Even though I hadrly know anything about these characters, this is a page dedicated to the other Bishies I have found within my dedication to Anime...

Yes I know it's sad that I'm only adding like four pictures with nothing but a name and series to go by, I have yet to see more of both, but they are becoming fast favorites honest!!


Sha Gojyo the play boy of the Saiyuki Crew, when he's not picking on goku he can be found probably trying to pick up chicks or being shot at by Sanzo, he's best friends with Cho Hakkai and there's so much I can say on him because I love him but I won't cause I'm a sad a deprived fan.
Quote: "Woman, liquor smokes..."

I think that sums him up nicely don't ya thing, isn't he a hottie :drool:

Weiss Kreuz

Ken is part of the White Cross assassination crew in Weiss Kreuz, he's the sporty one of the group, and has this nifty claw thing on his hand... it slices it dices and he wears goggles... I love goggles... I have only seen seven episodes, so I don't know too much about him yet but I've had pictures from before I knew his name... just like SAAAAAANNNNNO (yes I'm a Rurouni Kenshin fan too ;p) but I think his jacket and casual look makes him so cute ;p