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Song Lyrics of the Moment...


Untouchable, look at how you found me
I'm lookin' around sayin,' these are my friends?
It's a strange world my enemies are my friends
More of the same street, same world, same problems
Is this indifferent?
Same drama, same karma, same mama
Is it different?
The only difference is me
I see inside the truth
Feel bad you don't know the day gon' come
When God has taken you
I see the invisible spirits, walkin' along the
physical mind
Of a crazy individual
Where demons still find it liveable
I need a hug to hold my soul inside my body
I got the secret here
Yeah, I should have told somebody
'Cause ever since I've been sayin' things I never meant
It's like I was speakin' in tongues, the black breath in my lungs
I won't allow it
Where the cowards live under the dirt in the flowers
Ready to come up in the darkest hour
It ain't the courage of my persona
You wanna admire it's the faith
'Cause with the faith I can walk through the fire
(Now feel me)

I know you feel me it's the untouchable
Make yourself presentable
I'm listenin' to mysteries of the untold
Echoin' inside my soul
I know you feel me it's the untouchable
Make yourself presentable
I'm listenin' to mysteries of the untold
Echoin' inside my soul

Sometimes I'm feelin like I'm sinkin
Thinkin what it's like from on the other side
When I look at myself it's like my love had died
People thinkin' of gettin' richer
I'm usin' the blood of the loves that I lost recently
To paint a perfect picture
Can you see the future, future endeavors
That'll make us better
Usin' the light from my wings to make us fly together
Guide my people to a place like what you imagined
My duty now is to God
There's no more beauty pageants
To the creator
We gettin' the chance to thank Him
Me and you finally for what they made
Is it a game that they still playin'
Look at us now we're rid of grief
Payin' society's debt but life we still obeyin'
Until then I'll follow the path
Where will it lead?
Much in between ashes and dust
We must believe trickin' thee ain't trickin' me
I got tricks up my sleeve
They tryin' to market I'm tryin' to make my mark before I leave
Let me breathe

Lisa's Eyenetics Forum Posts

Creative.! Need I say more? This flash site takes you into Lisa's universe in a solar system with her own planets and astrological signs!
Intelligent. Lisa's a mathematician. The theory behind Lisa's album Supernova is based on the pattern of her father's life and her own spiritual rebirth, symbolized by a dodecagon(12-sided figure).
Stylish. Lisa always looked cute, unique and beautiful--which never goes out of style.
Tough. Raised in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood, Lisa was the oldest and often took responsibility for her two younger siblings. She also was often the target her father's abuse.
Positive. Lisa put herself through rehab and overcame a twelve-year addiction. She learned to meditate and appreciate nature in Honduras where she also founded a program to help under-priveleged children. A New Star is Born and Breathe are songs of emotional healing.
Artistic. Lisa drew for the inside cover of her album and airbrushed an entire outfit for T-Boz on her birthday.
Multi-talented. Lisa was a writer, and an artist, and a rapper, and a singer, and a producer, and a pianist, and a seamstress, and a chef, and a...
In Charge. Lisa moved from group member to solo artist to producer of her own record company.
Charming. Lisa had the spirit of a child until her last breath at age 30. She was always cracking jokes and playing with people. Her charming smile could win over anybody.
Real. To the core, Lisa was a real girl. She was never superficial or too good for anyone, nor was she afraid of being her.
Ambitious. While her solo career was in effect, she was working with TLC simultaneously, writing a book, working on a clothing line, and even a movie.
Crazysexycool. Lisa never tried to impress-- she merely did her own thing. She was a 3-dimensional personality and what made her awesome was that she always stood by herself.