It’s a Pleasure...

Pleasure lay on the cloud couch in her grandmother’s room reading over scrolls of information. Pleasure enjoyed hanging out with her grandmother though she never understood why her grandmother was always so bitter towards her mother. Aphrodite looked up from the scroll she was reading. “Did you find it yet?” She asked.
Pleasure shook her head. “Not yet, there are so many scrolls to go over, how do you keep up with this paper work?” Pleasure asked.
Aphrodite smiled at the young teenage Goddess. “Oh you get used to it, best to understand the paperwork, if not Hades will find loop holes in it and we don’t want that do we?” She asked.
Pleasure shook her head. “No. But just wondering will I ever meet this Hades guy you keep saying is so bad?” She asked.
Aphrodite looked at her. “I hope not. Like I’m never going to let him get his hands on you, I have like have enough trouble keeping him away from me.” She replied.
Pleasure smiled and she flicked her long hair over her shoulder.

Eros came wandering in. he looked at his mother. “Um Mom we have a problem.”
Aphrodite looked up. “Big problem or small problem?”
“Well you would call it a good problem with a bad side effect.” Eros replied.
Aphrodite blinked and she looked at Eros. “I don’t like the sound of that.”
“Psyche struck a deal with Hades, he caught her in one of her moods, and she agreed to a little deal, that doesn’t include me but it does include Pleasure.” Eros replied.

Aphrodite sighed. “Okay that is like it... doesn’t she know anything, after the Mt. Olympus take over we have sworn to keep away from Hades and his little deals, agreements whatever...” She said.
Eros smirked. “Plus Hades promised her revenge on some mortals who trashed her temple.”
“They trashed her temple? Oh like wow, I hate it when that happens.” Aphrodite said.
“Yeah all the temples in the area Hades was cleaning out of souls of the area when he found her moping over the remains of her temple. But every temple down to dust, even Zeus’s temples and one of Iris’ temples.” Eros explained.
“Okay so what’s the deal she struck?” Aphrodite asked.

Eros shrugged. “Hang out in the underworld give some attention to Alethea, apparently she’s causing a bit of trouble. that’s it, but Psyche hasn’t finished her training of Pleasure’s Goddess powers soooo...” Eros begun.
“I get to go and see where all the souls hang out! Oh wow totally cool, is it as dark and gloomy as you said dad?” Pleasure asked interrupting.
Eros looked at her. “Well yeah.”
“Wow I’m like totally there already! I gotta go pack, see you grandma!” Pleasure said and she took off out towards her room on Mt Olympus.

Aphrodite and Eros shared glances. “She gets that from you.” She remarked.
Eros just sighed.


Pleasure threw what she needed in to a bag when Psyche walked in to catch her packing. “There done!” Pleasure remarked.
Psyche frowned. “Um Pleasure there’s something you need to know before we go.”
Pleasure looked at her. “What do I need boots is there alot of mud or something?”
“Er no... Alethea is you older half sister. I need you to behave yourself.” Psyche said.
Pleasure looked at her mother. “Oh wow you had an affair! So does dad know?”

Psyche nodded. “I can’t keep much from your father. He doesn’t mind, but for some reason Hades wanted to keep her down there, and I bet he’s regretting that contract.”
Pleasure smiled. “Yeah if he wants you to go down and calm her down, she must be a real Psycho! I can't wait to get to meet her.” She remarked.
Psyche was bit worried about how the two girls were going to hit it off.


Leandor watched as Ianthe took in a breath of air and Leandor puled her in to an embrace and gave her a hug, the ten year old girl looked at him and she smiled and hugged him back.
“I thought they got you Leandor!” She exclaimed.
Leandor shook his head. “No it was the other way round, do you remember anything about them that can help me find out where they took everybody?” He asked.
Ianthe shook her head. “I’m sorry but I didn’t see underneath that armour.”
Leandor nodded. “It’s okay. I’m sure we can figure it out soon enough.”

Hades cleared his throat. “Hate to break up this moment folks, but I must be going, I’ve got to get home... I’m expecting some company, I’ll leave you in charge Leandor, just designate the left over souls to Tartarous or Elysian and the brute squad will do the rest, just not to many to Elysian. remember they did kidnap alot of people and or kill them and hid their bodies and souls. And with that I must be off... Have a good life Ianthe, and I’ll see you at the end of it.” Hades remarked and he vanished.

Ianthe looked at her older brother. “What was that all about and why was his hair on fire?” She asked.
Leandor smirked. “That was Hades, I’m working for him now, but I’ll explain all later.” He said and stood up and he looked at the brute force. “Every single one of those warriors you come across send them to tartarous, they deserve to suffer.”
The brute squad headed off and Leandor picked up his sister and carried her off.
“Time for us to get something to eat.” He said.
Ianthe grinned at him.


Hades arrived at the base of the underworld and he saw Pain go flying threw the air and hit a wall leaving a dent before peeling of the wall. Hades frowned.
“Keeping Alethea busy are we?” He asked.
“Boss I’m so glad you’re back!!! Save me form her!!!” Pain said and hid behind Hades as Alethea rode up to the scene.
Hades looked at her and the sword in her hand. “I know I gave that to you for a sweet sixteen present, but it’s to be used on the souls not on my minions.” He remarked.

