Mythical Creatures


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Ahuizotl--The Ahuizotl originates from Central America, it is a creature that's half human half monkey, with a hand at the end of the tail. The Ahuizotl was actually a creature that lived in the water, it snatched people who got to close to the waters edge, or sometimes attacked fishermen on their boats. The Ahuizotl was a much-feared creature due to its fondness of eating human flesh. (furyofwinds)

Alicorn(or Unipeg)- A cross between a Unicorn and a Pegasus, bearing wings and a single spiral horn. They tend to be peaceful and pure, and overall rare. They have all the gifts of either other creature, and all the drawbacks for that same reason. There's nothing newly special about them at all. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Ancients- A race of beings who lived long before most common creatures. They is almost nothing known about them, as they are long passed or believed to be anyhow. It was said that the blood of an ancient could make a person immortal. This set up the scheme of things for many who hunted their remains, for anything left of them, and even for remaining ancients, though there is almost no evidence to support that they ever did exist to begin with, though rumor and myth still remain. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Ankou - Silent walkers of the night, they manifest themselves as tall, gaunt men driving a cart drawn by a pale, bony horse, accompanied by two silent figures who walk beside or behind the cart. All have bowed heads so that one may not see their features. They appear at dusk, and pass silently by. They make no sound. They vanish by the time you turn to look. They foretell a death of yourself or one you love.

Anthropolymorphs- And for short, that's an Anthro. They are called this because they are often half human, or containing half human characteristics, though in truth the actual manifestation may seem more or less than half human. They can be anything, such as a fox or a rabbit, but often maintain certain human traits, such as speach and walking on two legs, while still holding onto their animal roots, like a tail and ears of a wolf or the such. These are unlike a lycanthrope in that they do not change between wolf and human, but stay in the medium between the two forms continually and would not afflict others with their form by biting or scratching. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

- The Asrai are small, fragile, female beings who turn to a puddle of water when they are captured or exposed to sunlight. (thedeadlyflower)

Banshee- Debated if it is a spirit, faerie or mortal. A woman form that follows families that have done her harm and takes delight in their deaths. The shriek of the banshee can be heard for three nights, on the third night if the shriek is heard then a person in their family has died. The sound is to forewarn the family of death and taken quite seriously.She is usually seen as a face within a window or glimpsed from a distance. Much resembling a ghost in white sheets. (thedeadlyflower)

Basilisk - The size of a cat, with resemblance to a rooster and a snake. It is more terrifying than any other reptile. It's weapons are it's eyes and its teeth. It's glare causes a knight to perish, plants to wither, and birds to fall from the air. It's enemies are the weasel and the rooster. The basilisk dies at the sound of a rooster's crow.

Basilisk- Often, a basilisk is a lizard roughly the size of a large cat, or small dog, bearing 8 legs. The formation of a basilisk is when a cock(male chicken) lays an egg, which is then hatched by a serpent. It's stare, bite, scratch, or blood can turn anything to stone, though basilisks are immune to their own magical powers. It is said that once, when a basilisk was impaled by a spear of a knight on horseback, not only did the spear and grass become stone, but the dirt, horse and rider as well were effected. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Bendith Y Mamau
A particularly unpleasant clan of fairies, possibly the result of interbreeding between fairies and goblins. Unlike true fairies, who are noted for their good looks, the Bendith Y Mamau are stunted and ugly little creatures. They have little to do with mortals except for stealing their children, possibly out of envy for their beauty. Again they differ from true fairies, who only steal newborn children, because they may take a child who can walk and talk and substitute one of their own ugly children, known as Crimbils. A parent who can pay for the necessary spells may regain a stolen child through the intercession of a witch. When the Bendith Y Mamau return a stolen child to its home, it remembers nothing of its experiences except for a vague recollection of sweet music. (xfirescaressx)

Brownies - Earth spirits. Cheerful and devoid of mischief, they live in harmony with mortals.  The presence of brownies protects from goblins.

Black Annis - A witchlike creature that roams the moors and hillsides.  Hideous hag with blue skin, and one piercing eye.  None have seen her up close..because those who get close enough don't live to tell about it. Whether she eats you cooked or raw none know. When a party assembles to hunt her, usually all they find is a pile of bones that she had been sitting on outside the cave she dwelt in. **

bogies -Bogies are small creatures, sometimes spirits, that love the darkness. Often hiding in cupboards and closets, bogies are known to be mischievous and wicked. Sometimes they are known to be shape-shifters; they are depicted as large clouds of dust or dirt. Coming from English legend these underground creatures are known to be harmful in the daylight. (furyofwinds)

These household spirits appear to have some relationship to both bogies and brownies, although they are much more malicious than bogies and they are certainly not as helpful as brownies. Their appearance betrays the bogey-brownie relationship. They are gnomish little creatures dressed in tattered dussty clothing, dark and hairy, with meddling fingers and clumsy feet. The presence of a boggart around a home or farmstead is betrayed by the unusual number of minor mishaps and persistent noises after dark. They tip over milk jugs, break the cords of window sashes, put hens off laying, frighten cats, cause dogs to bark senselessly, slam doors, block gutters, blow out candles, and awaken sleeping babies by tweaking their noses. The problem with boggarts is that no one has yet learnt how to appease them or get rid of them.Householders afflicted by a boggart infestation sometimes have no choice but to move to a new home. The  move should be made very quickly, however, and with little previous discussion, or the boggarts are certain to hear about it and ride along. (xfirescaressx)

Centaurs - They  have heads and trunks of human males and the bodies of stallions. They have the strength of the stallions, but have the greed, lust and arrogance of human males. They love to drink wine almost as much as they love to run down a nubile female, and they glory in a drunken brawl. **

