This is the monstrosity that greets visitors to the palatial avenue of Vernon Street in Coffs Harbour. You may well ask "What were they thinking when they came up with that?" and the truth is I cannot offer any explanation. When it was installed in 2000 as part of the Vernon Street Revitalisation Project, the RSL club which is adjacent to the pole objected to its vile presence on the grounds that it mocked the memory of the retired and fallen servicemen and women that the RSL was erected to honour. Unfortunately their protest was overruled and the pole still stands.

One look at this monument to stupidity will have you vomiting. Let us look in depth at the things which make this foolish creation a "Thing That Sucks".

  1. It is tacky in appearance and resembles a giant version of a crap ornament from a $2 shop.
  2. It seems to have been erected so as to rule over the entertainment facilities on Vernon Street, yet it has been erected with it's back towards the road that most traffic will be entering the area from. Effectively the message is that it is not welcoming people to the area, but shutting them out.
  3. Traffic going past the statue on the highway will also only see it's back. Leaving them with the impression that it has been erected backwards, and the people of Coffs Harbour are morons.
  4. The elevation of the Jester high above the masses suggests that the people of Coffs Harbour have some sort of reverence for "Fools". If a "Fool" is raised above us as an inspirational figure, what the hell does that suggest about the rest of this town's population????

The rest of Vernon Street is equally as tacky, what with the giant bugs down near the carpark and the fake, stenciled on paving stones which began looking tired and shabby after only a couple of months. All this goes towards making the Vernon Street Revitalisation Project, and in particular the Jester Pole an honorary "Thing That Sucks".

Whatever your line of work, please don't ever hire anyone who has been a public works planner for the Coffs Harbour city council.