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The Rules For This DragonBall Z RPG

*****Please Read This page before joining and creating a character! This will tell you all the Rules and Regulations of this DragonBall Z RPG. I might change the Rules and Regulations now and then to keep the RPG fun and interesting.*****


1.) Please, no whining, spamming, or complaning! If you think that I have made a mistake on the character or something, just E-mail me and let me know.

2.) If you have any ideas about this DragonBall Z RPG, just E-mail me and let me know and I'll see what I can do.

3.) When you join, please put in the subject of your E-mail, " I would like to join your DragonBall Z RPG." Thank you very much.

4.) If you get all seven of the DragonBalls, here is what you can wish for for each type of DragonBalls:

EARTH DRAGONBALLS - You get 1 (one) wish and can choose from the following:

NAMEK DRAGONBALLS - You get 3 (three) wishes and can choose form the following. Please note that you can't wish for the same thing twice or three times; only once! Here are the things you can wish for:

BLACK-STAR DRAGONBALLS - For these DragonBalls, you can wish for 1 (one)thing and can choose from the following:

5.) To make a wish for the DragonBalls, you must have the following: all seven DragonBalls of the same type. When you want to make a wish, send me an E-mail and tell me your character and also tell me what wish you want to make!

6.) ALL characters start off with the same stats!! If you are one of the first people to join, you may start off with one of the DragonBalls.

7.) This is the most important rule! HAVE FUN!!!