Changelings are the færie children that are left in the place of a stolen human baby. These babies are often deformed. A færie will raise the human child, though the child may be returned if the changeling can be made to laugh or if it is treated so badly that the færie parents are inclined to take it back. Although we associate tales of changelings with Celtic myth, tales of changelings are found in both Chinese and Native North American legend. Some have even associated the modern myth of alien abduction with changelings. (furyofwinds)

Chimera: Creatures which generally have three heads...that of an eagle a lion and a bull containing elemental magics and various other degrees. bodies are generally either horse bull or lion while having wings like that of an eagle hinde legs are generally a lions (abysalsoul)

Chimera(traditional)- Combination of A Lion, Eagle or Snake, or a Lion, snake and Ram/Goat in Grecian Mythology. The Lion, Eagle, Snake combination is often arranged with the head of each, either on it's shoulders of with the lion and eagle head on the shoulders and the snake as it's tail, though either variation has wings. The other-Lion, Goat/Ram, Snake- can either be arranged with all three heads upon the shoulder, or the lions head in the front, goat/ram's head in the center, coming off the extension across the lion's back, with a snake's tail at the very end, and was said to breath fire- Though sources believe the creature was manifested based upon a volcanic mountain, which snakes lived at the base of, goats roamed the middle regions of, and lions held the top of. It was called Chimera coincidentally. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Cellar spirits who resemble mini-inkeepers in their garb of breeches, stockings, silver-buckled shoes, white shirts and aprons, and red caps. They live in wine cellars of inns and houses. A cluricaun gives no trouble in a well-run establishment and simply takes his share of whatever food and drink are available. But, in bad inns, he gobbles up the provisions and swallows the drink in such quantities that he soon puts the landlord out of business. In a private home owned by a man too fond of wine, the cluricaun is likely to imitate the householder and consume excessive quantities of the finest vintages, so that the winelover scratches his head in puzzlement at the number of empty bottles. The worst problem with a cluricaun is that he  may become the nasty type of drunk. In such instances the house is never free from the sound of breaking bottles, drunken shouts and songs, and the general tumult as the cluricaun blunders around the cellar. There is no way to control a cluricaun and the only solution is for the homeowner to abjure strong liquors and cut off the cluricaun's source of supply. After a period of abstinence the cluricaun will soon seek more hospitable quarters. (xfirescaressx)

Cockatrice- A cousin of the basilisk, the cockatrice is formed when the cock responsible for the egg hatches it himself. Though less dangerous and less thoroughly wretched, the cockatrice can still turn other creatures to stone with a look, however it's blood is harmless as are it's bite and scratch, making a blind cockatrice as good as dead. They are usually much like roosters themselves, save the length of a serpents tail from their backend. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Cyclops(Cyclopis for plural)- One eyed men, usually of great size. There are some, though, known to be shorter and in fact human sized, sometimes being soothsayers. The general cyclops, however, are often crude and destructive towards men and their likes. There was one, however, said to be in love with a sea nymph who would have nothing to do with him, and so would sit on the shore and pine for her with no eye for another. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Darklings- Small people who dwell in deep caverns, completely blind but with ears that are slender and slightly long, capable of being swivelled and manipulated like the ears of a dog, and ultrasensative. They usually navigate the darkness of the deepest caves by the sound of water dripping in slight pools of other water and by the echos it makes. They can also smell most things long before they come into range of being seen. Being both small and lithe, they are more likely to flee any sounds they find unfamiliar, and usually hide in places most people can't squeeze. Their diets consist of subterrainian insects and mushrooms. Their skin is usually greyish, as is their hair, to blend more easily with rocks if need be to hide. The females tend to be larger than the males, and all seem very child like at first, due to their size. The females are the more serious and the males tend to be far more playful and mischievous, though all are playful to some extent.. as well as very good at stealing things and making quick getaways which has set many a traveller too deep in a cave back in rations. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Doppelganger - Our shadow self which accompanies us everywhere we go. Unlike a normal shadow, a doppelganger is invisible to human eyes except to those of it's owner and it not reflected by a mirror or similar surface. It always stands behind the owner, and moves with the owner. Sometimes a doppelganger is affected by malice and decides to act on its own. It may make itself visible for a while and just pull pranks, and your friends will swear they saw you in places you were not. But a malicious doppelganger will commit crimes of which you will be accused, or worse yet, assume a completely different personality different from your own. In which case you will never know a moment's peace. A person with an unruly doppelganger is truly to be pitied, as it will put thoughts into your mind, affect your hearing, spur you into dangerous things, and cause you to say things foreign to your nature.

Drac - Dracs lived in caves where they waited for women to come to the river bank to do their washing. The dracs turned themselves into golden rings and floated past the washerwomen, who tried to reach them. (thedeadlyflower)

Dragons- Often characterized as being one of if not the most powerful creatures in existence. Their lifespans are often considered infinite without any cause to believe that, without influences of an outside nature, they would not live forever. It is however, impossible to prove or disprove this theory. They are varied, by scale color and size, attitude and personality, decoration of spike, spine, boned segments of armor, number of wings or lack their of, breath weapon, and number of claws on each foot. Their displacement, skills, intellect, and abilities are defined only by the individual dragon as there are no absolutes. Dragons can often times grow increasingly larger and stronger as they grow old, some having been said to gash valleys by dragging their tail and crush mountains in their footsteps. Evidence of this, however, is lacking. Dragons are commonly characterized as lizards, with long necks and tails, snouts lined with razor sharp teeth and claws that can tear through most substances, with either scales or thick leathery skin. The former is more commonly noted. They oft walk on four legs, though some- such as Wyrms- have been said to have no legs, and others to have two, or even more- six, eight, or more. They can be winged, wingless, or overly winged- having four, or more in some cases. They also typically have horns, two, usually curving either forward or back. There are those with only one, or none, or those with three, four, or any number, in any sort of shape, curling spirally like rams, coming out and forward like a bulls, up and back like a gazell, and some even grow as tusks, along the bottom jaw, moving out and then in again towards the end of the snout. There is no set standard, shape, size, form or color for dragons. Dragons are typically also very proud, greedy, and territorial, with rage being one of their other more untimely downfalls. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Dryads: Female forest spirits controlling powerful magics who can also enchant males with merely a look on those weak of spirit and faith. (abysalsoul)

