The Rules

If you are interested in Ordering Fansubs or Trading with me, then please read and follow these rules.

Trading Rules

1. For trading, first look on my WantList. Then see if you want anything from my list of Tapes. (I sometimes trade for things not on there though depending on if I'm interested so you can still ask and send me your list.)

2. Then, e-mail me and be sure give me your tape list, what you're offering or website with the qualities of your tapes. Dont lie please!

3. I trade 1 tape for 1 tape. You may request to trade as many tapes as you want, but the more tapes you want, the longer it would take. I don't care if we use the same brand tape, but please dont use a really bad brand or a used tape. Remember, if you use a crappy brand of tape you will get your fansubs on a crummy brand.

4. I use SP speed only, and I only trade with people that record in SP speed.

5. If you initiate the trade you have to send your tapes to me first. After we traded once we will send at the same time.

6. I will also trade for manga, CDs, DVD's, or other anime merchandise (depending on what it is). You will get a certain number of tapes depending on the quality of your item(s) and what they are.

7. With VCD's I will trade 2 VDC's for one tape and vise-versa.
Fansub Requests

1. First find the tapes you want. After that, e-mail me the names of the tapes that you are interested in along with your mailing address. (Please DO NOT request comercial tapes or VCDs!!)

2. Then, when I confirm, I will give you my address and your total. See the Price Chart for the prices. The prices include shipping, the cost of the tapes and lables, and packing material. I record in SP speed only! No mixing and matching either.

3. I only accept money orders or cash (cash wouldn't be wise and its not my responsiblity if it gets lost.) If you are from oustside the U.S. I accept International Money Orders. No personal checks, please. If you send a personal check it will be returned to you.

4. Once I get your payment, I'll make the tapes and send them to you.

5. Please include a note with what tapes you ordered, your email address, and your shipping address.

6. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages in the mail. I will only relace tapes if there is a problem with the actual tape. Contact me and I will send a replacement at my own expense.

7. Email me for prices outside the U.S. and Canada. All payments must be in U.S. currency! There is a limit of 10 tapes.

8. Don't continuously email me about your order. When emailing me, use your full name and the tapes you ordered, please. If your letter is lost, I'm sorry, I can't do anything about it.