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get the punches moves!!! if your oponent uses a ki absorbing attack or a ki shield the punch moves would be realy good!!!!

you can put ki in moves with no ki min.

if a move says all remaining ki you can use it no matter how much ki you have left. great for final attacks.

level 1 moves

you may train 4 days to get a level 1 move

mutiple punches, take a guess. min ki usage 0/1
mutiple kicks, a litle stonger then mutiple punhes. min ki usage 0/1
ki control, you need this to use any ki blasts, fly or hide ki. no ki usage
ki-blast, fires a weak ki atack. min ki usage 1/8
energy bomb, slightly stronger then ki-blast. min ki usage 1/6
mouth blast, energy fired from mouth. min ki usage 1/4
weak ki bearer, protects you a little from ki atacks.min ki usage 1/5
kamekameha, weak kamehameha wave beacuse of wrong wording. min ki usage 1/3
galic gun, strongest level 1 move. min ki usage 1/2

masters moves

L kamehameha, weak kamehameha. min ki usage 1/3
kamehameha, turrtle schools signature attack. ki 1/3
kamehamehax2, 2 times as powerful as kamehameha. ki 1/3
chibi kamehameha, 5 times as powerful as kamehameha. ki 1/3
max kamehameha, ultemte kamehameha move. min ki usage all remaining ki.

donola, same as kamehameha
super donopla, same as kamehamehax2
low cannon, same as chibi kamehameha
donopla cannon, same as max kamehameha

weak regenaration, recover some life. min ki usage 1/5
devil screw beam, strong attack, min ki usage 1/2
convertion, remove all evil buffs from you. allways active
strong healing, recover a lot of life. min ki usage 1/3

supreme regenaration, recover all life. ki useage 1/2
mind blast, deal great damage and stop ki attack. min ki usage 1/2

more soon