The Dullahan - The Dullahan appeared as a headless rider on a black carriage which was pulled by a number of black headless horses.  It usually appeared as an omen of death to one of the more prosperous families in the region.  Normally it had no sound as it passed by on the road, which was usually how one determined it was of an otherworldly character (thedeadlyflower)

Dwarves - A race of small men and women sometimes confused with gnomes. They normally live underground,  but may come out from time to time to enjoy festivals such as weddings and anniversaries. They are skilled miners, metallurgists, and metalworkers and have magical powers which enable them to find the richest veins of precious metals and work them into every kind of weapon and artifact.

Dwarves- Usually smallish, bulky, sturdy, and hairy human like creatures. They are usually strong, though less magically oriented, brutish, uncooth, drunkards, and oriented in mining and forging of weaponry. They have trends of Rage and Greed, as well as being proud, sometimes to the point of arrogance. They believe more thoroughly in brute force than patience, though are usually influenced against stronger enemies- such as large hungry dragons. There are both good, neutral and evil varieties of dwarf. The females are often also bearded just like the males. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Elves- Humeniod creature that mainly lives in the woods. They strive on nature and love to keep it as clean and prosperious as posible. They look and sound much like any human other then the slightly pointed ear's, multi colored hair that can be from green to red, somewhat shorter in stature and pale skin that comes naturial to them. Living in small homes made from wood, or a simple tree itself they keep to their race more then any other. Finding humans for the most part rude. Execelent fighters for the most part, as they pride themselves on their capibilitys with a bow and arrow set. Sending a volly of twenty arrows in under ten seconds into a crowd of people with percise aim. (ubergoldfish)

Elves- Humanoid creatures made fable in German/Norse mythology for carrying off children into the woods, where the children were, according to the fable, used as slaves. Elves are know in the fantasy world as the embodiment of good, creatures of light. They have sharp hearing skills and are generally in-tune with Nature. They delight in knowledge and learning, and have many sub-races. Some live in the woods, having isolated themselves from the world. Others build huge cities that gleam from afar, whilst still others walk among humans, dwarves, and other creatures of the like. Some Elves have turned from the light, becoming dark in their ways. These are known as Dark Elves, Moriquendi, as "Fantasy Master" J.R.R. Tolkien would say. These Dark Elves generally keep to the woods and leave the rest of the world alone, yet some still do come out to "play" every once in a while. Drow are sometimes considered Tainted or Dark Elves. (tenchimouyo1)

Eternals/Immortals- Said to be sometimes as old as gods, other times to actually be gods, Eternals surface only so often. They have unknown power, depending on their age, experience and origins, though they are often kept secretive and easily so as they look to be humans. They do, however, show strength that is paralelled to other immortal beings. Their immortality, however, is considered to be flawless by some, as they can be killed only in two manners that have been confirmed. Should their body be completely destroyed, they will die, or if they are both impaled- through the heart- and decapitated, they will also be no more. This is applicable only to a certain number of them, however their limitations and orientations may be different for each. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Fairies, Faeries, Fae-Pixie like creatures that are human in look, yet no larger then the palm of a full grown mans hand. They have tiny wings that flutter faster then they eye can see to keep them afloat. Usely a golden aura surronds them, or so it seams. Some say its their magic that keeps the mist of gold about them, others say it's simply the reflection of their wings. Normaly holding with them a small pouch that sits on their sides they hold withen a dust that holds every secret of their magic. Most are female in gender, over ninty percent in fact. But there are the few males that thrive on the females and are rarely seen in public. They strive in the magical woods and close to Elves. Curious creatures they will suprise you at any time and ask you many questions of no importance. Hard to anger, yet there are the remote few that are evil in nature. And will play tricks on unsuspeting people. (ubergoldfish)

- Fauns are associated with Pan and with the Roman Faunus. They are the rural spirits of the wood and agriculture and represent its fecundity and wildness. Like Pan (and the Satyrs) they appear to be half-human often with the face of a handsome youth and the lower torso of a deer (rather than the goat of Pan).  Their arms are human and smooth skinned, Their ears are of a deer and they have its tail as well. They are gentle, rather shy creatures, but with a good sense of humour and a delightful laugh. They are said to play a type of flute, the shawm and for its haunting music to be heard deep in the woods, but I have never seen or heard one myself. The Faun I have had long conversations with in my own local woods hasn't one. Though his voice is music in itself. (goldenmayden)

Frosts- A people of white skin and hair and pale blue eyes, noted to roam arctic regions. They are very solemn and rarely social to those not of their tribes (which they wander in). They are much considered the rivals and opposites of the Vulcans. They are easily accustomed to the frigid climate in which they dwell, though easily overcome by heat stroke elsewhere. Many are well versed in magic of ice and wind, making them easily very dangerous to creatures of heat. There is seldom any cause for them to communicate with anything but other frosts, and they take that as a blessing in most occasions. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Ghosts-These are the souls of the dead. Sometimes rising from the pits of hell to grant few to the sight of their tattered flaws. They will take the form of the body they once risided in. Hard to see their translucent erie blue glowing forms float though the air by unknown means. Unable to touch, or to be touched, the only harm they can do is to try and enter your body. Doing this would kill off your present soul and change you into who they used to be, only with the appernece that you have now. Keep away from them as much as you can. Although not all are evil, most regret death and will do anything to live again. Even if it means taking the form of a simple deer or goat. (ubergoldfish)

