plan to get rid of them, he knew she wouldn’t like it, but he really didn’t give a damn, he just wanted to beat her senseless until the time came for him to get her out of this world.

Res shook her head and she leapt out of the wall and she looked at Vegeta, she was sure she’d let him run his energy out, but here he was just as strong as before.
Vegeta stood on the platform his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.
“What’s the matter girl, you look surprised?” Vegeta asked.
Res smirked back at him and she landed on the platform.
“Oh no I’m just going to wipe that smirk off you’re face. Prince.”
Vegeta just kept the smirk there. “I’d rather see you fight.” he said.
He’s way too cocky... nevermind he won’t be in a moment when I find out his weakness She thought and she charged and vanished, Vegeta jumped back and a hole appeared where he’d been standing and Res appeared and she looked at him.
“You’ve got to do better than that girl.” He smirked.
Res grinned. “Very well then and she leapt up in to the and held her hands high above her head. “You wanna play dodge? Well dodge this.... OGON’ VER’IV!!!!”
A large sphere left her hand fire red and headed straight towards Vegeta. He held his hands up as the blast hit and he held the blast there. He then formed a blast of his own and pushed the sphere back up in the air at her with energy flowing in to it. Res then poured more of her energy in to her blast and the two sphere’s hoovered there pushing up against each other.

Yamcha’s attention was attracted by the two sphere’s. I got the feeling we’re in way over our head in this one, if I had only known he thought to himself.
Suddenly Yamcha was knocked off the platform and he hit the ground with a thud and he groaned. Puar flew up to him and waved the cat tail in front of Yamcha’s face to fan him. Yamcha sat up he looked at Puar.
“Thanks Puar, but I think we might need Goku in this one.” He remarked.


Piccalo was in mid blast sparring against Goku when he felt the large build up of power coming from the city and he stopped and he looked over. Gohan looked over as well. Goku pushed the blast upwards and it headed in to the sky and he looked over as well. “That’s Vegeta’s energy I sense.” He remarked.
“He could still be training.” Gohan suggested.
Goku looked at Piccalo. “But I sense Yamcha as well. I wonder if they’re sparring?” Piccalo shook his head. “I don’t think so, other wise the energy would be directed at each other but it’s not.” He said.
“We should check it out.” Gohan remarked.
Piccalo nodded. “Lets go.” He said. The three of them flew off towards the scene.


Yamcha took the blow hard again and he looked up as Turbio’s foot came down aiming for his head. Yamcha jumped out of the way and Turbio went straight through the platform. Yamcha caught his breath quickly when Turbio burst up through another part of the platform and Yamcha jumped out of the way. Geez this guy’s tough Yamcha thought and he pulled his energy in to one movement and he aimed a blast at Turbio, it hit the immortal and went straight through him.
Turbio looked down at the hole through his stomach. “Oh puh-lease how cliche... I’m immortal...” Turbio remarked and the hole healed right up.
“Oh shit.” Yamcha muttered and Turbio vanished and Yamcha was suddenly slammed hard to the ground of the platform.

Vegeta held his blast and he looked round and he turned the blasts round and shot them up taking Res’s blast with it. Res looked at him.
“Time to finish you off I think Vegeta.” She said.
“I’d like to see you try girl.” He smiled.
Res charged and vanished, Vegeta shifted to the side and Res appeared where he’d been and she spun round and Vegeta turned round the two of them looking at each other face to face.
“You’re going to have to do better than that.” Vegeta remarked.
Res smirked and suddenly she flew up and out of the hole in the ceiling and Vegeta followed. The two began to fight in the sky, faster than the normal human eye could see, bright sparks flying everytime they met for a hit.

Puar looked up and Yamcha hit the ground again and he lay there breathing deeply and weak.
“I think I’m getting to old for this Puar.” He said.
“Keep going you’re doing good Yamcha.” Puar said. Yamcha just sighed.


Goku arrived to see Vegeta fighting a young red headed girl in the sky the two moving fast against each other, when the girl got a hit in knocking Vegeta back.
“Who is that?” Gohan asked.
“I don’t know but she’s looks dangerous.” Piccalo replied.

Vegeta looked round as she vanished and grabbed him from behind her arm round his neck and the other holding his arms behind his back.
“You’ve met your match Vegeta. Time to lose. All you have to do is accept and immortality is yours.” She whispered in his ear.
“I refuse to lose.” Vegeta said trying to breath.
“Think immortality the ability to breath in space, all the power you can have and all you have to do is let me take your life.” She said.
“NO!!” Vegeta shouted.

