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Kæder (uden lak og læder)


De andre blå svin

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Klik IKKE her!!!

Computer Selfdestruct

Så er det tid igen!

Fuck Dig!

This picture of Morten was taken Halloween 1999 at our place of work. Morten was unrecognizable as a dinosaur because he gave himself a mohawk and dressed up as Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.

Desuden: hvis du IKKE skal med på Blå Sommer... så har Morten givet dig svaret.

But how great is a workplace when it is encouraged to come in dressed for Halloween. Folks have been known to wear shirts with dirty words on them, or shorts in the cold of winter, and shoes are entirely optional. Some of my co-workers have even dyed their hair "crazy colors" like blue.

Normally blue is not a crazy color, like salmon, but when referring to hair, I think this qualifier is on the money.