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All the images of Spike and James you could want, plus a few of his 'pets'. Enjoy!


UPN Promos
UPN Trailer Season 6
Season 2 - DVD Interview
Spike - Album 1
Spike - Album 2
Spike - Album 3

Spike Screencaps

'Out Of My Mind' Screencaps (Season 5)
'Gone' Screencaps (Season 6)
'Entropy' Screencaps (Season 6)
'Lessons' Screencaps (Season 7)
'Beneath You' Screencaps (Season 7)

Spike and Others

With Buffy in 'Out Of My Mind' (Season 5)
With Buffy in 'Wrecked' (Season 6)
With Buffy in 'Dead Things' (Season 6)
With Drusilla
With Harmony


SFX Magazine, August 2003