Alethea pouted. “Awwww...” She remarked.
“Don’t awwww me you’re mother’s coming down to visit and bringing your half sister so I want you to be on your best behaviour got it?” Hades asked.
Alethea nodded. “Alright.”
“Now get out of that armour and get in to something not so Athenaish okay?”
“Yes dad.” C’mon Cerebus lets go.” She said and kicked the three headed guard dog in to movement and she rode off.

Hades looked at Pain. “As for you- wait a minute where’s panic?” He asked.
“Um Panic panicked boss and he took off...” Pain replied.
Hades rolled his eyes. “PANIC!!!!!!” He exploded.
Panic came running out and he looked at Hades. “You hollered boss?”
“Get Psyche’s old room ready she need a place to sleep... and I mean both of you.” He remarked and watched as they scampered off.


Hades sat in his main throne room resting back in his chair with a cocktail and snack worms watching his Tartarous Vision to do with Leandor and his sister so far they were getting ready to crash in a tavern for a night, Leandor remarking to Ianthe that they will look for their parents and their kidnappers in the morning.

Psyche wandered in to the throne room with Pain and Panic scampering behind her.
“I'm back.” She announced.
Hades turned and he looked at her and smiled and his Tartarous Vision flicked off before Psyche could see what was going on.
“Psyche babe welcome back.” Hades remarked and looked at her. “So where’s this other daughter of yours?” He asked.
Psyche smiled. “Just outside. Pleasure you can come in.”
Hades looked at the door and he grinned instantly as Pleasure came walking in and she dropped her bag on to Pain and Panic squashing them she was looking round in awe.... “This place is so Gothic! I love it!” She announced.
Hades blinked and he looked at Psyche. “Okay she likes this place where’s she get that from?” He asked.
“Hecate and Aphrodite are the main Goddess’ she hangs out with, no teenage Goddess types to hang out with.” Psyche explained.
“Hecate huh? I can see how Aphrodite influences her... but Hecate?” He asked.
“She wants a skull broach for her sixteenth, I keep advising her she’s not the Underworld type, but you know teenagers all go through this dark stage... even the happiest of them.” Psyche explained.
Hades grinned. “Well then she’d probably get along well with Alethea. Which reminds me... ALETHEA!!!!! YOUR MOTHER’S HERE!!!!” He shouts.
Pleasure smiled. “Oh wow cool so you are as loud as they say you are neat.”
Hades looked at Pleasure then to Psyche. “She’s a bit to perky to go dark don’t you think?” he asked.

Alethea came walking in to the throne room and she looked at Psyche and then to Pleasure. “Heya. Howzit?” She remarked.
“For now Pleasure will share your room till I can clean out one for her.” Hades said.
Alethea nodded and Pleasure walked up to her and smiled. “Hey I’m Pleasure.”
“Pleasure huh? Well I guess I’ll have to see if that’ll come true.” Alethea drooled.
Hades gave Alethea a scolding look. Alethea just smirked at him.
“I just love your outfit.” pleasure remarked.
Alethea looked at Pleasure and blinked and she looked down at her outfit and blinked.
“You do?” She asked surprised.
“Totally. I’ve been bugging mom for one of those underworld broaches, but she just won’t give me one. I can’t imagine why though.” Pleasure remarked.
Alethea looked at her. “Well honey it’s cause your pink, I’m sorry but only us blue and grey types look good with it, but don’t worry your complexion will change after a few weeks of being down here then it’ll look good.” She assured her.

Psyche looked at Hades and he looked back at her.
“Alethea, show her the room.” Hades remarked.
Psyche smiled, she wasn’t expecting them to get along as well as they were, but for some reason she knew the fighting would still come, after all two teenage girls and not scrapping didn’t never happen she learnt that from being the youngest of three sisters.
Alethea looked at Pleasure and she smiled. “This way.” She said. “Pain, Panic bring her bag.” She ordered the two imps.
the two girls walked out chatting, Pain and Panic pushed the bag up on their backs Pain under the front of the bag and Panic at the back and they wandered out carrying the bag.

Hades looked at Psyche. “You look amused babe, care to indulge me?” He asked.
Psyche smiled. “I’d like to see how long they get along for. Cause when they fight I got a feeling Hel will break loose.” She remarked.
Hades grinned. “And you would be the expert on this huh?”
“Try having two older sisters then you’ll know.” Psyche said and smirked.
Hades looked at her. “I don’t want to know. Unless the situation calls for it.”


Eros sat on one of the pillars in the entrance to the Mt Olympus looking down to the earth below and he sighed. Hermes flew up next to him and he looked at Eros.
“Why so blue cat?” Hermes asked.
Eros looked at Hermes then down to himself. “I’m not blue I’m yellow.” He replied.
“It’s an expression man. You look upset is what I’m saying.” Hermes remarked.
Eros nodded. “Oh well I guess who wouldn’t be. My wife and my only child are now hanging out in the underworld. Wouldn’t you be blue?” he asked reply.
Hermes smiled. “I’m already blue man.” Hermes replied.
“You are why?” Eros asked.
“Well I’ve been blue from the day I was born. I didn’t get to choose my coloring.” Hermes replied Eros looked at him Hermes smiled. “Hey you asked.”
Eros looked back to earth. “I hope Pleasure is okay...”
Hermes looked at Eros. “Trust me she’ll fit in that girl is too dark to fit in up here, Hades will enjoy having her round, plus Psyche’s with her and she’s got Alethea.”
Eros looked at Hermes. “That’s what I’m worried about.”


To Be Continued...