Titles E-H


Earth Girl Arjuna: eps. 1-5 (sub) ??
Ebichu: eps. 1-8 (sub) A+
Ebichu: eps. 9-10 (sub) A+ & Angel's Tail: ep. 1 (sub) A
Eden's Bowy: Vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) ??
Eden's Bowy: Vol. 2, eps. 3-5 (sub) ??
Eden's Bowy: Vol. 3, eps. 6-8 (sub) ??
Elf Princess Rane (dub) B+
**El-Hazard: vol. 1 (Dubbed) A
**El-Hazard: vol. 2 (Dubbed) A
**El-Hazard: vol. 3 (Dubbed) CM
**El-Hazard: vol. 4 (Dubbed) **END**A
**El-Hazard 2: vol. 1 "Awakening of Kalia" (Dubbed) A
**El-Hazard 2: vol. 2 "Promise For Reunion" **END**(Dubbed) A
**El-Hazard: The Alternative World: vol. 1 "The Priestess of Water" (Subbed) A
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 1 "The Adventure Begins" (Dubbed) A-
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 2 "Water, Wind, and Fire" (Subbed) A-
**El-Hazard: The Wanderers: Vol. 2, eps. 3-6 (sub) CM
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 4 "The Ultimate Weapon" (Subbbed) A-
**El-Hazard: The Wanderers: Vol. 4, eps. 11-14 (dub) CM
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 5 "The Violent Winds" (Dubbed) A-
**El-Hazard: The Wanderers: Vol. 5, eps. 15-18 (dub) CM
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 6 "The Rescue" (Subbed) A-
**The Wanderers: El-Hazard: vol. 7 "The Final Adventures" **END**(Dubbed) A-
**El-Hazard: The Wanderers: Vol. 7, eps. 23-26 **END**(sub) CM
Escablowme (Fansub Parody) ??
End of Evangelion (sub) ??
~Escaflowne: The Movie (subbed) B-
Evangelion Death and Rebirth (sub) ??
**Evangelion RE:Death (FANDUB Parody) B-
Evanjellyon (Fansub Parody) ??
**Excel Saga: vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) B+
**Excel Saga: Vol. 1
**Excel Saga: Vol. 2
**Excel Saga: Vol. 3
**Excel Saga: Vol. 4


~F3: eps. 1-3 (sub) A-
~FAKE (subbed) D-
Fatal Fury: The Movie (Dubbed) ??
Fatal Fury: The Movie (dub) A
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals-vol. 1 (Dubbed) ??
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals-vol. 2 **END** (dubbed) ??
~**Final Fantasy Unlimited: vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) B
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: Vol. 2, eps. 5-13
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: eps. 14-16 (sub) A+
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: eps. 17-19 (sub) A+
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: eps. 20-22 (sub) A+
**Final Fantasy Unlimited: eps. 23-25 **END**(sub) A+
Fire Tripper (Subbed) B+
The Five Star Stories (sub) B
Flame of Recca: Vol. 1 (raw) A
**Fruits Basket: eps. 1-2 ~ Funimation Promo DVD (dub only)
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 1, eps. 1-3 (sub) B-
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 2, eps. 4-6 (sub) B-
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 3, eps. 7-9 (sub) B-
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 4, eps. 9-12 (sub)??
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 5, eps.13-16 (sub ??
**Fruits Basket: Vol. 6, eps.17-19 (sub) ??
**Fruits Basket: eps. 1-4 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 5-7 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 8-10 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 11-13 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 14-16 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 17-19 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 20-22 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 23-25 (sub) A+
**Fruits Basket: eps. 26+ Special **END**(sub) A+
Full Metal Panic: eps. 1-2 (sub) A+
Full Metal Panic: eps. 3-4 (sub) ??
Full Metal Panic: eps. 5-7 (sub) ??
Full Metal Panic: eps. 8-10 (sub) ??
Full Metal Panic: eps. 11-13 (sub) ??
Furi Kuri: Vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) C+
Furi Kuri: Vol. 2, eps. 3-6 **END**(sub) ??
**Fushigi Yuugi: "The Universe of the Four Gods" (Dubbed) CM
**Fushigi Yuugi: "The Dying Land" (Dubbed) CM
**Fushigi Yuugi: "Dark Reunion" (Dubbed) CM
**Fushigi Yuugi: "The Seiryu Seven" (dubbed) A
**Fushigi Yuugi: "Nuriko" CM(sub)
**Fushigi Yuugi: "The Fading Light" (dubbed) A
**Fushigi Yuugi: "Memories" (dubbed) A
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 1 ep. 1-4 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 2 ep. 5-8 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 3 ep. 9-12 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 4 ep. 13-16 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 5 ep. 17-20 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 6 ep. 21-24 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 7 ep. 25-28 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 8 ep. 29-32 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 9 ep. 33-36 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 10 ep. 37-40 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 11 ep. 41-44 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 12 ep. 45-48 (Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi: vol. 13 ep. 49-52 **END**(Subbed) B
**Fushigi Yuugi OAV 1 (Subbed) M
**Fushigi Yuugi OAV 2: vol. 1 eps. 1-3 (Subbed) M
**Fushigi Yuugi OAV 2: vol. 2 eps. 4-6 **END**(Subbed) M
**Fushigi Yuugi: Music Crips (sub) B
~**Fushigi Yuugi OAV III: Eikoden: Eps. 1-4 (HK)
**Fushigi Yuugi: OAV III-Eikoden: Eps. 1-4 (CM)


