Titles S-T


Saber Marionette R: OAV 1-3 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) C
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 3, eps. 9-12 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 4, eps. 13-16 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 5, eps. 17-20 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J: Vol. 6, eps. 21-25 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J to X: Vol. 1, eps. 1-5 (sub) ??
Saber Marionette J to X: Vol. 2, ep.s 6-10 (sub) ??
Sailor Goon Trilogy (Fansub Parody) B
Sailor Moon Stars (Fandub Parody) D+
~Sailor Moon and the 7 Ballz (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: "A Star is Born" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Scouts Unite" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Evil Eyes" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Jupiter and Venus Arrive" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Secret Identities" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Good Queen, Bad Queen" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Mysterious Tuxedo Mask" (dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: "Red Hearts and Silver Crystals" (dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon R: Doom Tree Series vol. 1 (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon R: Doom Tree Series vol. 2 (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon R: Doom Tree Series vol. 3 (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon R: Doom Tree Series vol. 4 (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon R: The Movie (Subbed) A
**Sailor Moon R: The Movie "The Promise of the Rose" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon S: The Movie (Subbed) A
**Sailor Moon S: The Movie "Hearts on Ice" (Dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie (Subbed) A
**Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie: "Black Dream Hole" (dubbed) CM
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 1, eps. 1-5 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 2, eps. 5-9 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 3, eps. 10-14 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 4, eps. 15-19 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 5, eps. 20-24 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 6, eps. 25-28 (sub) C
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 7 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 8 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 9 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 10, eps. 37-40 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 11, eps. 41-44 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon: Vol. 12 (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon R: Vol. 1, eps. 47-50 (sub) B-
**Sailor Moon R: Vol. 8, eps. 73-76 (sub) M
**Sailor Moon R: Vol. 9, eps. 77-80 (sub) M
**Sailor Moon R: Vol. 10, eps. 81-84 (sub) M
**Sailor Moon R: Vol. 11, eps. 85-89 (sub) M
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 1-eps. 90-93(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 2-eps. 94-97(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 3-eps. 98-101(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 4-eps. 102-105(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 5-eps. 106-109(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 6-eps. 110-113(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 7-eps. 114-117(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 8-eps. 118-122(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon S: vol. 9-eps. 123-127(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: Ami-chan's First Love and Specials (sub) ??
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 1-eps. 128-131(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 2-eps. 132-134(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 3-eps. 135-137(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 4-eps. 138-141(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 5-eps. 142-145(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 6-eps. 146-149(subbed) B
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 7-eps. 150-153(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 8-eps. 154-157(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 9-eps. 158-161(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon Super S: vol. 10-eps. 162-166(subbed) A-
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 1 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 2 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 3 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 4 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 5 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 6 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 7 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 8 (subbed) B
**Sailor Moon-Sailor Stars: Vol. 9 **END** (Subbed) B
Saint Tail: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) ??
Saint Tail: Vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) M
Saint Tail: Vol. 3, eps. 9-12 (sub) M
Saint Tail: Vol. 4, eps. 13-16 (sub) M
Saint Tail: Vol. 5, eps. 17-20 (sub) M
**Saiyuki The Movie: Requiem (Raw Jap) A-
**Saiyuki OAV/X OAV (sub) A-
**Saiyuki: Vol. 1 (Raw Jap) A-
~**Saiyuki: Vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub)C
~**Saiyuki: Vol. 2, eps. 3-4 (sub)C
~**Saiyuki: Vol. 3, eps. 5-8 (sub)C
**Saiyuki: Vol. 4 (sub) A
**Saiyuki: Vol. 5 (sub) ??
**Saiyuki: Vol. 6 (sub) ??
**Saiyuki: Vol. 7 (sub) ??
**Saiyuki: Vol. 8 (sub) ??
Sakura Diaries: vol. 4 (dub) A
Sakura Wars: Vol. 1 (dub) CM
~Sequence (sub)??
Seraphim Call: vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) ??
Seraphim Call: vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) ??
Serial Experimants Lain: Vol 3 (dubbed) A-
Shamanic Princess: Tiara's Quest (dubbed) CM
Shamanic Princess: The Guardian World (dubbed) A-
Shamanic Princess: The Talisman Unleashed A-(dubbed) A
**Shinesman (Dubbed) A-
Sin (dubbed) A
**Slayers:The Movie (Dubbed) CM
**Slayers:Excellent: OAV 1-3 (sub) C
**Slayers:Return (sub) B-
**Slayers:Great (sub) B-
**Slayers:Return (Raw Jap) A-
**Slayers:Great (Raw Jap) A-
**Slayers:Gorgeous (Raw Jap) A-

