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Last updated 12/24/03

I just moved, so contact me for my new address. I've been very busy with college lately, so please forgive me for your orders taking longer than my usual week.
I have a little of everything. I usually get anime every week or two, and I'll update this page when I have time. Everything is catagorized in alphabetical order.

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Tape Grading and Color Chart

Tape Grade Chart
CM Commercial tape, (usually A or A-)
M Excellent!! Direct from Master.
A Very Good condition, no bleeding.
B Good, maybe a little bleeding or a tiny glitch.
C Decent, color bleeding, small glitch or two here and there. Still watchable though.
D Bad, obvious glitches, sometimes subs unreadable, or is shakey.
+ A little better.
- A little worse.
** Reccomended Series
~ There's a note about this particular tape at the bottom of the page.
?? I haven't had a chance to grade it yet, or haven't watched it yet.

Color Chart
Green=Fansubed or Raw titles
Blue=Comercial titles
Orange=CD's (*see note below)

-I can ONLY distro fansub and raw tapes.
-DO NOT request commercial titles or DVD titles.
-All DVDs are dub/sub/raw, and in Master (M) quality (unless noted otherwise).

-I will not distro commercial CD's, the will be trade only.
-My CD's* are made to only watch the files on your computer ONLY, they will not play in a DVD player.
~*~Anime Titles~*~
Titles A-D Titles E-H Titles I-L Titles M-O Titles P-R Titles S-T Titles U-Z

~*~New Titles!!~*~

U-JIN Brand (sub) A-
Night Warriors-Darkstalkers Revenge: Vol. 3 (sub) CM
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 1 (sub)
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2 (sub)
Spirited Away
Chobits: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4
Hellsing: Vol. 3, eps. 7-9
Hellsing: Vol. 4, eps. 10-13
Saiyuki: vol. 1, eps. 1-5
Saiyuki: vol. 1, eps. 6-10
~Boogiepop & Others
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar: eps. 1-3 (sub)
Witch Hunter Robin: eps. 1-4 (sub) A+
Witch Hunter Robin: eps. 10-15 (sub) A+
Witch Hunter Robin: eps. 16-21 (sub) A+
Witch Hunter Robin: eps. 22-26 (sub) A+
One Piece: eps. 17-19 (sub)
One Piece: eps. 20-23 (sub)
One Piece: eps. 24-26 (sub)
One Piece: eps. 27-29 (sub)
Angelic Layer: eps. 1-4 (sub) A+
Angelic Layer: eps. 5-8 (sub) A+
Angelic Layer: eps. 9-12 (sub) A+
Angelic Layer: eps. 13-115 (sub) A+
Ayashi No Ceres: eps. 1-9 (sub)
Ayashi No Ceres: eps. 10-15 (sub)
Ayashi No Ceres: eps. 16-19 (sub)
Ayashi No Ceres: eps. 20-24 (sub)
Tokyo Mew Mew: eps. 4-6 (sub)
.hack//SIGN: eps. 16-19 (sub)
.hack//SIGN: eps. 20-22 (sub)
.hack//SIGN: eps. 23-25 (sub)
.hack//SIGN: ep. 26 + OAV III (sub)
Ai Yori Aoshi: eps 0-2 (sub)
Sadamitsu: eps. 1-2 (sub)
Sister Princess: eps. 1-4 (sub)
Pia Carrot DX: eps. 1-4 (sub)
Mirage of Blaze: eps. 1-2 (sub)
Shaman King: eps. 1-3 (sub)
Shaman King: eps. 4-6 (sub)
Shaman King: eps. 7-9 (sub)
Spiral: eps. 10-12 (sub)
Spiral: eps. 13-15 (sub)
Naruto: eps. 16-18 (sub)
Naruto: eps. 19-21 (sub)
Inu Yasha: eps. 96-98 (sub)
Inu Yasha: eps. 99-101 (sub)
Inu Yasha: eps. 102-103 (sub)
Inu Yasha: eps. 104-106 (sub)
Inu Yasha: eps. 107-109 (sub)

Titles that will be removed from distro soon
-Ai Yori Aoshi~Liscensed by: Pioneer-REMOVED
-Angelic Layer~liscensed by: ADV
-Chobits~Liscensed by: Pioneer-REMOVED
-Comic Party~Liscensed by: The Right Stuff
-Cowboy Bebop Movie~Liscensed by: Columbia/Tristar-REMOVED
-DiGi Charat movie~Liscensed by: Sync-point
-Eden's Bowy~Liscensed by: ADV-REMOVED
-Final Fantasy Unlimited~Liscensed by: ADV
-Flame of Recca~Liscensed by: VIZ
-Full Metal Panic~Liscensed by: ADV
-Gravitation~Liscensed by: The Right Stuff
-Hana Yori Dango~Liscensed By: VIZ
-Hikaru No Go~Liscensed by: VIZ
-Marmalade Boy~liscensed by: Tokyo Pop
-Mirage of Blaze~Liscensed by: Media Blasters
-Nadesico Movie: Prince of Darkness~liscensed by: ADV
-Nausicaa~Liscensed by: Disney
-NOIR~liscensed by: ADV-REMOVED
-Onegai Teacher~Liscensed by~ Bandai-REMOVED
-One Piece~Liscensed by: Funimation
-Pretear~Liscensed by: ADV
-Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat~Liscensed by: ADV
-Puni Puni Poemi~Liscensed by: ADV
-RAVE~Liscensed by: Toykopop
-Read or Die (R.O.D.)~Liscensed by: Manga
-Sadamitsu~Liscensed by: Media Blasters
-Saiyuki TV~Liscensed by: ADV-REMOVED
-Seraphim Call~Liscensed by: Media Blasters
-Sister Princess~Liscensed by: ADV
-Slayers Return~liscensed by: ADV
-Slayers Great~liscensed by: ADV
-Slayers Premium~liscensed by: ADV
-Slayers Excellent~liscensed by: ADV
-Tenchi Muyo GXP~Liscensed by: Funimation
-Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar~Liscensed by: Pioneer-REMOVED
-Wedding Peach~liscensed by: ADV

Source: Anime on DVD

If you're curious about the quality of certain tapes, then ask me and I'll be more than happy to tell you. I'm slowly trying to grade all of my tapes, so please be paitient ok? Thanks.
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