Part One

Title: Can you handle it?
Author: Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia
Rating: NC-17 (offensive language and Lemon in later chapters)
Pairings: not decided as of yet
Story Brief: Trunks meets a girl in his sleep (yes another Mary-sue fic) and he finds a way to cross worlds to meet her. Saiyan meets Witch...

Disclaimer: I don’t own db/z/gt yadda yadda you know the deal...
A/U fic no super seventeen saga and if you’re a Bra Goten fan not this fic or a Pan Trunks wrong fic or even Marron or Ubuu... nup not here... Oh and Goku’s still around. He didn’t leave with those eternal dragon dudes either...

*** This World ***

Jera Dagan held the letter in her hands and she slumped back in to her seat the tears of loss running down her cheeks and she looked up at her boyfriend standing in front of the fireplace.
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you’re married.” He said and shook his head and ran a hand through his blonde hair his blue eyes locking on to hers.
“Xander I’m sorry. But he left me. This letter it was addressed to me why’d you have to go and open it like that?” Jera asked her brown eyes looking back at him through tears.
Xander shook his head. “Married Jay... you didn’t tell me!”
“You didn’t tell me you had a daughter!” Jera snapped back.
Xander growled. “That was a long time ago the mother won’t even let me see her.”
“And so was this!” Jera waved the letter about. “You’d think after three years they would of already cleaned our Tim’s stuff from his house. how do you think I feel? The man I was married to dies in some freak accident half way across the world and his family doesn’t even know he... was married!” She cried out.

Xander looked at Jera. “You know I love you. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“It was past Xander. He married me to help me get more money so I could through college.” Jera replied. “No love at least he never said so.” She added.
Xander looked at Jera. “No love?” He asked.
“None.” Jera replied.
Xander knelt down in front of Jera and he pushed a strand of her red hair out of her face and he looked at her. “We’re going to be different. We were meant to be. You are my soul Jay. We don’t even need to talk to each other. Because we can hear each other through this.” He gently placed a hand to her heart and he looked at her.
“Promise me you’re not leaving?” Jera asked.
Xander smiled. “I promise.”
Jera hugged him tightly.

* * * * * *

Jera sat up bolt right in her bed and she looked round in the darkness and she held her hand up. “Give me light.” She whispered and a small fireball appeared above her hand lighting the room up in a copy of candle light even with the flicker and Jera pointed her finger to the candles round her room each one lighting up and beginning to flicker. Jera closed her hand around the flame in her hand extinguishing it.

Jera hugged her bear and she looked at the sympathy card round her room and she sighed. “Am I cursed or something does every man I love have to die or leave me?” Jera flopped back on to the bed and she picked up a piece of paper and looked at the name on it. ‘Xander Brandon 1979 - 2001’ Jera lay still in her bed no tears coming this time just memories of three days ago.

* * * * * *

“I said let me go!!!!” Jera had screamed at the man.
But still he had held her tightly his body and his hands holding her up against the brick wall in an ally way off the Oxford strip.
Xander had heard her and come to her rescue the two men getting in to a battle of witch verses witch. Leaving Jera standing back with nothing left to do but watch as Xander had flung a fireball at her attacker and he had with a flick of the hand flung Xander out on to the road. But Xander hand flipped back to safety.
Jera had been so lost she couldn’t’ think straight to use her powers but they had caused the ground to shake so suddenly and violently stunning the man for a moment giving Xander a chance and he’d taken it giving the man a great right hook punch to the temple and then a follow up of a spinning hook kick knocking the man on to the road.

The man stood up and with a flick of his hand he and Xander locked horns in blasts of fire from their hands. The man flicking his finger and a gust of wind swept Jera on to the road and he grabbed her by the back of the neck.
“Her powers are going to be mine witch and you can’t do anything about it.”
“Xander!” Jera screamed.
“And for me to get them she has to die.” The man smirked and Jera saw an oncoming taxi and she screamed out.
“No Jera!!!” Xander dashed on to the street and he pushed Jera from the man’s arms and grabbed him and held him tight as the car hit both of them sending them flying over and to the ground.
Jera heard the squeal of brakes as she rushed to Xander’s side and scooped him up in her arms. “Alex.” She whispered.
He smiled up at her. “I love you Jay. I guess it wasn’t suppose to be this life either.” Jera shook her head as his eyes fell closed. “No not again how many more lives are we not going to be together?!?!?! I can’t take it!!!” She screamed out.

There was a sudden blue light surrounding Xander and she watched as the blue light seeped in to hand as it brushed gently against his cheek.
“What’s going on?” Jera whispered.
The other man groaned and Jera looked over as he stood up and craned his neck and he looked at her. The driver of the taxi looked at him.
“Hey pal are you okay?” He asked walking up to him.
The man looked at him and grinned. “Peachy.” and he blasted the man right through with a powerful fireball.
Jera lay Xander’s body down and she stood back.
“Keep away from me!” She shouted.

