Love and Betrayl -- Prologue

The sound of cracking bones echoed through the alley way along with the screams as the sound of flesh being beatiní echoed that of the echoíd screams, no one even seems to notice, not on this dark night a month to Halloween and everyone always gets so worked up over it... itís became the greeting card season... but no one bothers to look any deeper than the dressing up and receiving candy part. Itís one of the most powerful nights in an entire year. This is the part where youíre suppose to nod and look vaguely interested and go... ah-huh... yeah... oh sure I know that...

Something's wrong, shut the light
heavy thoughts tonight
and they arent of snow white..
dreams of war, dreams of liars
dreams of dragon's fire
and of things that will bite
Sleep with one eye open.. gripping your pillow tight

People think when the body dies that the soul doesnít live on... we know better all of us do... and Halloween is the best time for this soul to revenge to strike out at the ones it loves or hates the most.

The body is limp now nothing but whimpering now as the body slowly dies from internal bleeding, all because he didnít have a wallet or anything to give the muggers... but donít you worry theyíll get theirs... everything has itís course and in itís course everything has a place... the cosmo distribute them as they feel fit... and thatís where I come in... Iím the exception to the rule... I am the living walking talking three fold...

Heavy rings hold cigarettes
Up to lips that time forgets
While the Hollywood sun sets
Behind your back

I believe there is a quote that sticks in my head alot... it goes something like this...
ďThe fear of death is the most unjust of all fears, for thereís no risk of accidental for someone whoís dead.Ē -- Albert Einstein.

Disclaimer... the basic story of the crow is copyrighted of James OíBarr. but this story and characters are my characters please do not steal them.