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Spike's Episode Guide - Season 2 & 3

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Season 2

School Hard

While Angel old friends Spike and Drusilla visit for the Night of St Vigeous, Buffy tries to protect her fellow students,
the principal and her mother from uninvited guests who have crashed parent-teacher night. The hardest part will be protecting her secret.


There are lots of tricks, but not many treats when Buffy's costume causes her to lose her powers and the kids she,
Willow and Xander are trick-or-treating with turn into their costume characters. Could Giles have something to do with all this?

Lie To Me

Young love can be a pain in the neck, as Buffy finds out when her fifth grade flame unexpectedly returns to deliver her to Spike
in exchange for the immortal life of a vampire. In the meantime, current flame Angel admits to his past relationship with Drusilla.

What's My Line? - Part 1

There's a lot going on for Buffy and Angel in part one of this two-part episode, and that doesn't include finally going out on their first date.
As Angel and Spike hunt each other down, Buffy encounters her new ally, Kendra.

What's My Line? - Part 2

In the conclusion of this two-part episode, Buffy reluctantly joins forces with new vampire slayer Kendra to save Angel,
while Xander and Cordelia have a close encounter of their own kind at Buffy's house.


The fate of the world is at stake when Spike and Drusilla gather the dismembered parts of the Judge to use as the ultimate weapon against Buffy.
Meanwhile, Angel's ability to feel human emotion is jeopardised when an intimate moment with Buffy threatens to destroy his soul.


After Buffy and Angel's intimate moment transforms him back into Angelus, Buffy realises she must destroy him.
Giles' relationship with Jenny Calendar takes on a new twist, and Willow's hopes are dashed when she discovers Xander and Cordelia's secret romance.

Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered

When Cordelia succombs to peer pressure and breaks up with Xander on Valentine's Day, he convinces a witch to put a spell on her,
but the spell backfires and soon all the women in Sunnydale begin to see Xander in a whole new light.


Angel's obsession with tormenting Buffy takes a dangerous turn when he starts edging closer to her heart and home,
forcing Buffy to have a serious talk with her Mom. And Jenny begins doing everything in her power to right her wrongs, especially with Giles.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Buffy enlists her friends to help a tortured spirit haunting the halls of Sunnydale High find peace. In the meantime,
an anguished Giles tries to find out if the spirit is really Jenny trying to impart a final message to him from the beyond.

Becoming - Part 1

A web of conspiracy, suspense and heartbreak surrounds Buffy as she determines the time has come to destroy Angel.
Her decision is complicated when Willow uncovers the secret that may restore him, but Angel would rather unearth an evil demon than return to Buffy.

Becoming - Part 2

The suspense continues as hell prepares to swallow the world and Buffy is left alone to stop it. With Giles in the hands of the enemy
and Angel primed for destruction, Buffy is forced into some treacherous alliances and faced with some major life-changing decisions.

Season 3

Lover's Walk

Love casts its magic spell and leaves a trail of broken hearts in Sunnydale. Spike blames Angel and Buffy when Drusilla breaks up with him,
Cordelia and Oz catch Xander and Willow kissing, and Buffy decides it's time she stops seeing Angel.