**Galaxy Express 999 (Dubbed) A-
**Adieu:Galaxy Express 999 (Dubbed) A-
The Girl From Phantasia (subbed) ??
**The Glass Mask: OAV 1-2 (sub) A-
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) ??
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) ??
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 3, eps. 9-12 (sub) ??
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 4, eps. 13-16 (sub) ??
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 5, eps. 17-20 (sub) ??
**The Glass Mask: Vol. 6, eps. 21-23 (sub) ??
**Goldenboy: vol. 1 (Dubbed) A-
**Goldenboy: vol. 2 (Dubbed) A-
**Goldenboy: vol. 3 (Dubbed) A-
**Goldenboy: vol. 4 (Dubbed) A-
**Goldenboy: vol. 6 **END**(Dubbed) A-
**Golden Boy: Eps. 1-6 **END** (dub) A-
~**Gravitation TV: Vol. 1, eps. 1-8
~**Gravitation TV: Vol. 2, eps. 9-13 **END**
~**Gravitation TV: Vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (sub) A
~**Gravitation OAV 1 (sub) B+
~**Gravitation: OAV 1-2 (sub) ??
~**Gravitation TV: eps. 1-6 (sub) A+
~**Gravitation TV: eps. 7-11 (sub) A+
~**Gravitation TV: eps. 12-13 **END**(sub) A+
~**Gravitation OAV: 1-2 (sub) A+
Green Legend Ran (Dubbed) CM
**GTO: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4
**GTO: Vol. 2, eps. 5-9
**GTO: Vol. 3, eps. 10-14
Gundam X: Vol. 1 (Raw Jap) ??
Gunsmith Cats: Vol. 1-BulletProof (Dubbed) A-