Ghouls/Zombies- The two are undead, often still clinging with rotting flesh and, while sturdier than skeletons and stronger, are slower and dumber, unable to weild bows or javelins like a skeletal counterpart. They can use weapons such as swords or clubs, however, and use them to brutal efficiency. Ghouls are often fleshier and more stable than Zombies. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Giants- Brutish, often stupid and careless, men or women of awesome stature. While playing catch with humongous boulders, they might accidentally crush a traveller near by, or stomp on one without looking, or even sit on a mountain and cause a rockslide which will kill anyone nearby. The worst of them would actually take the opportunity to snack on weary passerbys, or to trap them in their lair to snack on later. A close relative of the Cyclops. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

- A race of small, misshapen, dwarf-like creatures that dwell in the earth. The name 'gnome' was given to them by the medieval scholar Paracelcus, in an attempt to describe the most important of the earth spirits. Gnomes live under the earth, where they guard treasures. According to Paracelcus, they move as easily through the earth as humans walk upon the ground. They cannot stand the light of the sun, for even one ray would turn them to stone. Some sources claim they spend the hours during daylight as a toad. They are in some way related to goblins and dwarfs. (thedeadlyflower)

Goblins-These creatures are somewhat humanoid, and are believed to have resulted from years of torturing and inbreeding Elves by a Dark "God" named Melkor (According to Tolkien). Others believe that the Goblins are merely a race, usually aligned in the Dark or Chaotic Neutral. They are extremely greedy, moreso even than humans. They brawl constantly and travel  in "tribes" or large hordes, not liking to stay alone for very long, though some have been known to do so. Goblins are generally a weak race, yet may become ferocious when backed into a corner, or when there is a tremendous gain in victory. Goblins feed on just about anything, and are generally despised. Very few are known to work with forces of light or even neutral. (tenchimouyo1)

Goblins - Are the result of an Elf and a gnome alone on a private beach at night. They are Earth elementals that are wicked and sadistic. They are usually found in caves or bogs and have olive green skin that is slimy. They promise bad luck and bring havoc to wherever they may go. (thedeadlyflower)

Golem- A creature, sometimes of clay, but also of any other material, that is created to do the bidding of it's master. They are often times brutish and unthinking, mindlessly controlled by their creator and carrying out any commands they are given. More often than not, they are called up for physical labor or destruction. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Goos- A lesser known creature that is considered by most vile. Goo are usually spawned in sesspools where they thrive, absorbing and breaking down matter in their vestinity and congesting it to their own mass, growing larger. When large enough they have been known to separate, and at other times simply explode themselves into many smaller goos. While mostly liquid, when targetted by ice spells, they usually become thoroughly solid and sessile(immobile), leaving them to be shattered. The pieces must then be stored to keep frozen so that the goo does not reform. When exposed to heat, they also break down into a finer liquid. If left in either frozen or purely liquified form for a long enough period they perish. They are rare, and not particularly intelligent, simply absorbing anything near them, and they can be of any color, though some goos are magically oriented and others toxic due to their origins. Most however, are weak and sometimes manipulated to clean up messes. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Gorgons - These were three in number, Sthenno, Euryale, and Medusa, daughters of Phorcys and Ceto. The first two were immortal, but Medusa on the other hand was mortal. They were terrifying monsters who in the place of hair had entwining serpents on their heads. They possessed large round eyes, their teeth were like boar's tusks, their arms were of bronze, and wings were of gold. Their most powerful and dreaded weapon consisted of the eye which turned any one who dared gaze upon it into stone. Medusa was slain by Perseus with the help of Athena and Hermes, and decapitated. Upon dying, Medusa gave birth to the winged steed Pegasus and Chrysaor. Perseus later gave Medusa's head to Athena who placed it in her shield to ward off her enemies. But with the passage of time, the Gorgon on the GorgonÍs head in the shield of Athena Ceased to be a monstrous being. It was superseded by a woman's head of infinite beauty and nobility of features that attracted in order to wound more deeply. (goldenmayden)

Green Man - A legendary pagan deity who roams the woodlands of the British Isles and Europe. He usually is depicted as a horned man peering out of a mask of foliage, usually the sacred oak. He is known by other names such as "Green Jack, "Jack-in-the-Green" and "Green George." He represents spirits of trees, plants and foliage. It is believed he has rain making powers to foster livestock with lush meadows. He was frequently depicted in medieval art, including church decorations. Green George, as he is usually called in spring Pagan rites, is represented by a young man dressed head to foot in greenery, who leads the festival procession. In various festivals, Green George, or an effigy of him, is dunked in a river or pond to ensure that there will be enough rain to make the meadows and pastures green. >{? It is also believed by some the Green Man shares an affinity with the forest-dwelling fairies since green is the fairy color. In some locals of the British Isles the fairies are called "Greenies" and "Greencoaties." In the myth of "The Fairy Children," there appears two fairy children, a brother and a sister, who have green skin and claim to be of a race with green skin. (thedeadlyflower)

Gremlins: Creatures related to goblins used as slaves of goblins (heirarchy of Goblin/Troll/Orc race will be added) when alone they cause mischief in castles and love to venture around gnome laboratories to mess/destroy inventions. (abysalsoul)

Heirarchy of the Disgraced Elves (Orcs/Goblins/Trolls/Gremlins)
Orcs are at the top with usually one master orc who is determined usually by bravery/kills/wealth
Goblins are next on the list usually used as slave labor when dwarves (or gully dwarves) are not accessible. Easily frightened by violence towards themselves, though when backed up into a corner they can give a good fight even the largest and strongest of enemies
Trolls Generally the biggest of all the race they lack the intelligence (if any) of orcs and even goblins. Always blood thirsty and looking for something to munch on they are often fed goblins or gremlins if there is no other "thing" to feed them
Gremlins the lowest of the whole race generally chained with a collar and used as pets by orcs they are also the smallest of the race causing trouble for anything that uses technology

