Title: Goten’s Goof Up
Author: Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia
Rating: NC-17 (Possible lemon or sexual content in later chapters)
Story Brief: um... Goten sets off a countdown device which works as a homing beacon for evil aliens to come to earth and destroy it. It has to be Goten because I don’t think Trunks would be that stupid... plus he’s the son of Goku... nuff said...

Disclaimer: I don’t own DB/Z/GT... all I own is the lousy characters I created for this fic... I don’t own the ones you recognise cause if you recognise them then obviously you know I don’t own them cause then you wouldn’t recognise them... heh get all that?
Hokay despite the title this is about GT Trunks and trying to figure out his sexuality while trying to save the planet. BISEXUAL fic!!! You have been warned...


The door to Bulma’s lab was very much locked as she had four kids running round the house. It was best for their safety that they didn’t play in her lab. Still this didn’t stop the two half saiyans and the two younger girls. Trunks was balancing Goten on his shoulders. While Goten was trying to turn the handle of the lab.
“It’s locked Trunks can’t we just go?” Mirashia asked.
Trunks looked over at the purple haired girl she was the youngest out of the four of them. She also had the sweet and innocent thing going right for her, with green eyes, she was a contrast of her mother schizophrenic images. She had Lunch’s purple hair and Kushami’s green eyes, yet her hair wasn’t as long, it was short stopping at chin length.
Trunks shook his head. “Na-uh.” He replied.
Goten wobbled from on top of him and fell over and hit the ground and he frowned. “I’m bored this is no fun. Can’t we get something to eat?” He asked
Mirashia blinked. “You ate only twenty minutes ago!” She exclaimed.
Goten jumped to his feet and he began bouncing from one foot to the other excitedly. “Food is foooooooood... and I want food.” Goten said still bouncing.
Trunks looked at Goten, he usually had only one thing on his mind and that was food.
“Mirashia can use her psychic thingie and unlock the door.” Shadanna spoke up.

Trunks looked at Mirashia and she shook her head and crossed her arms across her chest in a very stubborn manner. “No Trunks I’m not getting in to trouble because of you again.” She said. Trunks looked to Shadanna for help. She was Mirashia’s best friend. Shadanna had her mother’s appearance yet with a darker tanned skin she had the brunette hair and contrasting blue eyes yet she showed every bit of being part saiyan as Goten did the two of them being cousins of sorts.
“Mirashia just this once you unlock the door and you can walk away and we won’t say you were involved in this at all.” Shadanna said.
Mirashia sighed and she waved her hand at the door and the click click sound of the door unlocking was heard. Trunks looked at Goten who was now sitting one ground staring off in to space a speck on the wall.
“Uh Goten...” Trunks waved a hand in front of the younger half saiyan’s face. “Doors unlocked.” Trunks added.
Goten blinked then stood up to his feet and Trunks boosted him up on to his shoulders, the minute they began using their ki to levitate Vegeta would be storming down the hallways ready to give them an earful and a hard training session. so there was no way they were going to attract attention like that. Goten turned the handle of the door of the lab and he let out a startled cry as the door swung open with him still holding on to the door handle. “Gah!!!” He cried out.
Mirashia turned on her heel and walked off down the hallway.
Trunks grabbed Shadanna by the hand and pulled her in to the lab.
The three kids looked round the lab and Shadanna blinked at the table which was taller than they were and Goten climbed up on to the table and sat there his legs swinging over the edge his eyes wide and looking round the lab.
Trunks was older at age eight Goten being only a year younger at seven and Shadanna was a full year younger than Goten sharing the same birthday Shadanna was six and Mirashia herself was only five, but by far she was the most maturest out of the four of them. She also didn’t usually hang out with them but kids her own age.

Goten picked up a small remote device which had a single blinking light on it. He held it up for all to see. Shadanna shook her head at him.
“No Goten put it down! Don’t touch anything.” Shadanna said.
Trunks looked round and huffed. “There’s nothing to do in here.”
“So we broke in here for nothing?” Shadanna asked.
Trunk shrugged. “Yeah guess so.” he replied and crossed his arms across his chest and he walked out Shadanna stood on tip toes and looked at Goten holding the device.
“Put it down Goten and lets go...” Shadanna said.
Goten put the device down but he couldn’t help the curiosity of the flashing button. “Wonder what it does...” He said.
“No Goten!” Shadanna shouted jumping towards him but it was too late Goten had pushed the button. Shadanna ducked under the table and she hid there waiting for something to be triggered off. but nothing came and she stuck her head out. She stood on tip toes again and watched as Goten began pushing the button again only to have nothing happen at all he frowned annoyed.
“I’m bored.” He said and left the device alone and he jumped off the table and ran out of the lab leaving Shadanna staring at the device alone.

Shadanna looked at it when suddenly the flashing light stopped and she blinked then a loud series of beeping sounds came from the device and Shadanna covered her ears. And she a light shot out from the button. Shadanna squealed startled and bolted out of the room slamming the lab door behind her with the beeping echoing down the hallway of the Brief home.

Within the light a holographic image appeared for no one to witness it was sphere like, and green... if anyone was there to see it they would of seen it was none other than earth. Next to it the universal language English appeared...

MISSION: Activated... world destruction
TIME TO ARRIVAL: Eleven years and counting...

To Be Continued...