“JERA!!! ALEX!!!” A female voice shouted and Jera looked over as Ishat and Krista ran on to the scene. Ishat with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes wearing a small blue boob tube and black hipsters in a figure to die for in silver strap pulp shoes and a black metal armband on her left arm with a v like shape in the main part of it. Krista contrasting Ishat with her mocha colored skin with dark brown/black hair swept back short at chin length smothed back in Trinity matrix style. Wearing a blue collared shirt under a pin strip suit and lace up black boots.
“Ewwwwww a God ugly demon in a suit!!! Freeze him!!” Ishat added.
Krista flung her hands up freezing the man and Jera ran up to them.
“What now??” Jera asked.
“We banish him. Jay this is you’re thing.” Krista replied.

Jera nodded and held her hand out in front of herself. “Powers that be three time three powers of good bind this evil demon back to his hood.” She chanted.
Krista flicked her hand and the demon unfroze and he looked at them as fire began seeping up him and he cried out as a burst of flames devoured him and then vanished along with him.
“Oooooh I just love catchy rhyming spells.” Ishat grinned.

Krista walked over to the taxi driver and looked down at his body.
“Damn we lost an innocent.” She sighed.
Jera rushed back over to Xander’s body and she looked down at him tears flowing freely down her face.
“Oh Gods, we lost Xander to.” Ishat spoke up seeing Xander’s non moving body. “We lost our warrior witch oh man this is not good we’re like targets now.” Krista looked round. The sound of a siren was heard and they watched as a police car and ambulance arrived on the scene.
“Backup story alpha.” Krista whispered. “Out clubbing attempted mugging.”
“Right.” Jera and Ishat replied in unison.

* * * * * *

Jera walked out of her room as she forced the memory from her mind. She passed the clock which read. 5:07am and she walked out to be greeted by her British tabby kitten who jumped up on to the inside of her dressing gown starling Jera by climbing up the inside of her dressing gown and resting on her shoulder like a parrot. Jera looked at her mother Vera sitting with her boyfriend Matthew, who was in his Gold Band taxi uniform and her mother who was still wearing a business suit from a meeting earlier that night. Jera walked to the fridge and she pulled out an apple and a bottle of water and walked back to her room with Tiger perched on her shoulder still.

Jera picked Tiger off her shoulder and set the kitten on the foot of the bed and Jera climbed in to bed and curled up in to the bear and she sighed.
“Light out.” The candles all flickered out at once. Jera closed her eyes and attempted to enter sleep without the haunting memories of Xander’s death.

* * * * * *

Trunks paced his room and ran a hand through his lavender hair and Goten looked up at him. “So you had a dream about some girl? So was she hot?” Goten asked.
Trunks blinked and he looked at Goten. “I don’t believe this. She was in trouble Goten I didn’t really pay attention to that.”
Goten gave Trunks a look and he sighed. “Okay so I did pay attention to that and yes she was.”
“Soooo she have any friends?” Goten asked with a grin.
“Goten you’ve got Paris.” Trunks remarked.
Goten rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Well that’s why I came round we actually broke up. Ummmm she kinda thinks I’m seeing a certian sister of yours.”

Trunks looked at Goten again. “She’s sixteen there is no way I’m letting you see my sister that’s just... not on.”
“Oh I can’t anyway 17 is.” Goten replied with a shrug then seeing the look from Trunks, Goten sweatdropped. “Heh ooops um she made me promise not to tell. So just between you and me... I didn’t okay?”
“Okay is Paris thinks your seeing Bra and you aren’t then why didn’t you tell her this?” Trunks asked.
“Well it didn’t sink in at the time cause I was eating.” Goten replied. “My stomach was thinking for me and it was hungry.” He added.
Trunks nodded. “Why didn’t you go back and tell her when it finally -did- sink in?” “Er well I saw this really cute girl and-” Goten began.
Trunks held up his hand. “Never mind don’t say anymore.” He sighed.

Goten gave Trunks that typical son smile which caused Trunks to smile in return.
“So any cute friends of this dream girl of yours?” Goten asked.
Trunks chuckled. “Actually yeah two of them.”
“Oooooh we’re gunna hafta do one of those shared dream thingies so you can hook me up.” Goten grinned.
Trunks just laughed. “The girl I dream about doesn’t even notice me Goten so I doubt it. But it was so odd I was watching her when she lost her boyfriend to some sort of demon. I was standing right there and they didn’t even see me.”
“I thought they could only see you if ya wanted them too?” Goten asked.
Trunks looked at Goten. “How’d you know about that?”
“Everybody knows that your dreams you control them. Make it rain or jump her man it’s just a dream no results.” Goten remarked.
Trunks nodded slowly and looked at Goten. “You’re right it’s just a dream I mean c’mon as if she or her friends are real.”
“Good now say you wanna go out and get a pizza? I’m hungry.” Goten asked.
Trunks nodded. “Yeah I am too.” He agreed.

To be continued...