Hippogrif--The Hippogrif is legendary animal that is half Griffin and half horse. The forequarters and head is that of the griffin that would be the father's half and hindquarters would be of its mother a filly. The Hippogrif is a ferocious creature. The Hippogrif is often found in ancient Greek paintings but it was more largely seen in medieval times. (furyofwinds)

Griffin- A Lion and Eagle or Hawk, the Bird's head usually upon it with wings, and the rear of a lion, equipped with talons in the front and claws of a lion in the rear. They are often characterized as noble beasts. (xvdreadnaughtvx)


Harpies- These are birds that tend to bring decay, with their vile claws and mouths. Any food their claws touch becomes instantly fouled, and plants they might rest on wither and die. Should an animal be so unfortunate enough to be captured in their claws, the speculation of what might happen to them is less than wholesome. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Hydra- A beast, sometimes beginning with one head and growing others as time passes, which spawns new heads as each existing one is lopped off. The numbers vary, but in most cases Hydras grow three new heads for each one lose, allowing them to spawn exponentially. It's heads are always upon the end of very long, snakelike necks, making them easily lopped off and quick to strike, and their legs can be two or four, but being that they do not use their claws in combat that point is somewhat moot. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Imp- A more popular name for this entity is genie. Historically the imp was thought to be a small demon kept in a bottle or ring. When released or awaken the entity served its master in magical, alchemical, or healing purposes. Supposedly there are both good and bad imps. Magicians evoke them in rituals of ceremonial magic and command them with incantations, words and names of power. The alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) was thought to have kept an imp trapped in the crystal pommel of his sword. Artwork shows that the pommel was labeled with the word Zoyh, which was thought to be the name of the imp; but apparently it was not, but a reference to azoth, the alchemists' vital mercury. During the trails of the witch-hunts in the Middle Ages imps became confused with familiars and both terms were used interchangeably in the trails. Supposedly witches sent imps to do evil deeds against innocence people, in return the witched allowed the imps to suckle their blood through their fingers or protuberances on their bodies. The witch-hunters thus searched witches bodies for evidence of warts, discolored skin and unnatural lumps that could have served as teats or paps. (thedeadlyflower)

Imps- Small, mischievous creatures, often used as spies and sabotuers. They are often considered relatives of the pixie, though usually more demonic, with batlike wings and dark skin, of greys and blacks. The most destructive is the nettling imp, who is known to desacrate books and alter writings. This often has adverse effects on mages especially. Imps, however, never attack someone directly unless in a large swarm or if the person is paralyzed or restrained, at which point they become vicious rather than cowardly. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Incubus- Demons of lust, often appearing at night after females go to sleep. This is when they attack, raping young flesh as it sleeps and stealing their souls. Incubus are more commonly seen as red skinned, sometimes winged and othertimes wingless, and the same would go for a tail. There are often times horns growing from their forehead, short and black ones, though they don't seem to have much purpose. Incubus are still demons and even if they seem cowardly in their methods are still very dangerous to confront. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Every household should have a kobold, who proves to be a most useful and faithful servant. These little men, with their wrinkled faces betraying extreme age, work tirelessly for the home which shelters them. They carry water, milk the cows, collect the eggs, groom the horses, chop wood, and sweep the yard. Kobolds enjoy the chores of everyday living, and with a little practice the will work indoors as efficiently as in the garden or farmyard. They ask little in return for their labours. The scraps from the dinner table make a good meal for a kobold, but if the housewife forgets to feed him he will take instant revenge. She will break dishes, burn her fingers, or trip over the mat, and the kobold's malicious chuckle will remind her that she has forgotten to feed him. (xfirescaressx)

Krakken- Giant, oceanic beasts, often large enough to devour the largest of vessels upon the seas. They are rarely seen and told about, so any accounts of their appearance are few and far between. However, in most accounts they are large enough to swallow a merchant ship just by opening their great maw and swooping from underneath to suck the whole boat in. Their mass alone makes them fearsome, and that they dwell under oceans makes them unlikely to be found. However, it's often too late when they do appear, to escape them. (xvdreadnaughtvx)


A Lammasu has the body of a lion the wings of a giant eagle and the face of a human. Lammasu's are said to be noble creatures that look after those that are good. They prey on those creatures that are evil. They are strong creatures they can easily take down larger creatures with its lions claws.

Leprechan- Leprechauns are the famed fairy creatures who own a crock of gold which they usually bury beneath the end of a rainbow, or some equally ephemeral and difficult to find spot.  They are shoe-makers by trade and are usually found out of doors in rural areas.  They are described as being no more than two feet tall.  It is said that if you can keep your gaze fixed on them long enough that they are compelled to lead you to their crock of gold.  Although they always manage to wrangle out of such compromising positions.  Even if you do succeed in gaining the crock of gold it usually turns to nothing more than dried up old leaves the following day.
They are noted for their fondness for alcohol which is usually made from heather or gorse or other unusual herbs or cereals, the making of which is a lost art, to ordinary mortals.  They also have a great capacity to consume large amounts of ale and other intoxicating beverages. (thedeadlyflower)

Leshy - A wood spirit that inhabits forests of every kind. Some are malign, some are just mischievous. The little leshy's main intent as one wanders deeper into the forest is to lead you astray. They will brush footprints away, cause bewilderment by making all the trees look alike, so that you stray deeper and deeper within the forest. The leshy is a little green creature with blue skin and green hair and eyes. You can break a leshy's spell by putting your shoes on the wrong feet and putting your clothes on backwards. This confuses the leshy, and you soon find your way back out of the forest. **

