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November 28, 2002:

    Yeah, I lied. I only put up one story. Too fucking bad.


November 27, 2002:

    People might be wondering just where the fuck I've been. Well I was fine, unfortunately my computer wasn't, but after formatting it twice, and installing a new O/S, it looks like the operation was a success. God, backing up more than 10 gigs of media is a bitch. Oh, I got Animal Crossing as a birthday present, and it has been consuming my time like a zombie consumes flesh and brain matter, so I might not update a lot. I have, however, put up two new articles which are actually short stories which were written by my friends and myself in Writer's Craft class. They are in the articles section on the site. Drink up!


July 23, 2002:

    I added a new article, it's an interview with Dr. Bruce Banner. I hope you like it. -Dave


July 16, 2002:

    Completely rehauled the site: new name, some new stuff, pants, arroz. -Dave


May 10, 2002:

    I put in the comics section and added three things to it. I hope the flash stuff works. -Dave


April 9, 2002:

    New article on the relation between sausage and ebay. -Dave


March 29, 2002:

    I added a guestbook for all of you who have stuff you wanna say to me. (My friend Trevor suggested the guestboook, I kinda forgot to put one in when I first put up the page... whoops.) -Dave


March 21, 2002:

    Added an article, put a new pic on the sidebar... blah. Enjoy the article. -Dave


March 19, 2002:

    Well, I added some stuff that clears some issues up on the main page, I also added a part called "ticles", I'll be putting articles there for your viewing pleasure. The articles will probably get so out of hand that I'll have to post links to them by their titles, and underneath put a little description for them. Whatever. -Dave


March 18, 2002:

   Site just started up last night, and luckily enough, Angelfire lets you use Microsoft Frontpage to edit your site. For all you people who don't know: I do know html, I'm just really freaking lazy. Oh yeah, another thing, if you want new parts added to the site, e-mail me, so then that way I can see how stupid your input really is, and completely ignore it. -Dave