Of Love and Death

-A Continuation-


“How could he take her life? Why was she so different? Why did he let her effect him in such a major way?”

“How could she say such a thing? He felt so dead around her locked off from a normal life, every shred of what life he had was now lying in ruins.”


* * * * * *

Three months have passed, since that day he had been assigned to kill the girl whom he had fallen in love with. It was the single most important decision of his life, one that he should not feel suddenly so unsure about. He could not shake the feeling that working with her now after killing the man who hired him before was wrong. She seemed too confident in deciding to kill someone she hardly knew, now someone contacted with her father. Why he had wanted her dead was beyond him, all he knew was now she had hired him to kill another person connected with her father. What really made him edgy was the fact that she wanted in on the action, like this was a game she could control.

“Turk, you okay?” She speaks up beside him; her blonde hair now dyed brown with red highlights. For some reason she has a venomous stance that seems to show more confidence than what a girl like her needs. She has changed from that blossom of such beauty into a thorn driven lunatic, even she has to see how the last few months have changed her.

“I’m fine, Sasha...” He nods, stuffing his large hands into his front jacket pockets to protect them from the cold.

They were standing on the Indigo Station platform where coming trains stopped and picked up people who held tickets. It has been such a long time since they have been in the chase, after killing Sasha’s father his partners had grown angry and were hunting them down. Turk is growing tired of this life, starting the chase and then drawing in for the kill; it all seems old to him. Yet, here he is doing something else for the darling girl he had fallen for three months ago.

“Sasha,” Turk closes his eyes, then opens them again as if he had gone into thought and had stopped suddenly, “you never told me why your father wanted you dead.”

“I know...” Wind suddenly whips around her, the overcoat she wears bellows in the wind like a flightless bird.

“He didn’t have a good reason?”

“Depends Turk, why do you ask this now?” She turns to face him, planting her hands on his chest. Sasha looks up at him with pale blue eyes and a small frown that has started to take its place upon her face.

“I just want to trust you...” Smiling down on her he removes his hands from his pockets and embraces her.

“Shouldn’t the fact that I trust you fit in here?”

“Should it?” He frowns as another gust of wind rocks them.

“Yes... Why should it not?” She whispers as her frown deepens.

With that, silence falls over them as they stand there embracing on the platform waiting for the train which hasn‘t shown up yet. He still feels like she is hiding a huge secret, one that could effect everything that has become a mystery for him. Was one person worth so much? He couldn’t figure it out; it was if he was torn into two different people. One wanted to help the girl in front of him, the other wanted to get rid of her all together and become a loner again. Turk is confused as to which person wants more desperately to be free, in control, and happy.

“I am just growing tired of this...” He frowns.

“Tired of what?”

“Not being alive.”

“You know not what you say, I touch you and your skin flushes, your eyes twinkle when you laugh, and when you smile the dawn brakes. You are very much alive Turk, more so than most people are.” Sasha leans up and places a warm kiss upon his cheek her hair getting pulled around them.

How could she say such a thing? He felt so dead around her locked off from a normal life, every shred of what life he had was now lying in ruins. All because of her, she had made him want something that was never going to be granted even if they stopped doing this. There seemed to be nothing more now, nothing that he could even hope for since he had to do everything she wanted. He loved her, no? It was his place to give in to her demands so that he could make her life better, though she would still keep lies from him. Taking her hand into one of his rough ones he leads her to the edge of the platform, he could finally hear the train coming. The screaming metal upon metal made him remember countless other screams, which were caused by suffering and death.

“Turk, what is wrong dear?” Sasha looks around nervously. “Why are we braking away from the others waiting in line?”

He ignores her, seeming lost in thought. She could tell something was wrong but she didn’t believe that he would do anything stupid. They were in public after all but there was no reason to think of such things, she had him under control for the most part. Sasha had gained his trust when they had first met; he still to this day did not know why her father wanted her dead. He would never know, he would not see past the facade that she had made of this innocent but weak girl. That is what he wanted her to be after all, weak and unable to be in control, the same thing her father wanted.

“Why are we doing this?” He blinks and his eyes linger closed, “have we not done enough damage?”


“Your father is dead,“ Turk shakes his head and gently moves her to where her back faces the edge of the platform.

“Yes, but his business partners...”

“They know nothing of our location; we are running only because you want us to run and for the life of me I don’t know why.”


“Sasha, why did your father want you dead?” Anger forms in his eyes and for the first time she has grown scared.

“He... I-”

“No lies, tell me.” He gently shakes her, a few people in the crowd turn to look at them.

“He didn’t...”

“Then who?”

“I... I used you to kill him because no one else would. He had ties to everyone, so I got you to do it for me... He was a dangerous man, all his life he beat me down, telling me to bend my will to his.”

“Shreeeek.” The train skids to a stop further down the tracks, passengers where getting off. Others waited to get on. Sasha jerks away, Turk’s hands fail him and she starts rushing to his left. Why had she decided to run now? In moments Turk was chasing after her, his legs were stronger than her own and he was upon her before she could even get off the platform. Her hair lay in tangles around her shoulders, her eyes were wild and seemed to gleam with fear. This is what Turk had missed, bring fear to others causing the ones who deserved the pain to feel it.

“Turk, no... I’m sorry, I do love you.” Sasha’s voice rasps, looking around for a way to escape she frowns and faces him.

“I want a normal life...”


“I don’t want to kill anymore, Sasha.”

“Turk... We are almost done.” Sasha forces a happy smile.

“...Okay...” Turk nods, smiling, he places an arm around Sasha.

“Really, after this last trip we can have a normal life.”


Turk leads her back to the platform and looks both ways, his hand locked around Sasha’s waist. She would not run again, this would be the last time he let her get away with screwing him over. He will not murder for her again; she was so arrogant and ignorant to the fact that he was tense. Turk was waiting for the right moment.

“This one should be easy... Turk? Turk, are you-” Sasha starts but turns to run as she sees what he is planning to do. The train was departing and he was holding her closer to the edge of the platform than needed, how could she have not seen this? He was still a madman after all, a hired man who was supposed to kill her in the beginning anyhow.

“Sorry dear...” With one strong push he sends her sailing into the empty space where the platform ended. She lands with her coat spread around her like a fallen angel; her face looks up pale and hurt.

“Shreeeek!” The train screams again but he can no longer tell if it is Sasha or the metal on metal. Turning away he walks from the station, ignoring the bystanders whisper about calling the cops and of him pushing the beautiful girl off onto the tracks.