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Below are photos of sketches from my sketchbook done in pencil with some touches of color from 2006-2007.

Based on the character Nar ("Fire").

A sketch of my hand with plastic rings and an idea for a shoe design.

My name, in bent and broken glowsticks.


Another font.

A Thingy. To make this design, I started in the middle and worked my way outward, trying to keep things equilateral on all four sides.

Heart design. As with the Thingy, I started from the middle and worked my way out.

A Californian Empress. This design came from the concept of a multicultural California, spawning new creations from a clash of two different cultures.

A warrior woman. Compared to Nar, this character is a bit more like myself.

My Vital Clock. Ever see All Dogs Go to Heaven? Well this is my personal clock. There are about 21 crystals in the bottom.

A Warehouse Rave. This scene reminds me of an underground rave with the girl in typical rave uniform and smokey laser patterns around the room.