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in this page i will post how to train, how meany times you can do it, masters of moves and any offers of training bargans.

training offers

master roshi will be acsepting sevral students once this rpg starts as a grand opaning, he will be teaching his signature move the kamehameha albet a watered down vertion. training will be free for first 5 pepole and redused for a few people after that. contact me to ask for training.

how to train

self training is very simple. all you have to do is send me a e-mail telling me how much you trained and how long you did it. remeber you start out as powerful as goku in the start of dragon ball so do not try anthing to hard or yur training will fail. you can do this only once per day.

sparing is a more efective way of training. it ofers a smaller boost then self training but can do it up to 5 times a day. you canot do it with one person for more then once a day but just 2 per day is better then training. if you spar you canot train by yourself for the remainder of the day. the 2 ways of sparing are to 1. both players tell me they are sparing or 2. ask me to arenge a proftonal spar like a battle. this may take a few days to arenge so just say you are sparing today and ask for a profetonal one soon.

gravitron training is one of the most gruleing trainings that you will undertake. it does not cost a lot to rent a gravatron beacuse there is allways a chance of dieing from it. think of it like self training but think sensabily. if you overtrain you could be injured or die from it. you can only do this once per day.

the spirit and time room training is the best training you can have. just to tell you it is not as god as in the show but stop crying. unlike in the show the room of spirit and time is not weighed but can delay time once a day for supiror training. their is no risk involved like gravaty training but is exstremly exspensive. to be exact this device lets you train 10 times in one day. for best results heve both a gravtron and spirit and time room simulator in your mantion (you need a mantion for both).

masters avalible for training

master roshi

moves tought: L kamehameha (see above offer), kamehameha, kamehamehax2, chou kamehameha and max kamehameha. cost, 500. 1 move per visit. must learn prevous move on list before next. time for move varies.

crow hemit

moves taught:donopla, super donopla, low cannon, donopla cannon (needs extra 200) cost 500. same rules as roshi


moves taught:weak regenaration, devil screw beam, light grenade, convertion and strong healing. cost 700. moves can be learnt in any oder exsept you must learn weak healing before strong healing.


moves taught: supreme regenaration, mind blast. ki increse of 5000. cost 1500. must be worthy of training and must have lernt all moves frome kame.