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I swear, that by every Spanish, Canadian, American, and all the other crap I am, bone in my body that I will to my very best to inform the public of my opinions. If you want to voice your opinion, continue on towards the bottom, if not, keep reading. I will fail to recognize peoples feelings, and hurt them at every chance I get, and I also swear that I will make a documentary of my life which consists of me pushing kids around, walking around my house in my boxers, walking around my neighbourhood in my boxers, and playing with my dog (while clothed, you perverts).





For those of you who wish to voice your opinion, well I speak frankly, so in keeping the frank speaking, so to speak, I tell you to get your own damn site, because I could care less about the opinions of people. If, however, you like this site, and want to tell me how good it is, instead of how bad it is, then e-mail me. Yeah.