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rules curseing or badmouthing
2.if you send me more then 3 e-mails on joining you will be rejected
3.if you are breacking any rules you will get a strike
4.strike system is like this
1 strike power goes down
2 strikes your power goes down more
3 srikes and terible things will hapen to your character.
5.if you make a wish post it on the mb and i will respond. need 7 dbs of a planet.
6.if you are going to a location e-mail me and i will respond.
7. both playeres don't have to agree to fight but they bust to spar
8.the battle system works like this. the player with higher speed goes first. i or other member i might desagnate shall act as reffs. when useing a attack you must at least use the min amount of ki and any extra ki you wish to make it more powerfull. i shall tell you when you are runing out of ki or life. if you run out of ki you shall lose speed and power. after you have deafeted a oponent you can ethier clame a reward or kill him. if you kill a lot you will be attacked by mystrous forces. this shall all happen in aol chat rooms so if you do not allready have aim get it now at