Dragonball Alternative Universe
Save The King

Title: Dragonball AU
Author: (J.Dee) Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia
Rating: NC-17 (um swearing and could-be lemon in later chapters)

Story Brief: This is in an alternative world where Goku was never sent to earth, where he and Vegeta weren’t rivals.... I can’t really say too much here because I’ll give away the meaning and plot to the fic... ages: Vegeta is 24 & Goku 17.

*** Save the King?? ***

At first glance she didn’t look like a warrior. She was petite and kinda of small but not too small. An elite a female elite at that. Still she was easily and quickly over looked, a definite advantage on her behalf especially in battle. She was one of the few female elite. But it was her skill in the last battle that had got king Vegeta’s her attention. The solo ruler of Planet Vegeta and one of the first to truly reach the full power of their race. A super saiyan. She was impressed by his skill she had heard somewhere out there in space another super saiyan by the name of Kakarott. Him and his little band of third class warriors off in search of the dragonballs for Vegeta.
The woman looked at Vegeta like her he could easily be over looked in battle if it were not for his royal symbol of the breast plate of his saiyan armour.
She noted Vegeta looked over her wearily.
“Your name woman.”
“Tida.” She replied holding her head high.
“Elite sir.”

Tida knew it was hard to impress the king of saiyans ever since he’d broken off the rule of Frieza and escaped from his ship. Vegeta had informed his father of the Freiza’s going on and plans. He may of been young but he wasn’t stupid. His father had evacuated the planet before Frieza blew it up. Brolly an escaped saiyan lead them to a new planet where he had been staying. Now over ten years later. They were still here and Frieza hadn’t found them.

Vegeta hated admitting that he was hiding from the tyrant even as a super saiyan he knew his power wasn’t strong enough. So he’d sent Kakarott out to retrieve the dragonballs.
“So I hear you defeated an entire solar system militia on your own, tell me I’m curious to know what techniques you used to defeat the Tavian warriors.” Vegeta asked.
Tida looked at him. “I just fought first line of them then sent a blast out to the main ship which caused a chain reaction when debrey hit the near by ships and warriors.”
Vegeta nodded. “Sounds simple. And they want me to reward you for this why?”
Tida blinked. “Reward?” She asked.
Vegeta laughed. “You mean you didn’t know?”

Tida shook her head.
“Unbelievable when did you get back woman?” Vegeta asked.
“Two hours ago and I was told to get some rest clean up and see you straight away.”
“It appears those warriors were leaving their planet to come attack us. You left a couple alive and they managed to tell some of my men what happened. Tell me what were you doing in the Tavian solar system anyway? It seems to be a bit off course for your intended destination.” Vegeta said looking at her.
“My ship was sabotaged and from there my controls were damaged I was drifting. They attacked me first. So I just retaliated.” Tida replied.
Vegeta nodded. “Very well then, there is a royal banquet tonight just show up. I think this is in order of a celebration of one less lot of warriors to worry about opposing my rule. Oh and if you want bring your mate.”
Tida looked at Vegeta. “My mate is dead. So I will bring a fellow female warrior.”
Vegeta nodded. “Very well then. Nappa will inform you of the dress code and the time. You are dismissed. Woman.”

Tida left the room and Nappa looked at her. “Twenty hundred hours you are expected to show up dinner will be half an hour after that. You are to dress... womanly.”
Tida arched an eyebrow at Nappa as he walked off. She looked at her watch she had three hours to find her best friend and sparring partner. and for them to get something together to wear for the dinner that night. Tida ran off quickly hoping her friend would be where she usually was seen hanging out.

Damare slammed the shot glass down on the counter of the bar and she pointed at the saiyan male dumb enough to challenge her in this stupid little drinking match.
“That makes it fifteen to eleven I win now pay up or else.” She laughed.
The man forked over his cash and Damare grinned and she placed the money down the front of her top.
“That’s what you get for challenging a first class warrior.” She grinned again at the mans shocked expression.
Damare wasn’t you’re typical saiyan female warrior. She was only one of the few blonde haired saiyans. They were very rare and usually only among the lower class but her mother a low class saiyan had mated with a higher class saiyan and she was the result. A blonde reckless, tomboyish first class warrior.
The door to the bar opened and Damare looked at Tida as she burst in. “I’ve got a dinner to attend with the king tonight and I’m not going alone.” She announced.
“Whoa! You got a dinner date with Vegeta huh? Ain’t he a bit tall for you?” Damare joked and Tida grabbed her by the arm.
“Not alone at least he didn’t say alone he wanted me to bring company.” Tida replied and dragged her friend from the bar.

