K-chan's Want List

The following is a list of anime that I want and am willing to trade anything in my collection for.
***Things that are in bold are things that I want the most.***
-Sailor Moon R: Vol. 2-7 (SUB ONLY)
-Mamotte Shugogetten: eps. 17+ (sub)
-Kaikan Phrase: Vol. 7+
-RAVE: Eps. 9+
-Master of Mosquiton 99': eps. 12+ (sub)
-Gensou Maden Saiyuki TV: eps. 24+ (sub)
-Saiyuki the Movie: Requiem (sub only)
-Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat: eps. 4-6
-One Piece: eps. 17+
-Angel's Tail: ANY
-Tokyo Mew Mew: eps. 7+ -Tenchi Muyo! GXP eps. 11+ (sub)
-X TV: eps. 5+
-Wild Arms: ANY (sub)
-Those Who Hunt Elves 2: ANY (sub)
-NOIR: eps. 5+ (sub)
-Hikaru No Go!: eps. 13+ (sub only)
-Kodomo No Omocha: eps. 41+ (sub)
-Mahojin Guru Guru: ANY (sub only)
-Wedding Peach: eps. 17+ (sub)
-The Slayers: Gorgeous (sub only)
-Any FanParodies
-Any DB-Z-GT that I don't have (SUB ONLY)

Commercial Stuff
-Mahoromantic: ANY (sub/dub)
-NieA_7: ANY (sub/dub)
-Sister Princess: ANY (sub/dub)
-Trouble Chocolate: ANY (sub/dub)
-Steel Angel Kurumi: ANY (sub/dub)
-The Slayers: vol. 5-8(sub/dub)
-Tenchi in Tokyo: eps. 8-10
-El Hazard-The Wanderers: Vol. 3
-Sorcerer Hunters: eps. 15+ (sub)
-Magic Knight Rayearth 2: eps. 29-32 and 50-52(sub only)
-Burn Up X: eps. 5+ (dub/sub)
-Cosmic Warrior Zero: ANY (dub/sub)
-EX Driver: ANY (dub/sub)
-Trouble Chocolate: ANY (sub/dub)
-Vandread: ANY (sub/dub)
-Those Who Hunt Elves: eps. 8+ (sub/dub)
-Project ARMS: ANY (sub/dub)
-Soul Taker: ANY (sub/dub)
-Card Captor Sakura: eps. 3+ (SUB ONLY)
-Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran: ANY (sub/dub)
-Space Pirate Mito: ANY (sub/dub)
-Rurouni Kenshin: eps. 16+(sub/dub)
-Record of Lodoss Wars TV: vol. 5+(dub/sub)
-Magic Knight Rayearth OAV: all(sub)
-Trigun: vol. 2+(dub/sub)
-Revolutionary Girl Utena: vol. 2+(sub/dub)
-Vampire Princess Miyu TV: eps. 13-26(sub)
-Yuu Yuu Hakusho TV: 16+(sub)

I am also willing to trade tapes for Manga, doujinshi, Anime CD's, J-pop CDs, and other anime memorabilia. I have also been known to trade for things not on my want list. It all depends on if I'm interested or not. ^_^

Email: saiyajingoddesskyley@yahoo.com