**Slayers:Premium (sub) A
**The Slayers: "Dragon Slave" (Dubbed) CM
**Slayers: Explosion Array (dub) B-
**The Slayers: vol. 1 ep. 1-4 (Subbed) A-
**The Slayers: vol. 2 ep. 5-7 (Subbed) A-
**The Slayers: vol. 3 ep. 8-9 (Subbed) A-
**The Slayers: vol. 4 ep. 11-13(dubbed) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 1 (sub) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 2 (sub) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 3 (sub) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 4 (sub) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 5 ep. 40-42 (Dubbed) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 6 ep. 43-45 (Dubbed) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 7 ep. 46-48 (Dubbed) CM
**The Slayers NEXT: vol. 8 ep. 49-52 (Subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 1 (Subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 2 (Subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 3 (Subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 4 (Dubbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 5 (subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 6 (subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 7 (subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 8 **END**(subbed) CM
**The Slayers TRY: vol. 8 **END**(dubbed) A-
Spiral: eps. 1-3 (sub) A+
Spiral: eps. 4-6 (sub) A+
Spiral: eps. 7-9 (sub) A+
Spirit of The Sword (dubbed) CM
**Spirited Away (sub) B+
Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie
**Sorcerer Hunters: vol. 3 (Dubbed) CM
**Sorcerer Hunters: Vol. 1, eps. 1-7
**Sorcerer Hunters: vol. 2, eps. 8-14
**Sorcerer on the Rocks
Street Fighter: Zero/Alpha (dubbed) CM
Street Fighter Zero: Vol. 1 (raw) A-
Street Fighter Zero: Vol. 2 (raw) A-
Super-Deformed Double Feature (Subbed) B


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OAV (Raw Jap) A-
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 1 (Subbed) A-
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 2 (Subbed) A-
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 3 (Dubbed) CM
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 4 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 5, eps. 8-9 (sub) CM
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 6, eps. 10-11 (sub) CM
**Tenchi Muyo OAV: vol. 7 **END**(Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 1 (Subbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 2 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 3 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 4 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: Vol. 4, eps. 11-13 (sub) CM
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 5 (Dubbed) CM
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 6 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 7 (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 8 **END**(Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Universe: vol. 8 **END**(Subbed) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 2, eps. 5-7 (dub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 4, eps. 11-13 (sub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 5, eps. 14-16 (dub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 6, eps. 17-19 (dub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 7, eps. 20-22 (sub) CM
**Tenchi in Tokyo: Vol. 8, eps. 23-26 (sub) CM ***END***
**Tenchi Muyo! GXP: eps. 1-2 (sub) A+
**Tenchi Muyo! GXP: eps. 3-4 (sub) A+
**Tenchi Muyo! GXP: eps. 5-7 (sub) A+
**Tenchi Muyo! GXP: eps. 8-10 (raw) A+
**Tenchi Muyo! GXP: eps. 12-15 (raw) A+
**Tenchi Muyo! the Movie: "Tenchi in Love" (Dubbed) A-
**Tenchi Muyo! the Movie: "Tenchi in Love" (sub) CM
**Tenchi Muyo! the Movie: "Daughter of Darkness" (Subbed) B
**Tenchi Muyo! the Movie: "Tenchi Forever" (Dubbed) A-
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 2, eps. 3-5 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 3, eps. 6-8 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 4, eps. 9-11 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 5, eps. 12-14 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 6, eps. 15-17 (sub) A
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 7, eps. 18-20 (sub) ??
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 8, eps. 21-23 (sub) ??
**Tenshi Ni Narumon: Vol. 9, eps. 24-26 **END**(sub)??
**Those Who Hunt Elves: vol. 1 (dubbed) A
**Those Who Hunt Elves: Vol. 2 (dub) A-
**Those Who Hunt Elves: Vol. 3 (dub) A-
3x3 Eyes:Perfect Collection: eps. 1-4 (dubbed) ??
3x3 Eyes: vol. 5 (Dubbed) ??
3x3 Eyes: vol. 6 (Dubbed) ??
**To Heart: vol. 1-eps. 1-3 (sub) M
**To Heart: vol. 2-eps. 4-5 (sub) M
**To Heart: vol. 3-eps. 6-7 (sub) M
**To Heart: vol. 4-eps. 8-10 (sub) M
**To Heart: vol. 5-eps. 11-13 **END**(sub) M
~Tokyo Babylon 1 & 2
Tokyo Babylon: vol. 1 (Dubbed) ??
Tokyo Mew Mew: eps. 1-2 (sub) A
**Trigun: vol. 1 (Dubbed) A-
**Trigun: vol. 5 (Raw Jap) A-
**Trigun: vol. 6 (Raw Jap) A-
**Trigun: vol. 7 **END**(Raw Jap) A-
~Twilight of the Dark Master
**Twin Signal

Side Notes:
~Saiyuki: vol. 1-3
Has Chinese subtitles, but has english subs over the chinese ones. English Subs are still readable. A few sound problems too on vol. 3.
Has "Christmas in January" on it.
~Twilight of the Dark Master
HK DVD has both dub and raw tracks, but also has unremovable english and chinese subs pasted on.
~Tokyo Babylon 1 & 2
HK DVD has both dub and raw tracks, but also has unremovable english and chinese subs pasted on.
~Sailor Moon and the 7 Ballz
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