Damare fell in to step with her friend and looked at her face.
“So What are you going to wear?” She asked.
“Nappa said something about womanly.”
Damare coughed. “Oh no way are you going to get me in to a dress.”
“Please Damare I’m not going in alone, do you know how many men are going to be there? you know if a female saiyan goes to these things alone she’s usually the ‘entertainment’ There is no way I’m going to be made fun of.” Tida remarked.
Damare nodded. “Well I think it’s about time the king noticed us under acknowledged female warriors.” She remarked.
Tida nodded slowly. “Yes but why now? you know Vegeta he sees all woman as possible if not already slaves.”
“He sees everyone as a slave he’s the king remember?” Damare reminded her.
“I still want to know why now did he choose to acknowledge us.” Tida added as they walked back to the quarters they shared.

Vegeta stood by the window his arms crossed across his chest looking out over his kingdom, even though it was all his and had been his home for over ten years, he felt as if he didn’t know it. There was a possible conspiracy round every corner ready to over throw him and join alliances back with Frieza, the problem was finding out who it was. There were rumours floating round the bars but no names had been mentioned.
“Sire, you do realise tonight is the last night.” Raditz said from the doorway.
“I know I have already chosen.”
“But Vegeta you know the people won’t like it if you mate with this Tavian warrior. They are our enemies.”
“But together against Frieza we might stand a chance.” Vegeta added softly. “I’ll get my revenge on him for killing my father. Frieza should never of let me live.”

Raditz watched Vegeta standing by the window it seemed to be where he was always found since he was seven years old and crowned king. Everyday for seventeen years he’d stand at the window looking out across the land. At Twenty-four it was now time for an heir to be produced. The reason for the celebration tonight was to not only announce the alliance with the Tavians, but for the most respected female warriors to show up and hopefully ‘convince’ Vegeta to pick a saiyan mate. Although the odds looked very unlikely he’d change his mind unless something happened to his Tavian princess. This conspiracy Vegeta was paranoid about was rumoured to happen to tonight where Vegeta would been taken out of the picture before the announcement of the Tavian alliance and the ‘people’ meeting their new chosen queen.

Vegeta wondered briefly on this female elite and why someone would sabotage her ship and why would the Tavian’s attack her when they were more than likely heading to planet Vegeta for the peace talk in three days time. Things were suddenly all messed up he hoped that his announcement mating to Raina the Tavian princess would cool things off.

Tida held the dress up against herself and she scowled and tossed it aside and picked up another and held it up against herself looking in the full length mirror, she scowled again and threw it to the side. Damare sat on the bed watching her.
“It’s just a dinner. No need to get all dressed up.”
Tida looked at her friend and she sighed. “I know but what is womanly? We’re warriors not weaklings. We don’t dress womanly we dress comfortable and strategically.” She said holding up another dress against herself.
“What color do you think will suit me?” Damare asked.
“Red. Definitely.” Tida replied. “What about me?”
“Blue I can see you in blue.” Damare replied.
The two woman looked at each other and cracked up laughing.
“Can you believe it we’re actually starting to sound like third class warrior females and their petty outfit problems.” Tida said.
“Well I blame the parents if we didn’t at least have one strong parent each then we would be lowly third class warriors.” Damare replied.
Tida nodded slowly her father was one of the lowly third class warriors her mother an elite who had died in battle her father on the other hand hadn’t been allowed to raise her instead Tida had been shifted on to another elite family to be raised up. That family being Damare’s family. They had been friends, sparring partners and a team since they were little, two strong woman warriors sticking it out together.
Tida of course had trouble keeping up with Damare who was older by three months and bigger than her. But after their differences aside they had become friends.

Vegeta sat on his throne watching the mixture of male and female elite warriors gather and chatter. These sort of social formalities bored him. He’d much rather be training to reach a level higher than super saiyan. But being king he had to show some respect for his people.

Vegeta looked at the clock and sighed ten minute til everyone sat down to eat. Kakarott had even returned for this, the third warrior class was only third class warrior in the room. He eyed everyone else as wearily as Vegeta did and he walked up to the throne and stood by Vegeta’s side.
“My King I found out some interesting news, while on Namek.” Kakarott spoke.
Vegeta looked to Kakarott and he nodded his head slowly acknowledging the seven year younger warrior to continue.
“It appears Frieza is trying to make an alliance with the Tavian warriors, half of their population has turned against the crown and sided with Frieza some rebel ships were stupid enough to attack up as we left Namek.” Kakarott explained.
Vegeta looked at him. “are you sure of that?” He asked.
“Yes my King I wouldn’t of thought it important otherwise. But it appears Frieza sent them to Namek to retrieve the dragonballs as well. But the Namek’s aren’t letting us near the dragonballs and have hid them away from the villages.” Kakarott explained.
Vegeta nodded slowly. “I shall think they will think twice if they got a personal visit.” Kakarott blinked and looked at Vegeta. “You’re not honestly thinking of leaving here to do so are you? You’re the king why bother yourself with the trivial stuff?”
“If it’s so trivial Kakarott why have you come back empty handed with out one dragonball or even a lead to where one could be?” Vegeta asked.
“I said the Namek’s-” Kakarott began.
“I heard you!” Vegeta snapped.