.hack//SIGN: eps. 1-3 (sub) A+
.hack//SIGN: eps. 4-6 (sub) A+
.hack//SIGN: eps. 7-9 (sub) A+
.hack//SIGN: eps. 10-12 (sub) A+
.hack//SIGN: eps. 13-15 (sub) A+
.hack//SIGN: OAV I-II (sub) A+
The Hakkenden: vol. 1, eps. 1-2 (dub) A-
~**Hana Yori Dango: vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) B
~**Hana Yori Dango: vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) B
~**Hana Yori Dango: vol. 3, eps. 9-12 (sub) B
**Hana Yori Dango: vol. 4, eps. 13-16 (sub) A
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 5, eps. 17-20 (sub) A
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 6, eps. 21-24 (sub) A
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 7, eps. 25-28 (sub) A-
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 8, eps. 29-32 (sub) B+
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 9, eps. 33-36 (sub) A-
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 10, eps. 37-41 (sub) A-
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 11, eps. 42-46 (sub) B+
**Hana Yori Dango: Vol. 12, eps. 47-51 **END** B+(sub)
**Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (sub) C
~Hand Maid May: Vol. 1 eps. 1-3 (subbed) A-
~Hand Maid May: Vol. 2 eps. 4-6 (subbed) A-
~Hand Maid May: Vol. 3 eps. 7-10 (subbed) A-
Hand Maid May: ep. 11/Love Hina: ep. 25/Inu Yasha: ep. 43 (sub) ??
The Harlock Saga: Vol. 1, eps. 1-3 (sub) A
The Harlock Saga: Vol. 2, eps. 4-6 **END** (sub) A
The Harlock Saga: Vol. 1, eps. 1-3 (dub) A-
The Harlock Saga: Vol. 2, eps. 4-6 **END**(dub) A-
**Haunted Junction: vol. 1 ep. 1-3 (Subbed) B+
**Haunted Junction: vol. 2 ep. 4-6 (Subbed) B+
**Haunted Junction: vol. 3 ep. 7-9 (Subbed) B+
**Haunted Junction: vol. 4 ep. 10-12 **END**(Subbed) B+
Heavy Metal L. Gaim (sub) A-
**Hellsing: Vol. 1, eps. 1-3
**Hellsing: Vol. 2, eps. 4-6
**Hellsing: eps. 1-4 (sub) A+
**Hellsing: eps. 5-7 (sub) A+
**Hellsing: eps. 8-10 (sub) A+
**Hellsing: eps. 11-13 **END**(sub) A+
Here is Greenwood: vol. 3 (dubbed) CM
Hikaru No Go!: Vol. 1 (Raw Jap) A
Hikaru No Go!: eps. 1-3 (sub) A+
Hikaru No Go!: eps. 4-6 (sub) A+
Hikaru No Go!: eps. 7-9 (sub) A+
Hikaru No Go!: eps. 10-12 (sub) A+
Hikaru No Go!: New Years Special (sub) A+
Himiko Den: vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) A-
Himiko Den: vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) ??
Himiko Den: vol. 3, eps. 9-12 **END**(sub) ??
Houshin Engi: Vol. 1, eps. 1-4 (sub) A
Houshin Engi: vol. 2, eps. 5-8 (sub) ??
Houshin Engi: vol. 3, eps. 9-12 (sub) ??
Houshin Engi: Vol. 4, eps. 13-16 (sub)??
Houshin Engi: Vol. 5, eps. 17-20 (sub)??
Houshin Engi: Vol. 6, eps. 21-24 (sub)??
Houshin Engi: Vol. 7, eps. 25-26 **END**(sub)??
Houshin Engi (Soul Hunter): Vol. 1, eps. 1-5
Hunter X Hunter: Vol. 1, eps. 1-5 (sub) ??
Hyper Police: eps. 1-5 (sub) B+
Hyper Police: eps. 6-9 (sub) B+
Hyper Police: eps. 10-13 (sub) B+
Hyper Police: eps. 14-17 (sub) B+
Hyper Police: eps. 18-21 (sub) B+
Hyper Police: eps. 22-25 (sub) B+

Side notes:
-Vision of Escaflowne: The Movie (subbed)
The subs are hard to read.
-Hand Maid May: eps. 1-10
All eps. are from computer files. Subs are readable and the picture is pretty clear.
-Hana Yori Dango: vol. 1
TV source
-Hana Yori Dango: vol. 2 and 3
both are from TV source and have a little counter at the top left hand corner of the screen. It doesn't interfere with the subs though.
-Final Fantasy Unlimited: vol. 1
Computer source.
Shounen Ai/Yaoi series
~Gravitation TV (DVDs)
HK DVD-w/English and Chinese subs
Shounen ai/Yaoi
~Fushigi Yuugi OAV III: Eikoden
HK DVD, with only dub, and raw tracks.
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