Leviathon- Also known as sea serpents, Leviathon are sleek, and massive snakes of the ocean, long and majestic, and often times feasting upon dolphins and sharks and small whales, depending on the leviathon's size. They have been known to be able to call up tiden waves and to fashion whirlpools when they need to, either for offensive or defensive reasons. They are also supposedly fierce enemies of Krakkens. Though a battle between the two beasts has never been witnessed by mortal men. The largest, is of course legendary, and sometimes exaggerated and worshipped by mariners. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Lich- An Zombie Mage, often brought back to life of it's own free will and capable of wreaking terrible destruction. They appear in many states of decomposition, and sometimes even control their own zombie minions or skeletal warriors. They are, however, rare. Even still, they are dangerous. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Living Constructs: Enchanted statues or in other words, a living creature made of metal, in mythology, most of the Living Constructs were magically brought upon by dwarves building them, then they would use magic to make these statues of metal be turned into Siege Weapons for battle or to help move things along. Hades also had Sentinels to protect his settlements, The 150 foot tall Colossus in Greece was a tribute to a type of Living Construct in Greek Mythology. (dragonicbrethren)

Lycanthropes- Also known as were-creatures. Most Lycanthropes transform between human and another creature durring one or any of the moon phases, often times one that is unique to them. The most commonly observed of Lycanthropes is the Were-Wolf, which transforms between wolf an human usually on a full moon. Sometimes, however, they do not start off human, as in the case with most Were-Bears, which start off as bears and transform into a hybrid of bear and human. There are also forms of Lycanthropes often referred to as Garou, ones capable of changing between shapes at will. They need no moon to become their beastial selves. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

A plant much valued by sorcerers because it shrieks when pulled out of the ground. Also known as the mandragora. It is a low-growing but gaudy and even flamboyant plant, with purplish bell-shaped flowers and fleshy orange berries. Drugs made from its root include poisons, love potions, and narcotics. Commercial cultivation of mandrake plants is not recommeded because of the appalling supersonnic shrieks they emit when pulled out of the ground. These are so piercing that they may cause hysteria or even madness  in mandrake collectors. It is possible, however, for an experienced sorcerer, who knows the correct phases of the moon for mandrake-lifting and the appropriate incantations to utter while he eases the plant out of the earth, to collect mandrakes without psychic harm. Like the Gin Seng or Man-Plant, the mandrake's root often has a close resemblance to the lower portions of a male body including the legs and sexual organs. For this reason it is valued as a source of powerful love potions (xfirescaressx)

Mandrake - The mandrake or mandragora has, in folklore and superstition, always been regarded as a plant with special powers. This idea is based on the shape of the root which is forked and roughly resembles the human figure. It was supposed to grow under the feet of a hanged man and could only be pulled from the ground after performing the necessary rituals. It was advisable to put wax in the ears before one attempted to do this: the mandrake would scream when pulled free and this could cause deafness. The mandrake root was used for invulnerability, for discovering treasures, and as a charm for pregnancy. When properly prepared it could also be used as an aphrodisiac. (thedeadlyflower)

Manes - The ghosts of the dead who live in the bowels of the earth, and may emergy from any deep shaft, cave or chasm. Normally they are shy and harmless, but they can lead those in caves astray. **

Manticore - A monster with the body of a lion, and the head that is something like a human male though the awful gaping mouth is filled with three rows of razor sharp teeth. The tail is as scaly as a snake, and tipped with a ball of poison darts. The manticore stalks humans. It can fire volleys of darts from it's tail. **

Manticores: Flaming Demon lions with leathery batlike wings which controle fire for magic and are powerful. (abysalsoul)

Mermaids/Mermen- Fishmen and Fishwomen, living beneath the oceans and seas. There are some who would call them the decendants of the people of Atlantis, which is believed to have sunken into the ocean. They often avoid seeing surface dwellers out of fear and secrecy. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Minotaur - Creature with the body of a man, and the head and horns of a bull.

Nereids - The Nereids are the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris who dwell in the Mediterranean Sea. These beautiful women were always friendly and helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms. They are believed to be able to prophesize. (goldenmayden)

Ni'Lua'Geth- These are beasts designed with only one purpose in mind and can only be found when summoned, though are often hard to unsummon once successful. The first to be seen was designed by several of the most powerful mages of the time, all specified to a magical field that the others were not. Now all that remains are legendary accounts, known only by very few. Their form is often bulky, sturdy, and yet somehow agile. Their outter flesh is guarded by heavy bone plates, which serve a secondary effect of grounding out electrical currents as strong as the most powerful lightning. Their tail as well has a large boned growth at the end, often with rounded spikes pressing out, which it uses to crush things- rocks, ramparts, walls, and the bones of enemies. It possess one horn, smooth and straight, upon it's forehead,  always pointing forward to whichever way it faces. For this reason, the beasts eyes are upon the sides of the head, and also their are no apparent earholes. The nose is directly forward, but is guarded by barriers of muscle which can be clamped shut should their be toxic fumes before it. The creature is somehow able to hold it's breath, given the need, for what seems to be hours. They have tusks along their bottom jaw, short but sharp, which they often use to gore enemies as well as scooping up rocks and dirt. Their tongue is said to be several meters long, capable of shooting out and coiling around the unsuspecting and dragging them into it's mouth, which is lined with three rows of teeth, all razor sharp and of varying height, though still maintaining a symetry. As well, their mouth is said to drip a venom which will disorient a man just by breathing in the fumes from the drops that fall out, and can decay flesh even as it bites down. Their boned hide is jointed in a manner that when they lower and pull in, they can be completely protected from fire or ice, which if encased in can be broken by it's emmense strength. Acid as well is repelled by their boned exterior. It is said that they are as well, very clever in battle and reflexively destructive. They should never be fought alone, or in a small or large group.. in fact, just run. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Nightmare- A horse of black, often roaming the skies at night with flaming mane, tail and hooves. Their eyes are often blackened orbs of coal, while blazing still with an unearthly fury. Some credit them with bad dreams, others with keeping the night in order. Their fires often trail behind them, even when not on the ground, making something of a pathway across whatever it was they recently ran across, and allowing them to move up across air itself. The flames of the nightmare will burn anyone it wishes not to ride it, however there are a rare few occassions in which riders are allowed to take it's back. It will not, however, allow itself to be claimed or tamed or broken like a traditional horse due to a strong will to be free. It's flames will not go out by way of water, though it is said that they perish if their flames were quenched, and that the same is true in reverse(their flames go out when they pass on). (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Nixies - Nixies are one of the larger Little People, the largest being around eighteen inches and weighing ten pounds in frog form. They start their adult lives as thin light green humanoids, about ten inches tall. Nixies are hermaphroditic. As they grow older, they become taller and fatter, but remain capable of astounding leaps. Nixies live in the ponds in which the Amphibious Faeries breed and leave their eggs, but the instinct is more territorial than parental. Young Nixies are quick tempered and jumpy, but as they grow older, they mellow out and gain a Buddha like calm (and physique). Nixies usually live one or two to an average pond, but as many as ten have been found living together in small lakes. Nixies communicate, both with their pond mates and with other ponds by Singing at night, which is quite loud. Nixies eat  fish, when they care to, though like all Faeries they have no need of daily sustenance. They make no active efforts to care for their young, and larger Nixies have been known to eat Tadpoles. (goldenmayden)

