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While browsing for actual products on ebay, such as posters, transformers, memorabelia of all shapes and sizes, my brother decided to type "sausage" in the search column. Now the expected meat grinders came up, and the kind of surprising beef came up... before I start talking about what this article is actually about, let me open your eyes to the "beef" in question. This beef is actually elk meat. You can purchase meat on ebay, now don't get me wrong, meat is good, burgers are the perfect summer night dinner, but getting meat mailed to you from someone on ebay? Forget the fact that it's elk meat, who in their right mind would puchase meat from ebay? I couldn't trust someone with my food like that, but then again, I do eat alot of fastfood. Anyway, back to my story. We found something with the title "Eat it postcard". We had no clue as to what lay in that hyperlink, but we are adventurous (we have Spanish blood) so we gave it a shot. This is what the person was selling:

A postcard from the 1940s with a woman holding a bottle of pop and a sausage, with the words "Eat It!" underneath. Needless to say I nearly pissed my pants, my sides were extremely sore.  I couldn't get off of the floor because I was rolling around laughing my ass off, grimacing in hilarious pain. Oh the irony. Laughing causes pain in your sides.