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Major Events in the World During 1650-1800

1642 through 1659
1642-1651--England's Civil Wars
1644--Torricelli invents the barometer
1647--The Society of Friends aka:Quakers founded
1648--Peace of Westphalia ends Thirty Years' War
1648--The outbreak of the Fronde (revolt of the nobility) in France 1649--King Charles I of England is executed
1659--The first Navigation Act in England
1654-1666--Russo-Polish Wars
1660--English monarchy is restored
1660--Louis XIV of France marries Maria Teresa Infanta of Spain
1661--Louis XIV begins his personal rule at age 14
1663--Eight proprietors are granted Carolina in the New World by Charles II
1664--The English and the French become rivals over India
1664--New Netherlands is annexed by England
1666--Great Fire of London
1669--Niagra Falls discovered

1670 through 1699
1670--Secret treaty between Charles II and Louis XIV (Treaty of Dover)
1670--Hudson Bay Company formed (English)
1672--The laws of gravity defined by Issac Newton
1672--France invades Rhine as Dutch open dikes to flood Amsterdam to keep it from French rule 1673--England's Test Act excludes Roman Catholics from holding office
1675-1676--The Indian Wars of King Philip are staged in New England
1677-1681--First Russo-Turkish War
1678--Peace of Nijmegen between Louis XIV and Leopold I
1679--Habeas Corpus Act (England)
1682--William Penn establishes Pennsylvania
1682--LaSalle claims Louisiana for France
1682--Louis XIV moves government and court to Versailles
1683--Vienna falls to the Great Turkish Seige
1685--Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
1688--England's Glorious Revolution
1689--England's Bill of Rights
1689-1697--European Nine Years' War becomes a world-wide event
1690--Ireland's Battle of Boyne
1693--National debt begins in England
1694--Bank of England founded
1698--Tsar Peter the Great begins his European travels
1699--Treaty of Karlowitz ends Autro-Turkish War

1700 through 1749
1700-1721--Great Northern War
1701--Elector of Brandenburg becomes King in Prussia
1701-1715--War of Spanish Succession
1701--England's Act of Settlement
1702-1713--Queen Anne's War
1703--St. Petersburg established
1703--England and Portugal sign Methuen Treaty
1704--Gibraltar taken by Enlish
1705--Barcelona is captured by English navy
1707--Union between Scotland and England under the name of "Great Britain"
1708--British East India Co. and New East India companies merged
1709--Peace negotiations at the Hague
1710--Russia's first budget
1712--Peace congress opens at Utrecht
1713--Asiento Treaty
1713--Pragmatic Sanction (female right of succession) by Charles VI
1714--Peace of Rastatt between France & the Holy Roman Empire
1718-1720--War of Quadruple Alliance (France, the Empire, England & Holland)
1720--The South Sea bubble (English speculation frenzy, bursts)
1721--Treaty of Nystadt between Sweden & Russia
1723--Louis XV attains majority
1733-35--War of the Polish Succession
1733--Treaty of the Escorial between France & Spain against England
1736-39--Russian, Austrian, Turkish War
1738--System of forced labor to build roads in France the "corvee" devised by Jean Orry
1739-1742--War of Jenkin's Ear (England declares war on Spain)
1740--First Silesian War against Maria Theresa (War of Austrian Succession)
1743-48--King George's War fought in North America and Caribbean
1744--France declares war on Maria Theresa and England
1744--Second Silesian war begins
1748--Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle signed ending the War of Austrian Succession

1750 through 1789
1752--September 14, Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar this day
1756-1763--The Seven Year's War
1759--Expulsion of Jesuits from Brazil
1763--Peace of Paris between France, Spain, England & Portugal
1764--Suppression of Jesuits in France
1764--Britain's Sugar Act
1765--Britains's Stamp Act
1766--Repeal of Britain's Stamp Act in Britain
1767--Expulsion of Jesuits from Spanish American
1768--Corsica is purchased by France fro Genoa
1768--Austria renounces all claims to Silesia
1769-1774-- Madame Dubarry is mistress of Louis XV
1772--Poland's First Partition
1775--Britain hires 29,000 German mercenaries for N.American conflict
1770--Dauphin of France marries Marie Antoinette
1776--Jesuits expelled from France and Spain
1776--Treaty of Copenhagen between Denmark and Russia
1777--American Revolution
1778--Alliance between United States and France
1779--Spain declares war on England; unsuccessful siege of Gibraltar
1780--England declares war on Holland
1780--Josef II abolishes serfdom in Hungary
1783--Peace of Versailles between France, England, Spain, and United States
1783--Crimea is lost to Potemkin and incorporated into Russia
1785--Treaty of Fontainbleu; repeals Barrier Treaty of 1715
1787--Signing of the Constitution of the United States
1787-92--Catherine the Great leads Russia with Austria in war against Turkey
1788-90--Russia's at war with Sweden
1789--Revolution in Austrian Netherlands declaring independence as Belgium
1789--Outbreak of hostilities in France with the fall of the Bastille July 14
1789--Abolition of French feudal system, Declaration of Rights of Man, nationalization of church property begins

1790 through 1799
1790--Austria and Prussia sign Treaty of Reichenbach
1790--Convention of Berlin concerning Belgium between England, Prussia & Holland
1791--Annexation of Comtat-Venaissin and Avignon by France
1791--French National Assembly dissolved
1791--Declaration of Pillnitz: Austria & Prussia against France
1792--French Revolutionary Wars begin
1792--French royal family imprisoned
1793--Louis XVI executed
1793--Marat (Fr. revolution leader) murdered by Charlotte Corday
1793--Robespierre joins Committee on Public Safety
1793--Roman Catholic faith banned in France
1793--Marie Antoinette executed
1793--First Coalition against France of Britain, Austira, Prussia, Holland, Spain
1793--France declares war on Britain and Holland
1793--Second Partition of Poland
1794--U.S. navy established
1795--France makes peace with Prussia, Tuscany, Spain
1795--White Terror and bread riots in Paris
1795--Napolean assumes commander-in-chief
1795--Third partition of Poland
1796--Napoleon marries Josephine de Beauharnais
1797--Napoleon proclaims the Venetian Constitution, founds Ligurian Republic in Genoa
1798--France annexes left bank of the Rhine
1799--Second coalition against France as Austria declares war
1799--French Directory overthrown, Bonaparte coup d'etat and made First Consul