Nymphs- These human sized creatures love sexual games. They have an overly developed sex drive that strives them to do anything with any species they can. Mostly prying on humans with their similar sex drives. Though, Nymph's are known to climax more then twenty times before being satisfied. They have many different breeds that live in different area's of the world. Hyper creatures they are that tend to be upbeat at almost all times. Skin color, as well as hair color will depend on the breed. They spend most of their time in sexualy based games to keep them satisfied as well as busy. A lonely nymph would be one to keep from, as they'd mostly anything to get what they want. (ubergoldfish)

Nymphs - In Greek mythology, nymphs are spirits of nature. They are minor female deities and the protectors of springs, mountains, and rivers. Nymphs are represented as young, pretty girls. Each subtype presides over a certain aspect of nature. Depending of their habitat, there are: Dryads (forests), Naiads (springs and rivers), Nereid (the Mediterranean), Oceanids (the sea) and Oreads (mountains), Limoniads (meadows), Limniads (lakes, marshes and swamps) and Napaea (valleys). They were worshipped in a nymphaeum, a monumental fountain which was raised in the vicinity of a well. The male counterpart of a nymph is the satyr. (goldenmayden)

Orcs: Cousins to goblins and trolls they are larger than a goblin being more muscular and induldging in massive combat, they generally wear crudely fashioned armor and travel in packs of more than 5 (abysalsoul)

Pegasus-In Greek mythology, a gift of the gods to Belerophon, said to be the greatest horse-tamer in the world. Pegasi are usually white, with large wings and a proud demeanor. They are creatures of magick and enchantment, and are said to be the messengers and hands of the gods. They are generally associated with Light-aligned Gods, though some Pegasi are evil, and those are generally black. There have, however, been good Pegasi that were black, and so should not be stereotyped. (tenchimouyo1)

Pegasus - A large white winged horse that is companioned to only one person during their life time. They are immortal and have long white wings like that of a bird with feathers. (thedeadlyflower)

Pegasus(Traditional)- A heard of winged horses, spurred by Zues, King of the Greek Gods. They were made originally of clouds and then let to wander and be free. They are and traditionally have been of entirely white hide and wings, and are majestic fliers. However, being of great nobility and purity, they would not allow a rider who is of unclean hearts or wicked minds. As well, like a Nightmare, they refuse to be broken like a stable horse. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Phoenix-A very large bird, about the size of a small dragon, that has flames coursing its form. They are said to be the bringers of life and to heal any that are hurt, and give life to the dead. Mostly harmless, yet when protecting it's young or themselfs they will use fire based magics and their flaming wings to plunder their enemys. (ubergoldfish)

Phoenix(Traditional)- While it was believed, originally, only one was ever in existance at any time, there have been evidence of others. Phoenix traditionally are birds who live for certain periods, of any ranging size, and at their life's end, burst into flames and leave only ash behind. From this ash, another phoenix rises to replace the former and restart the entire cycle, dying and being reborn forever. Their down is said to restore the dead to life, their tears to heal all wounds and cure all poisons, and their fire said to be able to both defend the innocent and destroy the wicked. Those of pure hearts and minds are said to have nothing to fear, ever, of a phoenix's fire. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Pixies - The troublemakers of the spirit world. They are tiny, no bigger than the length of your middle finger with small wings and usually inhabit forests or other nature infested areas. They lure men to their deaths alone at night much like that of a siren. (thedeadlyflower)

Pooka - The Pooka, or phooka is a type of Irish hobgoblin who can appear in many different shapes and forms.  Usually he has red eyes and some sort of fire-breathing properties.  He usually appears in the shape of a dark coloured large animal, resembling a horse or a pony, or even a very large goat.  Sometimes he appears as a giant bull with eyes and nostrils gleaming fire.  He has even been described as a very large eagle-like creature such as the great winged Roc of the legends of  Sinbad in the Arabian nights. The time of year particularly associated with the pooka is Samhain or Halloween the last day of October.  This is the time when the Celts believed the barriers between our material world and the otherworld to be at their weakest.The Pooka usually crept up silently behind his victim and if he succeeded in getting his head between the victim's legs they were whisked up on his back,  then he could take his victim anywhere - to the highest peak or the lowest depth or to any place on the face of the earth.In Gaelic the pooka is sometimes called "Gruagach" - the hairy one. (thedeadlyflower)

