Beyond Fate


“A time, upon which my hopes for a different outcome will become the new reality, one that I hope will be better. I boast of such great strength but it is I who have remained, living in a dead world in which my friends are dead.” -- Unknown







Seven voices rise up from the void of the great darkness, each a different vibration and color. Given that the void is so thick they seem lost and wrong in this dark chasm of a world of death. But as they move, seemingly comets of fire, ripples form from their passing. They are the chosen, those that fate has deemed the future of a species on the verge of extinction. In this reality a demonic force shall consume all, even these comets can not fight the almighty force of a black hole. It is their place to fight, for nothing can stop this but them together. Even I play a part in this future, sadly it was never a big enough part... But as my power has grown, so has it’s reach over space and time, with that it is now the time. A time, upon which my hopes for a different outcome will become the new reality, one that I hope will be better. I boast of such great strength but it is I who have remained, living in a dead world in which my friends are dead. Even with my power I could not change the path of the Silver Star, the loudest voice of all...



Chapter One




Light cuts through the darkness, sunlight burning across the dark-haired boy still lying in bed. Around the room books and other papers clutter the once orderly room that seems to have been torn apart. The being that lives here is nicknamed “Skull”, a name that was given out of spite by some ignorant peer. Curtains have been pulled back, parting the way for the sun to pester the young man.

“Gah!” He murmurs his mind groggy from last night’s activities.

Although blinded by the sun he knows someone is there, this has seemingly gone on before. The teenager frowns as he pushes his hair from it’s tangled perch on his face, it seems to get this way from sleep.

“What do you want?”

A figure steps into the beam of sunlight, dispelling the sudden blindness, “It is time.”

Growing serious the young man shrugs, throwing his blankets back in an attempt to get up. In doing so he realizes just a second to late that he wasn’t wearing much more than the socks on his feet.

“Vincent-” the figure cuts itself off, turning suddenly and focusing on the window.

“Heh, sorry Drea.”

Vincent blushes but Drea can’t see he rushes instead to the bathroom door to his left. After he shuts it his gaze turns to the image reflected in the mirror, it suddenly gave him a feeling of strength. His hair, though tangled, was shiny and still held it’s own natural body. Given that last night was terrible it seemed odd that he didn’t show it much today, he almost seemed better than when he woke up yesterday. Even his eyes were their normal bright blues, plus his skin was flushed and not even close to being pale.

“Vincent, I thought you went out last night?” Drea’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“I know...”


“Not that I can tell,” he turns on some water in the sink and splashes his face, not caring if the water was cold or hot. Although he looked fine and felt fine physically, emotionally he felt numb.

Pulling some dirty shorts on, the ones he had worn a day or two ago he opens the door and yawns. Drea smiles at Vincent’s image, he was such an odd man and his appearance now was almost astonishing. For someone who had been out drinking the night before he looked fresh and energetic this morning. How was it his body could seem to change after one night of sleep, it was a bit confusing.

“You work out?” She asks, letting him walk unheeded to his closet.

“Not really...”

He runs a hand across his tight stomach and laughs. He did look better than the day before. It didn’t seem possible but Drea’s words made him feel energetic, he turns to face her with a large grin. Drea knows what this is leading to before he even comes closer to her, his arms locking around her in an embrace. She closes her eyes and smiles as he begins kissing on her neck, his hands moving along her back.

“I’m seeing this is making you happy?” She whispers, bringing a hand up to the side of his head and knocking some hair away.


Reluctantly she pulls away, they were going to be late if they got on such subjects for to long. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a wrong thing, she thought, but the funeral is today and we can’t be late.

“Come on boy, get dressed boy.” She smirks as she backs away.

“Baby, you come on, we can only live once,” Vincent moves back to the closet and starts moving through some clothes, “I understand we don’t have much time.”

He tosses on his skull t-shirt and pulls off his shorts and replaces them with a clean pair of boxers, not noticing if Drea was watching or not. Pulling on some black jeans and clean socks, he didn’t care if they were not supposed to wear such at the funeral he was going for a comfortable look. He could see that Drea had had done much of the same thing since she was not wearing normal funeral clothes. She wore a black thigh length skirt, purple blouse, and an ankle length black knitted jacket, and a black choker with a bright red ruby that hung around her smooth neck. Drea’s purple streaked hair was straight down past her shoulders; it accents her face perfectly.

“Drea, you do look great!” Vincent nods, pulling on some black shoes; he smiles at her and scratches his head.

