Music Videos

I am however giving away VHS copies of Anime music videos that I've made every time you buy fansubs or trade with me. All you have to do to get them is let me know if you want them or not. You will not get an AMV tape if you do not request it. ^_^
~*~Please note: All AMVs will be on the same tape. You don't have to request certain ones.~*~
And if you want them and don't want to trade or buy fansubs to get them for free then all you have to do is send $6. (This is for shiping and handling and for the cost of a tape. I MAKE NO MONEY OF OF THIS.)

Here is my current list of my current AMVs.

1. Kryptonite-3 Doors Down
Action and other misc. stuff.

2. Dragon Moon Z
A parody of Sailor Moon. VERY funny!!

3. Gropefest
Eechi humor galore!!

4. Sleepless Night-Megumi Hayashibara
Suff being blown up, action and other fun stuff.

5. Pure Snow-Himiko Den
Romance, very cute. Very good, one of my favs!!

6. The Other Side of The Moon
Misc. creepy-type anime. Turned out pretty well I think. ^_^

7. Ayashi no Fushigi
My longest video yet!! (7 min). I think it turned out really good though. It features Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi.

8. We Are Slayers
A lil Slayers vid that I whipped together in about 3 hours. It focuses on the funnier stuff in Slayers.

9. Big Balls-AC/DC
Another Dragonball parody featuring our favorite green haired Hottie Zarbon!! (Amongst the other DBZ cast. ^_^). This one is lots of fun!!

10. Crawling-Linkin Park
Thus begins my Linkin Park music vid Obsession. ^_^
This video is dedicated to all my favorite little psychotic/dark/very evil villians in anime and video games. Turned out pretty good.

11. Airwave
A nifty action-type video that my fiancee did.

12. Through The Night-Outlaw Star opening theme
Neat lil flashy vid with some Outlaw Star, Angel Links, Sorcerer Hunters and Houshin Engi footage.

13. Eden-by Sarah Brightman
Very beautiful and peacefull music video of random pretty things. Lot's of FFX in this one. ^_^

14. Look to the Sky-DDR
A lil' Gravitation AMV that I slapped together.
Please note that these vids were made with two VCRs and a Playstation, so thay're not going to be super high quality. Most have a minor glitch here and there, but are still good. Enjoy!