Adult Jokes-Be warned they are dirty! (not for the young)

Trivia- These will get your mind into gear!! See how many u can get right! be warned they aint easy!!

i need food!This is me in the morning trying to catch my Breakfast!

please dont eat me!!This is my Breakfast catching me!

This is u before visiting this site!! Nice looking banjo!!



And this is you when tou leave the site!! A good improvement I think!!


Wally test (This will test you to the limit!!)

1. Which 2 whole numbers multiplied together make 17?

2. If post is spelled POST and most is spelled MOST, how do you spell the word for what you put in your toaster?

3. What word of five letters contains six when two letters are taken away?

4. A Muslim living in England cannot be buried on a Church ground even if he converts to Christionity. Why not?

5. How many bananas can a grown man eat on a empty stomach?

6. Why is it that Beethoven never finished the Unfinished Symphony?

7. What common word is pronounced wrongly by over half of all Yale and Harvard graduates?

8. What gets larger the more you take away?

9. If I gave you ten cents for every quarter you could stand on edge and you stood three quarters on their edge, how much money would you gain?

10. If there are 12 six-cents stamps in a dozen, then how many two-cents stamps are there in a dozen?

11. There were eight ears of corn in a hollow stump. A squirrel can carry out three ears a day. How many days does it take the squirrel to take all the ears of corn from the stump?

12. How far can a dog run into a wood?

13. Which of the following animals would see best in total darkness: an owl, a leopard or an eagle?

14. What was the highest mountain before Mount Everest was discovered?

15. Where are Kings and Queens of England crowned?

16. If the vice president of the USA were killed, who would then become President?

17, Which candles burn longer: Beeswax or tallow?

18. A farmer had 4 haystacks in one field and twice as many in each of his other two fields. He put the haystacks from all three fields together. How many haystacks did he now have?

19. What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

20. What has four legs and only one foot?


Lateral thinking Puzzles

Lets get those Brains active! Lets see if you can solve any of these puzzles! If u can solve any of them your a GENIUS!! (unlike my myself!)

Question1.-Gertude (an easy one to get you started!) When Gertrude entered the plane she caused her own death and the deaths of 200 people. Yet she was never blamed or criticized for her actions! what happened?

Clue! or Answer!

Question2- Where in the World?- In what place would you Julius Caesar, the biblical Rachel, King David, Pallas Athena(the goddess of War), King Charlemagne, Alexandra the Great, Queen Elizabeth 1 of England and Sir Lancelot all together?

Clue! or Answer!

Question3-One Croaked!- Two frogs fell into cylindrical tank of liquid and both fell to the bottom. The walls were sheer and slippery. One frog died but the one survived. HOW?

Clue! or Answer!


Question4- Inner ear- An insect flying into a girl's ear terrified her. Her mother rushes the girl to the doctor, but he is unable to remove the insect. Suddenly, the mother has an idea, what is it?

Clue! or Answer!

Question5- What a Jump!- A man jumped 150 feet entirely under his own power. He landed safely. How did he do it?

Clue! or Answer!

Question6- Poison Pen- A women received a very nasty, anonoymous letter containing threats and allegations. She called the police and they quickly found out who had sent it. How?

Clue! or Answer!