Converted Pics...

Yus just like the title says... these are converted pictures of actual anime characters with added captions or speech bubbles to the pic (for a bit of a laugh basically)... if you want to send me in some just let me know... they don't have to be dragonball related either... in fact if you want you can send in some from any anime or real life tv show or movie so long as the caption is thought up by you... I even have taken some from a tv show myself...


Yamcha Funi
Yamcha wrong lines
Yamcha offset
Gohan sword & the stone??
Trunks bid
Goten veggies and meat
Goku flat tyre

Taken from Ardin's page

Goten angel

Power Rangers

Jason drink
Zack's football
Billy vain??
Rocky and the...
Who said Power Rangers don't get lost?
Justin's motion sickness

From dusk til dawn

The Gecko Brothers
Looking Good
The Boot


Stanton suit
No Cream!!
Any Given Sunday