Kakarott nodded slowly. They both looked to Brolly who stood in the corner of the room watching everyone as they passed him by. Both Vegeta and Kakarott didn’t trust the other super saiyan. He seemed to sifty hanging off on his own, and also strange how he picked Turles as his only other companion.
“Is your brother still acting suspicious?” Vegeta asked breaking the silence he had formed between him and Kakarott when he snapped at him.
Kakarott nodded. “Yeah Raditz and myself aren’t liking it much I think Turles wants to become a super saiyan more than everyone else. Most these warriors in this room are too busy obsessing about destroying, where as Turles is after one thing only and that’s the level that both you and I have reached.”
“Well Kakarott you know as well as I do that there is a level beyond what we reached. That is my only goal now, then Frieza will have to deal to me personally.”
Kakarott nodded slowly. He had his own hatred for Frieza. His father along with Vegeta’s lost their lives at the hands of the icejin. As much as Kakarott wanted to finish Frieza off- he didn’t, the dragonballs were what deserved his attention first.

Tida and Damare ran down the hallway they were late it was classic. Damare was always making everyone late, yet her lateness seemed to always have an advantage to it. The two woman stopped a few meters from the door.
“How do I look?” Tida asked paranoid.
“Gorgeous. What about me?” Damare asked.
“Perfect.” Tida replied.
After standing outside for a few minutes to recompose themselves the two woman walked casually in to the area. Only to be shocked to see an even amount of male and female elite warriors throughout the room.
“Something’s wrong.” Tida whispered immediately and she looked over to see Brolly standing in the corner in the most unsocial way.
“That guy always give me the creeps.” Damare remarked.
The two of them were shown to their seats as everyone was being seated for dinner.

Tida and Damare’s lateness didn’t go un-noticed by Vegeta and Kakarott.
“Tardiness among elite. That’s unacceptable.” Vegeta remarked coolly.
“What are you going to do they’re women.” Kakarott replied.
“You’re going back to Namek shortly aren’t you?” Vegeta asked.
Kakarott nodded. “Back for the dragonballs yes.” He replied.
“Take one of them with you. Find out which one is the cause of this, and split them up. We can’t have tardiness among the elite.” Vegeta remarked.
Kakarott nodded slowly. “Are you still planning on going to Namek?”
“I will after I satisfy the pathetic government with a heir to the throne.” He replied.
“That’s right your announcement.” Kakarott remarked.
Vegeta nodded. Only a handful knew about this announcement of joining. Turles, Brolly, Kakarott, Raditz and the saiyan government. It had been their idea. Vegeta normally would of blasted them for it. But the Tavian warriors were so much more stronger than saiyans and rumour had it they two could achieve massive transformations in different levels of power.

Brolly waited till everyone was seated and eating he still didn’t move from his spot not yet, this had to be clean and simple. Slowly for the past half an hour he’d been powering up bit by bit, in small unnoticeable doses. When the princess was brought out she was to be taken care of. There was going to be no more impurities coming in to the saiyan race. Vegeta was going to choose a saiyan mate even if he had to kill every other single race out there.

Damare blinked as Kakarott sat down next to her. He was a third class who’s super saiyan abilities had upgraded him to elite and he was only a year younger than the two of them. Tida looked over at her friend and she smiled. Damare always did have a knack for grabbing attention it was the blonde hair and brown eyes. It contrasted to Tida’s red hair and ebony eyes. Tida looked down as the food was placed in front of her and she looked over at Brolly who hadn’t moved. She felt something in the side of her head like a jab of a pin and it was coming from his direction. She had yet to develop this power. But she had gained it from being stranded in a drifting ship for three weeks. She remembered though talking to Brolly before hand. He had seemed like trouble since she first meet him. But no one else picked up on it Tida sighed to herself and began to eat slowly.

