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Screamin' 1/6-1/8 Models

The Kaiyodo Connection

In the beginning, all of Screamin's 1/6 scale models were sculpted by a Japanese company called Kaiyodo. Their relationship with Screamin' began when Kaiyodo wanted to make a 1/6 scale kit of Freddy Krueger for the Japanese market. Since Screamin' had the world-wide rights to models of Freddy, Kaiyodo had to sublicense the rights for this kit. Screamin' liked their design and decided to distribute this kit (and later Kaiyodo's 1/6 Jason and Star Wars kits) in the U.S. under the Screamin' brand. This was to expand their model range and cover the lower price segment of the figure market. There were also talks of Kaiyodo making a Pinhead kit, but Screamin' didn't approve their designs and the Kaiyodo kit was never made. Eventually, Screamin' released their own 1/6 Pinhead.

Later Screamin' Kits

Later on Screamin' started producing resin & cold cast porcelain figures. Several new figure lines were introduced:

Bettie Page

Screamin' did three different Bettie Page kits: Bettie Page "In Orbit", Bettie Page "Jungle Fever", and Betty (sic) Page "Playful". "In Orbit" was Screamin's first resin kit.

Screamin' Queens (1/7 Scale)

Originally five to six figures were planned in this series, but only four were named (Cylena - Queen of the Night, Nova Scintilla - Queen of Outer Space, the Queen of the Dead, and the Queen of Swords). As far as I know, only Cylena was produced (1997). The figure was a single piece made in cold-cast porcelain (I think some were also made in a resin version)

Xena (1/6 Scale Vinyl)

Close to the time that Screamin' went out of business they were working on a 1/6 Xena: Warrior Princess. I'm fairly certain that it was never released, but there's a picture of the model (or a prototype) shown along with an interview with Richard Hamecher in Amazing Figure Modeler #11. He said that they were planning on making a figure line based on the Xena TV show featuring Xena, Callisto, Gabrielle, and Hercules.

Anime Kits (1/8 Scale Resin)

Sculpted by Jason "Spyda" Adams, this was going to be a 4 or 5 figure series. Only "Miko the Robot Killer" was produced.


In 1997, Screamin' had several new kit prototypes on display at conventions. The first was a new 1/6 Werewolf kit ("Wild in the Streets') shown at Monster Modelfest 97 and the second was Avalon's Sweet Dreams (more on this in the Vacuform section) shown at Chiller Theatre '97. The werewolf was never manufactured and I'm not sure if Sweet Dreams was either.

Around this time there was talk of starting a line by Berger, but only "Rise and Dine", a 1/6 mummy was produced.

Defender of the Gate: Prototype shown in AFM #11. Don't know much about it other than the sculptor, John Cole. It's the only multiple figure/diorama kit that they designed.

Edina, exotic fairy (1/6): Manufactured by Billikin USA in Japan for Screamin'. This kit was produced, but seems to be very rare.

Horror Line

Freddy Krueger
Model #105


Jason Goes To Hell
Model #1305

The Kaiyodo Star Wars Line

Han Solo
Model #3450

Model #3550

Darth Vader
Model #3250

Storm Trooper
Model #3650

Princess Leia
(this one may be Kaiyodo only)

Boba Fett
Model #3850

R2-D2 (Kaiyodo Packaging)
(this one may be Kaiyodo only)

Bettie Page Line

"In Orbit"
Model #5200

Picture from
Gremlins in the Garage

"Jungle Fever"
Model #5300


Screamin' Queens Line

Cylena - Queen of the Night
by Jeff Brower
Model #5400

Images: Wild in the Streets and Rise & Dine from Gremlins In the Garage,
Miko from Spyda Creations Inc., and Xena from Screamin's old website

"Wild in the Streets"
by Paul Komoda

Rise & Dine
by Berger

(1/8) Miko The Robot Killer
by Jason "Spyda" Adams

Xena: Warrior Princess
by Jeff Brower

Defender of the Gate
by John Cole
(Picture from AFM #11)

Edina, Exotic Fairy