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Here I will put all the possible moves you can learn in this RPG. The moves under “Starters” are the moves you can pick when you first join. For some moves, only a certain Race can learn and perform them! For some others, only good people or evil people might be able to perform them. All of the moves (Except for the starters) have a level next to them. You need to be at that level or higher then it to learn that move If I don’t anything for a move next to it, it means that any person can learn/perform it. Also, You will learn every move (except for the ones you start with) from training with a person! You can even learn the starting moves from the trainers if you want to! For now, the maximum amount of moves you can have is 25! Well, here are the moves:


1.) Eye Beam- A quick blast from the eyes that explodes when it hits an object. (Androids and Nameks Only)

2.) Suicide- The Android grabs on to the person they are attacking and then explodes; killing them self. The defender might die as well, depending on his/her defense, strength, and power level. (Androids Only)

3.) Oozaru Transformation- The Saiyan with a tail turns into an enormous ape. All the saiyans stats are doubled! The Saiyan can only stay in this state for three rounds. (Saiyans Only)

4.) KaioKen (2x)- The Saiyan increases his/her power and speed dramatically. The Saiyan can only attack in this state for two rounds. (Saiyans Only)

5.) KameHameHa- A blue energy light gathers between the users hands and then is released at an object. (Androids, Saiyans, And Humans Only)

6.) Destruction Disc- A razor blade disc that is aimed at an opponent and can cut through almost anything. (Humans Only)

7.) Solar Flare- This attack is used to escape from battle. The user creates a blinding light and releases it towards the opponent(s) so they are blind for a couple of minutes. This attack has a 1/2 chance of working and letting you escape. (Humans Only)

8.) Regeneration- This technique is used to grow back an arm or a leg that has been destroyed or damaged. This can only be used twice each battle. (Nameks Only)

9.) Cannon Beam- This red swirling beam is aimed at an opponent. This attack is very powerful but, it has a 1/2 chance of missing and it takes two rounds to charge up. (Nameks Only)