After the meal was eaten there was a small interlude in the evening for where there would be dancing. This was an odd custom for Tida in these things since woman were usually a minority and these dances ended up with the male warriors in over testosterone and killing each other for a saiyan woman who would usually join in by the end of it.
Kakarott was asking alot of questions about the two of them. It was beginning to bug Tida. She understood he was one of the best warriors on the planet and one of the few to stand up to prince Vegeta once in a while. But the questions seemed to well planned like it was an interrogation on a ‘casual’ basis.
“Kakarott Damare wants to invite you up for a dance.” Tida spoke up.
“What?” Damare exclaimed.
“She does?” Kakarott asked there was a naive tone in his voice but not to much.
“Yes she does.” Tida remarked looking at Damare who grinned back at her.
“You do huh?” Kakarott asked.
“Yeah lets leave Ms. Stiff here to her loneliness.” Damare smirked and grabbed Kakarott up pulling him for a dance gaining all the stares from the female warriors.

Tida noted they seemed to of been informed what this function was. Tida felt a hand on the back of her chair and she looked over her shoulder at Brolly. He’d moved without a sound and he just smiled down at her.
“Care for some company?” He asked.
“I’d care for some information.” Tida replied.
Brolly sat down next to her the woman all staring at either her or Damare.
“This isn’t the celebration I thought it to be and I’d like to know why no one informed me of the truth.” Tida added.
“Vegeta is to announce the engagement to a princess.” Brolly replied.
“Oh but why the need for the woman?” Tida asked.
“We are trying to change his mind. He does not need to marry a Tavian princess. These woman are all suitors for him to pick from.” Brolly replied.
Tida clenched her fist. “He’s not picking this suit-e. I’m leaving.”
She stood up and went to walk out attracting Vegeta’s attention.
“Woman where do you think you’re going?” He voice snapped grabbing all attention.

The dancing and music stopped and Tida turned round. “I care not to be in the same room with a prince who choses to marry that of a Tavian. Those people tried to kill me for three weeks straight I care not to be in the same room when your princess emerges for fear you will kill me after I kill her.” Tida growled and she walked out.

Brolly looked onward as Tida left the room no one dared to stop her and Brolly saw Vegeta glare at him. Brolly sighed and got up and went out after the warrior so much for him killing the princess. But at least he knew there were other warriors out there who had the same prejudices against the Tavian’s that he did.
Brolly grabbed the woman’s arm pulling her round to face him. Tida looked up at him with nothing but a glare.
“You hate the Tavian’s as I do. But I am bearing it.” Brolly said. “You can not leave though. The princess will enter and I must be there.” he added.
“What to protect that which I hate?” Tida asked with anger.
“No to kill her and the prince. Making the royal line vanish an opening for a new beginning. I want you there with me. I’ve looked for a warrior who shares the same hatred as I do.”
“No you look for a mate. Which I will not be. The Tavian warriors killed my mate three weeks ago. I will never have another. Never. And I will side with neither you or Vegeta. I will leave this planet and go on my own.” Tida pulled her arm free and she stalked off.
Brolly looked on after her and he powered up. Tida stopped walking. Brolly smirked. She stood still just like a target.
“You know to much therefore I can not let you leave.”
“You told me to much Brolly therefore I can not be blamed for my newly acquired knowledge.” Tida said and she walked on.
Brolly then threw directly in the middle of her back a large ki ball and Tida let out a cry as she fell forward and hit the ground she rolled over to her side and looked at Brolly as he advanced on her.

Tida held in her hand a simple ring and she slipped it on her finger.
Brolly stopped and he looked at her.
“What! No!” He exclaimed as Tida formed the largest ki ball in her hand and she threw it back at him.
“Anyon.” She whispered looking down at the ring. The ring flashed.

Footsteps were heard and Tida knew that they would be confused by the Tavian ring she wore. The Tavian’s who had attacked her were the royal family. Killing her mate, whom was one of their own people, a Tavian warrior. Only a few Tavian royals got through her.
Tida pulled herself along the floor leaving a trail of red from the blast that had knocked her back out. Tida stopped as she looked up, to a pair on long tanned legs and up a long slender womanly body Tida pushed herself up to stand at height of the princess.
“You stole my husband now I’m stealing your King.” Raina spoke.
Tida looked at the ring. “I at least I loved Anyon.” She said.
“Well Anyon was mine and you took him so in return I will marry that idiot Vegeta I will have two planets to rule. Yours and mine.” Raina smirked.
“Vegeta will see through you.” Tida said.
“Will he now? When my King decides to go on a mission to look for the Namek dragonballs with Kakarott he will run in to a little bit of trouble from Frieza and then there will a nasty battle that will take the king’s life.”