“Me?” She laughs, bringing a slight twinkle to her eye; “You are the sexy one.”

“I know.”

“Arrogant bastard!”

“Stuck up, nun!”


“Wicked Witch!”



The drive to the funeral home was quiet and Drea just watched the scene go by, everything seemed the same. She had never thought that this day would come since death never hit so close to home before. There did not seem a good enough reason for a God to do this to the ones he called his children, Drea just didn’t know what to believe anymore. But that didn’t matter, she was just going to look out for herself and her friends from now on. Drea knew that, the guy whose name should not be spoken, would understand why they dressed like the ‘Goths’ they were. His family on the other hand probably would not, that did not matter much to her either.

“You okay, Drea?” Vincent asks, pulling his blue car into the funeral home’s parking lot. He knew that this day was going to hurt Drea in more ways than just one.


“You pos’?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“You ready to face this?” After seeing her shrug he adds. “He was a friend to a lot of people.”

“Will Owen be there?”

“Erm- They were just friends, right?”

“Yeah...” Drea suddenly smiles; a memory of Owen’s blight makes her feel a small amount of relief from his innocent love.

Vincent nods, “He will be there.”

After sitting in the car for awhile, they had gone on talking about Owen, when suddenly he had appeared next to their car. He had his brown hair short, a black suit on, and a large frown upon his face. Drea thought that it was probably what her and Vincent had put on for the funeral. Getting out of the car she shuts the door and hugs him before he can say anything, he didn’t seem to expect it at first. Though he soon embraced her too.

“Andrea?” He asks, his deep voice cracking. Drea had once thought him attractive, still did, but since he liked guys nothing would ever come of it. She’d rather have Vincent anyhow, since he like girls and all.

“Yes, I know. We all love him; today we should come together... For him.”

Vincent steps out of the car and nods in their direction, he knew Owen didn’t like him very much. He didn’t like how he dressed, Owen called him “Skull” something out of good humor. The fact that they were a minority in high school though, given they was the only “gothic” and “gay” people there.

“Hey, Owen.”

“Hey, Skull.”

“Should we go inside, I mean Theresa is going to be there... Isn’t she?” Drea smiles and brakes contact with Owen.

“Yeah, she called before I left this morning.” Owen shrugs and turns to face the main building of the funeral home.

Theresa had been in the accident with, the nameless one, she survived but with a major loss. She was lost in the accident just as much as “He” was that made her part of the family. For some reason she had become an even better person though, she would laugh and smile even though she was blind. Drea and Vincent didn’t know how they could be in such high hopes when her best friend had died.

“It’s sad that she ended up like that, she was such an artist.” Vincent speaks up, moving next to Drea and placing an arm around her waist.

“Hey,” A strange thought had struck Drea, “have you felt different today Owen?”

“Beyond Sadness?” Owen shrugs, “well... I have felt kind of energized.”

“Same here.”

“Like something is going to happen?” Vincent adds.

“Yes, exactly...”

But before they could evaluate the though the “family” came, separating them. “His” family came in three different waves, the silent mourners, the crazed sobbing hunched over ones, and the unemotional stoic ones. Vincent, Andrea, and Owen were swept away in the last wave making them some of the last people inside of the funeral home. White flowers and red roses were hung around the room, bringing to bland walls to life. Even in death it seemed “He” was still effecting people with his great spirit.




It reaches out past the wet earth, moving out of the burrow it had once used for safety. Nothing was going to stop the coming chaos for none on this planet knew of its existence or that it was here. Created when the universe was young, it was a form of life that had never been mimicked in over a thousand years. Its body wasn’t much more than a black mass of living protoplasm, with a large orb-like structuring inside. The orb was the object was the object that it would plant inside a host and then when the time was right more orbs would erupt. Within the host it would gain control, subverting the mind of its host until no resistance was left.

It lay exposed in the rain; it’s appendages soaking up the falling liquid and plants that were on the wet earth. This is also how the creature fed; life such as this would nourish it until it found a worthwhile host. A host with enough intelligence and strength to be a lifetime host, most life forms could not last long with the orbs implanted in them. It was too much stress for the mind and body to take, such ignorant beast as the ones around the creature would not do. It needed the main life form on the planet, the most dominant one that it could subvert its will upon. As soon as that day came the creature would be able to spread among them, taking them under his will. Slowly it moves further from the burrow, past rocks and fallen branches, absorbing anything that gave off enough life to feed from.


>Continued in Chapter 2 "Prophet."<