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London, 1880: a young, gentleman by the name of William sits and writes poetry about the lady he loves, Cecily. He is a devoted son of a loving mother who is dying of tuberculosis and yet she still finds the time to sing to him and praise his work. However, his so-called friends ridicule his work and call him 'William the Bloody' because of his bloody awful poetry. One even claims that he would rather have a rail road spike driven through his head than listen to it.

Even his love, Cecily rejects him, saying that he is 'beneath her.' Crushed, he leaves the party and sits in an alley crying. It is there that the crazed vampire Drusilla finds him and history is changed. She sees his brilliance and knows just what to say to persuade him to let her bite him. He is looking for something glistening and effulgent...

Spike is born....

The new vampire eventually returns home to his shocked and worried mother and even as a demon his first concern is for her. He gives her immortality as a gift to rid her from her disease and then is once again devastated when she begins to ridicule him herself. She even gives him the ultimate blow and mocks his poetry and with an apology, Spike dusts her. Later in his unlife he would come to terms with the fact that it was the demon speaking, not his mother, but for now it helps to mold the person he wants to become.