Tida leant up against the wall. She had no choice she was loosing blood and she was loosing consciousness and she seemed to of made enemies everywhere that tainted her once loved mind in to that of darkness. She slid down the wall slowly leaving behind the blood in a trail as she hit the ground.
“I will stop you Raina you won’t escape me again.” Tida said.
Raina laughed at her. “Look at you. You’re pathetic. You couldn’t even squash a mere level one opponent.” She walked on.
Tida watched as she stepped over Brolly’s body and in to the protective circle of guards.

Tida groaned and Kakarott and Damare ran up to her Tida pulled back and she landed on her back. Tida pulled the ring off her finger and it flashed she looked at Damare as she knelt down.
“Tida. Oh shit girl what have you done to yourself?” She asked.
“Brolly did this.” Tida whispered and she placed the Tavian ring in Damare’s hand. “What happened?” Kakarott asked.
“Your new queen wants to rule planet Vegeta. Take this ring to Vegeta and the flashing light push it. There you will hear what Raina just said to me. Make sure everyone hears it and make sure she dies. Promise me she will.” Tida whispered.
Kakarott picked up Tida in a fireman hold and she groaned in pain.
“No you will tell Vegeta.” Kakarott said simply.

Kakarott carried the injured friend of Damare’s back in to the room where Raina turned and stared. Vegeta stood up and he looked at Kakarott.
“What are you doing Kakarott?!” He exclaimed.
“I’m showing you the truth Vegeta. The Tavian royals are no to be trusted!”
Raina smirked at them. “Oh please. This is pathetic.”
Damare held the ring up. “Take note My best friend was wearing this ring when we found her she left instructions on how to use it.”
Raina’s face paled. Damare smirked at her. “You know this ring don’t you?”
“It. it. it’s a Tavian recording device.” Tida remarked from Kakarott’s arms. “It was given to me by my mate before the Tavian royal’s killed him.” She added weakly.
“Let’s see what Raina has to say about this.” Damare grinned and she pushed the flashing light.

The whole room fell silent as voices filled the air of the conversation between Tida and Raina. Kakarott cleared a space down on the table and he lay Tida down on the table. The warrior elite loosing more and more blood. She mad no sound of pain.

You stole my husband now I’m stealing your King.
I at least I loved Anyon.”
Well Anyon was mine and you took him so in return I will marry that idiot Vegeta I will have two planets to rule. Yours and mine.”
Vegeta will see through you.”
Will he now? When my King decides to go on a mission to look for the Namek dragonballs with Kakarott he will run in to a little bit of trouble from Frieza and then there will a nasty battle that will take the king’s life.”
The sound of Tida hitting the wall was heard.
I will stop you Raina you won’t escape me again.”
Raina laughed on the recording device.
Look at you. You’re pathetic. You couldn’t even squash a mere level one opponent.”

Vegeta looked at Raina with a glare. She looked suddenly panicked as the king of saiyan powered up to super saiyan.
“Idiot am I?” He asked. He held one hand out infront of himself. “For that you die...” And Vegeta blasted Raina causing her to scream out before she was disintegrated from sight.
The saiyans all stayed back as Vegeta walked casually down from the throne and up to the table and he looked down at Tida.
“You mated with a Tavian warrior. If I was informed of this earlier I would of punished you by death. But your actions saved mine and Kakarott’s lives. I will reward you woman.” Vegeta said and stepped back he looked at a guard. “Take her to the healing tanks.” he added.

A guard stepped up and lifted Tida up and she looked at Vegeta. “I wish of no reward. But check on Brolly he was planning on killing you tonight.” Tida said and she closed her eyes. Damare swallowed and she watched as Tida was taken away.
Kakarott looked down at the blonde saiyan woman. “Brolly?”
“Looks like I’m not the most popular person tonight.” Vegeta smirked. “Well let them all come for me. I doubt they will succeed.”
Damare looked at Kakarott. “Is he always this egotistical?” She whispered.
“Yeah.” Kakarott replied in a whisper but chuckled as he looked at Damare.

Raditz and Turles walked down the hallway looking for Brolly’s body but all they saw was blood and lots of it trailing the walls and in two places large splatters like something had been hit.
“I can’t see Brolly anywhere.” Raditz remarked.
“It’s not a good sign is it?” Turles asked.
“Vegeta’s going to be really pissed.” Raditz remarked.
The two brothers continued to walk down the hall way the trail of blood lead out an emergency exit. Turles pushed the door opened and he blinked as he saw bodies lying everywhere and a space pod missing.
“Fuck he’s escaped. All this commotion with the Tavian had us distracted enough so he could escape.” Turles remarked.
“Well he’s not dumb enough to come back here to face us.” Raditz remarked. “Isn’t he?” Turles asked with a worried expression.
“Well lets just report this to Vegeta.” Raditz said and the two walked back inside.

To Be Continued...