“He’s in trouble. I’m going in!!!” Goku shouted and he moved in.
Goku knocked Res off Vegeta and Vegeta floated there catching his breath and he looked at Goku.
“Kakarott I could of handled it!!” He shouted annoyed.
Goku looked at Vegeta. “It didn’t look like it where I was watching.”
“Why don’t you go help your friend instead.” Vegeta scowled.
Goku looked over in time to see Yamcha being lifted up off the ground and the figure hoovering over him holding Yamcha by the collar and the figure lifts his hand up claws exposed, Goku flew in to help Yamcha out.

Gohan watched and he saw the female figure charge Vegeta.
“Vegeta behind you!!!” Gohan shouted.
Vegeta turned round in time to get rammed in to a nearby sky scraper.
Gohan looked at Piccalo. “Who are these people?” Gohan asked.
“I don’t know Gohan, but we better go help him out.” Piccalo replied. “We need Vegeta for the battle against the androids.” He added.
Gohan nodded and they flew to help.

Vegeta was thrown back and Gohan caught him.
Vegeta scowled. “I don’t need any help!!!”
“But-” Gohan begun.
“This is a diversion you idiot, while Bulma finds the machine to return these immortal back their own world.” Vegeta remarked.
Gohan blinked. “Immortals??”
“Bulma called them vampires and their something from another world.” He said.
“Diversion, you say... where is she?” Piccalo asked.


Bulma found the machine and she looked at Adam and she opened a panel and looked at it then to the blue print. “Okay this is the self destruct button. How convenient. Okay Adam get Krillen tell him to contact Yamcha and Vegeta and lead them here...” She said.
Adam nodded. “But you have to hide, you’re ki is so low they won’t sense you... we’re not like normal vampires we don’t go by heart beat we go by energy levels.” Bulma nodded and she quickly hid.

Adam then left and he ran out and he stopped as he found Krillen in the hallway. “Okay contact them. Krillen. Tell them this corridor then one to left and its the first door on the right after the turn left.” Adam said.
Krillen nodded and he ran out.

Krillen arrived back to where the battle was going on and he held his hands up to his forehead and shouted out. “SOLAR FLARE!!!” A blinding light shot out and Krillen ran and hid and shouted out the directions. “Now Yamcha!!! Vegeta!!! Main hallway turn left and then left round the bed and it’s the first door on the right!!!

Vegeta saw the flare and he flew towards it covering his eyes. Res growled.
“Come back here!!!!” She shouted and followed him. Vegeta looked over his shoulder briefly and he smirked seeing that she was following him. She covered her eyes as she entered the light.

Yamcha was helped up by Goku and Turbio was covering his eyes.
“That was the signal Goku. Take me to there... we have to get him to follow.” Yamcha said.
Goku nodded. “You got it I hope you guys know what you’re doing.”
Goku followed the instructions and Turbio watched them and he followed.
“BULMA THE SWITCH START IT NOW!!!!” Adam shouted as he watched Vegeta fly past with Res then Goku carrying Yamcha with Turbio following.


Vegeta was the first in the room and he flew up to the ceiling and hid behind the door when Res burst in. Bulma ran out and Res looked at her and saw the button she hit and suddenly there was a pulling motion and Bulma hit the ground as Res was pulled through a vortex, it slowly began to pull Bulma through and Vegeta swooped down and grabbed Bulma and pulled her up away from the pull of the vortex. Goku burst in next.
“Quick up here Goku!” Bulma called.
Goku looked up and he flew up and Turbio flew in to the room and he was instantly pulled in to the vortex. Adam ran in to the room. He looked up.
“Thanks Bulma, you know what to do once I’ve gone through.” He said.
“I sure do Adam. I hope you get back to your family safely.” She replied.
Adam smiled at her and he leapt through next the vortex closed behind him.

Vegeta hoovered down and let go of Bulma. Goku looked at him and smiled.
“Say anything and I’ll punch your lights out Kakarott.” Vegeta snarled.
Goku floated down and he watched as Bulma pushed a button and she looked at them.
“Quick lets move this room is about to blow up.” She called out and she ran out, Vegeta took off next. Goku flew out next with Yamcha and they arrived back in the main arena as the hallway exploded.

Bulma saw Leila running off and she growled. “Oh no you don’t you little bitch get back here!!!” she screamed and chased after her.
Bulma grabbed her and lunged at her legs making what was the perfect tackle bringing Leila down to the ground and Bulma punched the girl in the face knocking her out. Bulma stood up and brushed her hands off and she smiled as she walked away from the unconscious girl.
“There I feel much better now.” She said.


To Be Continued...