Red Cap - The evil goblin who often inhabits old abandoned castles or watchtowers. He has large fiery red eyes, and a red cap. He wears iron boots, and is seen as a short, stocky old man with long grey hair and eagle's claws instead of hands. He seeks human prey to renew the color of his cap which he dips in the blood of his victims. He can overcome even the strongest of his foes unless they can remember even the smallest quote from the Bible before Red Cap can sink his talons into him. At the sound of the words, Red Cap disappears. **

Roc- Giant Birds, said to have wings large enough to block out the sun, they are a fierce and brutal creature, often resembling hawks. The feathers of their young are said to create whirl winds when flapped, or swung if used by people. This of course if the chicks only defense when mommy is out. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Roc- In Arabian legends, the Roc are gigantic birds, often referred to as 'the Great', and capable of carrying off elephants for food. They are found in various stories of 'The Thousand and One Nights', and are also mentioned to by Marco Polo on his travels. Their eggs, according to Sinbad the Sailor, could measure up to 50 paces in circumference. (Thedeadlyflower)

Ryth, one of the animals coming out of the Realm of Greeum Naytrum, the size of an adult female dragon, but dark black with red talons, and a split tongue like a snake. They have the power to transform into different forms, and different sizes, they can speak three languages: Naytric (The language so far that only 249 different beings posses, all of them Vampyres from Greeum Naytrum) Common Tongue, and a third of their choice, depending on the years they were born. Rythzar, Fayan's Ryth speaks Elven ) They have mind control abilities, and are connected telepathically to the one they were bonded to. They have a weakness which is they Respon horribly to goblins, and often are driven into rages, and may crush their owner. (martinsword)

Satyrs - A half man-half beast. Has the legs, hooves and tail of a goat, body, arms and groin of a man, and a monkey like face with goat's ears. They are cruel, greedy, lazy, lustful and malicous. They perpetuate their race by raping nymphs (except for water nymphs, they fear water). They indulge in drunken orgies, and delight in terrifying lonely travellers by pouncing on them. The only redeeming feature of satyrs is that they love music and dancing.

Shapeshifters- Just like their name implies, they are able to take on different shapes at will. They cannot be exactly defined in many cases because they are all so very different, though there are those who may even transform parts of their body into weaponry, such as arms or fingers becoming blades. Each one is usually unique, personality wise, though it is a trend that they can be either evil or mischievous, allowed mostly by their shapechanging properties. Some are limitted by size, but others are not(ie. Some can become dragons, others can't.) (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Sirens-These creatures have many forms. Most give a human form and would rather be nude then clothed. They strive around sandy beaches with a large coral and use their beautifull voices to attract unsuspecting people to them. A simple song sung by a siren would draw anyone near, as it's seduction powers are undoubtibly the best around. Their wants with the "pray" they find is unclear. Some say they use them for pleasure, as others say they simply turn on them and eat them for dinner. Yet, the ones that lived to tell the tail wouldn't remember anyway. Due to the effects of the spell they cast by their songs they so love to sing. (ubergoldfish)

Skeletons- Obviously, just like they sound. Skeletons are just like Zombies in that they are returned from the dead, usually by a necromancer, but are different in the respect that they have lost most if not all the flesh on their body. The advantage, however, that they possess over their fleshy counterparts is often their ability to use weaponry of a more sophisticated design, and even at times equip themselves with armor. As well they are swifter and more devilish. Their disadvantage comes against bladed weapons and more so against things like cudgels, which can dismantle them easily, by breaking away important bones that would normally hold the skeleton upright. Even so, they can oft be reconstructed by a skillful necromancer, and fight even without their arms or heads or even singular legs. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

A horde of evil spirits, who fly in groups like birds. According to Irish legends, they are the souls of deceased sinners and they try to take other souls with them. They come flying from the west and therefore, when someone is dying, people keep the windows on the west-side closed. This way, the soul of the deceased can not be intercepted before it reaches heaven. (thedeadlyflower)


Snotlings are the smallest of the greened skinned races. Orcs & Goblins use them as slaves for simple tasks as they are not intelligent creatures at about the same size of a Gnome. They are not a threat on their own to other creatures. They realise this so they form gangs that again can attack a target with numbers. (furyofwinds)

Sylph - Air Elementals are spirits of the air, generally they cannot assume a solid form although they can cause storms and heavy winds which can blow ships at sea off course. They are part of the Fae folk that carry wings and are very skittish around other species. They rarely speak yet are from extremely noble blood in the Seelie Court. (thedeadlyflower)

Sphinx- A beast with a lion's body and a woman's face. When they appear, it is usually with a riddle and then they sit upon a mountain and wait for their prey to come and take a jab at the riddle. Those who fail are killed, by various means. When the riddle is answered, the sphinx either destroys itself or leaves peacefully. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

Sylph - air elemental

Succubus- The female counterpart of the Incubus, targetting males rather than females. The Succubus is said to be something closer to an enchantress or seductress however, and often times are smarter and more powerful. It may be because their targets contain more physical strength but more easily manipulated minds. Others speculate that it is because Succubus feeds off the lust of her victims and grows stronger. (xvdreadnaughtvx)

The Treant
Temperament: Neutral, Solitary

The most ancient of all living things save Dragons, these greatest of trees are filled with the wisdom of time, moving and speaking like enlightened beings. Long have they watched the history of the World unfold, tending the great forests and murmuring praises to the Green Mother. Of late, the Treants have looked out of the shrinking forests with growing ire, and some have grown spiteful. Any who travel in deep woods are warned never, NEVER to raise an axe against a living tree, lest these stewards of the forests rain their fury down upon you. The hardwood of a Treant's trunk is proof against all but the strongest blows, and their limbs smite with the strength of a Giant. Fire is the Treant's greatest bane, but beware; Treants cannot feel pain, and take long to burn. While a fire will almost surely destroy them, it will also enrage them like nothing else.

(Submitted by Tsak Ilythiiri)