DBAF Episodes


Ok just remember....I translated these from japanese so they might not make sence.
Episode 1:Freiza and Cooler Return!

It starts out with re-capping what happened at the end of DBGT and how years after Goku leaving he returns and uses his new power (since he has the dragon balls in him)revives everyone from his past but in doing so he revives freiza and cooler along with his friends and family. He tries to wish for them to be gone but the dragonballs can only do good, not bad because they are in goku. Freiza and Cooler wished they would have a chance to fight goku again but they have a new trick... Fusion Dance! they fuse and become...Coolza (its pronounced Cools za) So they look like this....

Now Goku must fight and destory them but in powering up he goes into a weird transformation...

Then he turns into SSJ 5. He starts fighting and it seems that he will lose because Coolza has a much power as him. Will he win?